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I'm curious about this topic so here we go:
>Your country
>What your country generally thinks is the most basic, commonly found & consumed sandwich out there.

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America. If we're not counting hamburgers then it's grilled cheese or ham and cheese.

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Chicken Salad Sandwich

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Rye bread

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>Pic related

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Don't know about most consumed, but the most basic is certainly the jambon-beurre, i.e. ham-butter.

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ey can we go by states/region before this devolves into a döner kebab/double down/toast sandwich thread

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USA but since were very regional for north jersey we have egg and cheese (taylor ham if you want) on a kaiser/bagel or for lunch time an italian sub,

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What's an "Italian" sub?

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>The Lord's Chicken

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12 inch crusty bread thats also just a little soft on the inside, not much actual bread almost mostly crust. Lettuce tomato, oregano, salt and pepper, vinegar, oil, provolone, italian hard salami, prosciutto, maybe even capocollo. Really go deli to deli some meats have 1 or 2 things switched out but you know an italian sub when you see one.

Pictured here isnt exactly a jersey italian sub however it is a sub from jersey, very delicous at that. If your just used to subway sandwitches, well its kinda like eating a whopper and calling that beef and then then having a steak at a 4 star place it just cant compare.

This is another classic sub

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its sweet creamy mozzarella, home made prosciutto I believe and basail. top tier shit. some roasted pickled red peppers would be bomb on that.

also a hard and fast rule about italian subs is theirs no mayo. HOWEVER wawa has garlic aioli and i feel that tastes just as good of having a tang of vinegar and the smoothness of oil...

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it's generally built around salami, provalone, lettuce, tomato, and oil and vinegar but almost always will have other meats like ham, pepperoni, proscuttio, and sometimes mozzeralla or other cheese, always on a hero roll and cold

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also yes no mayo is a distingushing thing

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fyi thats fiore in hoboken nj

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Also, sounds god damn delightful. Gotta get me a good one.

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