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Bourbon thread

What are some good ones? Never drank it after having jack be my first taste and it being vile. Buddy of mine had some woodford reserve and it was really pretty good. Interested to hear about other ones.

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I'm gay, btw.

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Woodford is a good intro to 'good' bourbon- it's smooth enough to drink easy but it's not weak in flavor, just mellow. They make a double-oaked version that's nicer imo.

If you're looking for similar smooth-drinking bourbons, I'd suggest Jefferson's Very Old, Eagle Rare 10 year old, or any of the single barrel or small batch bottlings from Four Roses.

If you want to try something on the bolder side, Booker's is incredibly solid for the price, as well as Blanton's Gold, Bibb and Tucker (definitely a bit of an oddball, much more 'savory' than most bourbons), and Elijah Craig Barrel Proof.

If you're looking for a truly top-tier bourbon, and don't mind spending a fair bit, George T Stagg and William Larue Weller absolutely deserve the hype they get. I've tried Pappy 20 and 23 and honestly felt like both were over-oaked. Old Forester Birthday Bourbon is amazing too if you can find it.

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Jack isn't a bourbon, it's a Tennessee whiskey. The poster above recommended a lot of great whiskey, I'd like to add that buffalo trace is my favorite under $30.

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Thats some good info. I suppose the palate isnt as diverse as single malt scotch, ive been drinking scotch for a while and always sort of looked down on bourbon.

Four roses rated very well from what i was reading. Can you find a bottle in the $50 range?

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E.H. Taylor Snall Batch and Single Barrel are both favorites.

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The palate for bourbons can be quite diverse actually, though you obviously won't get the peaty/smoky flavors you can find in scotch. Bourbon has more leeway with its mashbill- it has to be 51% corn minimum but it can also feature malted barley, rye, wheat etc in varying amounts which will change the profile. Wheated bourbons tend to be quite smooth and viscous-feeling and more mellow in flavor, while high-rye mashbills lean more to spices and fresh herbal flavors.

The biggest thing with bourbon is that the barrels HAVE TO BE new-make (hence why ex-bourbon barrels are used so frequently to age other things- the distillers can't use them again themselves) and also are required to be charred to some degree. So the whiskey picks up oak flavors and develops a lot faster than it would in the case of a scotch where they're almost always using at least second-fill barrels. Because of that, you can't look at a 7-year-old bourbon and think it'll be young and harsh like a 7-year-old scotch might be. 6-7 years is often enough to fully develop a bourbon, and for almost all bourbons 20 years is too long.

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None. They all taste like vanilla corn juice.

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i never had any real pricey bourbon, except maybe one aged bourbon (like 10), but i like buffalo trace. i usually stick with 101 cause its cheap and potent. makers mark is a good beginner one. jack and bean are overrated for god knows why, probably the marketing or whatever. grandad is also an oldie but goodie. thats all i have to say about it really.

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All brown liquors are just alcohol that has had wood content leached into it.
Ergo, they all taste the same (like shit).
Pic related is the patrician's choice.

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There hasn't been a good Bourbon since Louis XIV

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this if you have a little spending money.
makers mark if you want a no bullshit bourbon for 10 dollars less

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Multiple people have told me that Buffalo Trace is the best tasting for the money, and it’s prrtty cheap.

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i once had a bourbon that tasted like banana bread, any know what the name of it is?

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Old Grand-Dad 114 is the king of bourbons.

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Use my bourbon spreadsheet as a starting point.

I personally like the George Dickel line of bourbons best (Tennessee Whiskey is just a sub-genre of bourbon) followed by the Evan Williams brand. The latter seems to be the one that has the most universal acclaim here, as those bourbons have an excellent quality/bang-for-your-buck ratio ($20 for 1.75 of black label at Sam's Club = absolute steal). I have had the white label/BiB and the flagship black label, and I prefer the former over the latter, though the latter is pretty good, too.

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>Multiple people have told me that Buffalo Trace is the best tasting for the money, and it’s prrtty cheap.
Yeah, if you can find it.

People have caught on, demand has decimated supply ,and now their stuff is on allocation, meaning every liquor store gets one case of their stuff once every one to two months. The distillery is going through a major expansion to meet demand, but it's still going to be a while before they catch up.

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This is absolutely false,.i live in bc and its in every bc liqour store in large amounts.

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Because Canucks have no taste and buy pleb tier shit.

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You named Woodford already, which is my go-to bourbon. Jim Beam Black is very good for the price. I like Bookers if I'm feeling spendy.

I tried Four Roses recently and I don't care for it. Sharp with a rancid after taste.

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You can't go wrong with anything in that picture for starters.

Old Forrester 1920 is my go-to "you have to try this" if I hear someone's into bourbon. Evan Williams Single Barrel if your wallet's shy.

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Redpill me on russels reserve single barrel and in RR in general

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For me, it's Evan Williams. Been buying the 1.75 liter bottles for years. The 1.75 is $27 in New York for the standard black version, and that's the cheapest I can find it. Just bought two more bottles today actually.

