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What foods did you make today?

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I ate some peanut butter off of a spoon that I dipped into the jar and I also drank a Mt. Dew

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Fruit soup because I'm weird. Added a bit too much vanilla, but still great.

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Nanachi fritters.

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Your bait is weak

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Funny bunny cakes

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Veg stir fry

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I'm a truck driver and the closest thing I had to a home cooked meal was a cup of marichal instant noodles I microwaved at a stop to some warehouse that let me use their lunch room

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>tranny anime meme from an instagram/FB page

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OwO I think I hit a nerve! Remember to get rid of your pee pee jugs before mom cleans your room

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>t. bladderlet

I piss in a gallon hocking jar.

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I've been doing toasted solders and eggs. Starting to perfect the timing and methods. Steam the eggs, bring the water to rolling boil before adding eggs, steam for 7 minutes making sure the water is below the steaming implement because I fucked that up this morning. For the soldiers, cut your bread before toasting. Been doing partial cuts that stop before the crust, but I'm going to try cutting from just inside and completely out the other side next time.

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tfw when you bought some aged cheddar and honeyed ham for work sandwiches, then when morning comes a lens falls out of your glasses, you try to screw it back in blindly causing you to drop the screw and then you spend the time you had reserved for meal prep looking for a screw.

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Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese.

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I haven’t eaten this week

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God-tier waifu choice Mr. President

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thank you

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