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I had Fazoli's for both lunch and dinner on September 11, 2001. AMA.

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I'm sure you had diarrhea you'll Never Forget.

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How old are you

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>Monday: Your work is hosting a corporate dinner at Fazoli's; if you want to keep your job, you better attend.
>Tuesday: It's your anniversary. Your fiancee's favorite restaurant? Fazoli's. Skip this one and you can kiss that marriage good bye.
>Wednesday: Your childhood best friend has a layover at your local airport. You haven't seen him in more than 5 years and he insists on having dinner. The only restaurant past the gate? Fazoli's.
>Thursday: Your late uncle Chet has left you a sum of $20k. His only stipulation is a meal, in his honor, at his favorite restaurant: Fazoli's.
>Friday: A sudden thunder storm has knocked your whole city off the grid. You haven't had time to get groceries, and there is only one restaurant in town with a back-up generator. Fazoli's.

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Oh, for sure!


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I ate at the original Fazoli’s. They once had the best pizza. They changed hands a few times. The pizza got worse each time. Even going to square cafeteria pizza at one point. I miss the original.

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Check em

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>Fazoli's: So good you'll do it twice.

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Does this place exist in any major metropolitan areas?

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I remember liking them. I’m not sure why my Mom decided to have us eat there twice in one day but I wasn’t complaining. There spaghetti and breadsticks were so good it almost made me forget my 8 1/2 year old ass had witnessed two planes crash into two buildings that day.

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>had no other choice in the matter

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Underrated, also I saw one of your posts on s4s.

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So Fazzoli's is now confirmed to make people forget national tragedies. Interesting.

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St. Louis

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i've gone through two divorces since you started posting these

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Can you survive


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I remember the days of getting ravioli thru a drive thru

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thier ravioli and lasagna is top teir fast food!

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Ahh, Fazolis. The only place I've ever gotten food poisoning.

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I use to love going to this place, they had a special where you could get spaghetti and a slice of pizza. They'd also just hand you breadsticks even if you were in the drive thru.

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Did it make you go WA LA?

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