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It's hard to beat Wild Turkey 101 for the price.

Total Wine is having a bourbon sale if you have one in your area. Good selection if you get tired of grocery store fare

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Liquor store fag here. Blantons is plebian choice and I do mean this unironically. Here we sell it for $80 after tax and after finally sampling it I can honestly say I've had 20 dollar blended scotches that had more depth and flavor than blantons. If you want to know the taste its like heavy on honey with a light bit of smoke behind it with no burn. Honestly normies harass my store for the shit and I always try to point them to the cheaper Buffalo Trace on the shelf and we have like 25 bottles in stock and nobody is buying them. We sell BT for about $23 after tax. If you're really staying in the Whiskey Bourbon catagory I'd go with Angels Envy, Bulliet or Knob Creek for top shelf stuff 4 Roses Single Barrel if you're looking to drop a bit more money for something really good. Bottom shelf I don't have any good recommendations but I I seem to recall a few of my customers talking up Evan Williams Green Label which I think is the rye

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i agree, i found some after like a year and it just tastes like oak to me. literally nothing el

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Bullet Rye Bourbon is dirt cheap, good, and comes in a big ass bottle. I drank so much of it though I haven't had more than 3 shots of bourbon in the last 5 months, got sick of it.

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cinnamon. not bad for the price.

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what the fuck are you doing charging $80 for blantons?

I've gotten it for $50 and it's solid at that price if you're in the mood for something smooth and rich.

More importantly, how the fuck you gonna call anybody normie but then rec Knob Creek or Bulleit as top shelf?

and it's bourbon whiskey, not whiskey bourbon, liquor store fag

you trollin, son?

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32 year old alcoholic cokehead here. Do you guys actually enjoy the taste? I just like how much easier it makes to talk to chicks.

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To add to this. Booze gets me out of my own way.

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Fleent stones?

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Israel Keyes drank Wild Turkey.

I've actually been wanting to try it. Anyone know if wild turkey is any good, especially the honey flavor? Can you drink it straight, or do you need to mix it with something?

Also, is it weird for a dude to drink flavored alcohol? What are some good flavored alcohols that men can drink? Inb4 fourloko.
Is there anything like the fireball whiskey but cheaper? The fireball stuff has a high abv but still tastes good.

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101 wild turkey is popular at college football tailgates down south. Never tried the honey stuff cuz I ain’t a bitch

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I wouldn't spend so much on it if o didn't

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I'm an avid scotch drinker but I can't stomach bourbon, the ones I've tried have this sickly sweet aftertaste that I can't get over.

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I drink whiskey and beer for the taste, but stick to vodka for my alcoholism.

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Official spirit power ranking

God tier
>Whiskey/Scotch Whiskey/Blended Whiskey

Mid tier
>Most rum

Shit tier
>Sweet flavoured spirits

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>god tier: whiskey
>shit tier: whiskey

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tastelet cope

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>implying bourbon tastes remotely like scotch whiskey
imagine being this uncultured

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You literally put "whiskey" in god tier, dum dum. Not my fault the only two kind of whiskies you've ever heard of are scotch and bourbon.

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are you upset?

>> No.12910668

No, but you're clearly retarded, and most likely esl.

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Quality whisk(e)y is absolutely delicious, it might be the drink with greatest gap in taste and quality depending on price. You really get what you pay for excepting nip shit and a some overhyped brands like Macallan.

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It's funny. Laphroaig 10 by itself isn't worth the price. Macallan 12 by itself isn't worth the price. Mixed together, they're a bargain. Better than Lagavulin.

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Er, to be precise, Macallan 12 sherry cask.

>> No.12910729

do you have a google drive link to this?

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Their honey whiskey is very good. Better than all the other honey whiskies on the market

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the honey wild turkey is really smooth and tastes like honey. wild turkey 101 is my go to bourbon because it's so inexpensive but good enough to drink straight if you want

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>71 proof
Might as well drink water.

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flavored alcohols are a cancer.
None of this shit existed before faggy millennials started drinking and needed candy-flavored booze.

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Amen brother

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Wild Turkey 101 is so damn good, can't believe it's still so cheap

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>you trollin son
Go back to r*ddit nigger

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It's only weird if you make it weird. Only faggots and women care about other people's opinions on what they drink. Drink whatever you like. But on the topic of Wild Turkey, 101 is by far the best I've had from them, while the honey is good with some coke.

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i agree with everything in this post, 4 roses is meh not bad just there are better things for the money.

If you like Bookers but don't wanna spend $100 a bottle just try Knob Creek 120 proof for $40 because its the same thing, Bookers is just select barrels of knob creek 120

>> No.12912862

get the 101 its good and already plenty sweet and bold. I didn't go crazy for it at first but after having some top shelf stuff and coming back to 101 i realized how good it was for the money

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I’ve heard this is good .

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>None of this shit existed before faggy millennials

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Burbons are getting expensive now so you have to be careful with prices. I work at a Wine, Spirits, and Craft Beer Place, one of my favorite burbons around the 30-40 range is Town Branch. It is corn based, causing it to be a tad sweeter on the nose, and is just exceptional soft on the pallet. You don't even really need water or ice to cut it.

>> No.12912888

Knob is pretty solid

>> No.12912972

>If you like Bookers but don't wanna spend $100 a bottle just try Knob Creek 120 proof for $40 because its the same thing, Bookers is just select barrels of knob creek 120
Really? Source?

>> No.12913099

that’s what your mom said to me last night

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For me, it’s Jim Beam. The best bourbon.

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It's a good bourbon for pissing on graves. NOBODY KNOWS GG ALLIN.

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jim beam is evan williams for idiots

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Just got this on sale. It's light and mellow and pretty inoffensive. A good palate cleanse after my last monster bottle.

In a week or so however, I might have something a lot cooler to report on. just wait.

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Eagle rare is bad and expensive. Where is the distillery character present in any Scotch?
Blanton tries to trick you with Single Barrel Special Reserve and Private Reserve Single Barrel nonsense.
Buffalo Trace shit's on their own name with 40% versions in foreign markets (same for Makers Mark, Bulleit, etc).

>> No.12913534


This is honestly the best description of JB I've ever heard

>> No.12913554

yes really and even these whiskeyfags say there is no real noticeable difference if you feel like sitting through a stupid 13min vid. https://youtu.be/2EQbaZ4Gm_M

>Bookers is cask strength at 126 proof and and they go through and find all the best tasting barrels
>Knob Creek is evened out to 120 poof and is the rest of the barrels

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Would it look bad for me to buy the honey whiskey? I'm a dude. Also, does the honey whiskey have a lot of extra calories because of the sugar?

The drink or the drug?

Why do you guys say it's cheap? A 750ml bottle(about the size of a wine bottle) of wild turkey is $13 where I live. I did the math, and despite it being a liqour, you still get less ml of alcohol per dollar, by a big margin, when compared to wine. Is the flavor of wild turkey better than the flavor of wine? That's the only thing that I could think of that would make it worth the extra cost.

>> No.12913772

The honey stuff is disgusting. I poured a bottle down the drain after I couldn't get anyone else to take it. It cost $50 per 700ml too.

>> No.12913781

You're not saving much. About 11%.

>> No.12913788

Based Indian liquor store cashier retard

>> No.12913805

They really are unexpectedly lovely together, though. The result is impossibly smooth, with a nice, subtle sweetness, just enough peat to be interesting and a rich, luxurious, velvety mouthfeel.

>> No.12913822

I tasted a Macallan in a bar. I'm really not prepared to drop $120 on a bottle so I can do that comparison.
Besides, I have a beautiful bottle of smokey sherried scotch already; Talisker Distillers edition.

>> No.12913951

Where the fuck is Macallan 12 $120? It's typically $55-60.

>> No.12913958

Can confirm. I was arrested while under the influence of Jim beam in 2009. (Wasn't driving related). Haven't touched the shit since. It's Evan Williams for me all the way

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Don't talk about Scotch in a shitperson's bourbon thread. It's pearls before swine.

>> No.12913973


You're the swine, if you couldn't guess.

>> No.12913979


Macallan is fucking garbage, I can't tell the difference between it and german brandy. You have to be an asshole to buy it. I spent 180 bucks on old oak 4 years ago and I've hated that distillery ever since. They're child rapists.

>> No.12913982

Australia. Lagavulin is the same price, but Laphroaig $100.

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File: 257 KB, 1683x2160, 1999.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


THAT is booze.

>> No.12913987

Maybe that says great things about German brandy. Recommendations?

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Asbach Uralt. That's what faggy Macallan tastes like.

>> No.12914007

This talk of German booze makes me wish I had access to Slyrs in the US...

>> No.12914023


You should be more excited about distiller's edition Lagavulin. If you've never tasted it, it's a life not lived.

>> No.12914042

Drink, my bad. Preferably Coca-Cola, but if you're looking for a sweeter bite, then RC. But otherwise, Honey Turkey and Cola is a pretty standard combination.

>> No.12914052

is it supposed to be 38% abv?

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File: 2.22 MB, 4032x3024, whiskey 9 11 19.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rate my current collection. Very little thought went into it - just sayin.

>> No.12914119

>no shitty retard Talisker
Thumbs up.

>> No.12914138


Only an asshole calls Talisker shitty. You're a stupid cunt. Call Ardbeg shitty or Bowmore, you dumb cunt.

>> No.12914153

Talking shit about talisker is a standard meme on /ck/. Lurk moar

>> No.12914247

>Call Ardbeg shitty
you wouldn't dare

>> No.12914253


I don't give a fuck about this board and their kid ways. Taliskar is a good scotch. Fuck this shitty place and it's childish memes.

>> No.12914340

I'm glad the Talisker 10 autist eventually lost interest and fucked off, but Talisker isn't terrible. I wish the cat fucker would take a clue.

>> No.12914377

what the fuck would a stupid kid like you know about anything, let alone scotch?

>> No.12914790

Redpill me on Glendronach 12 and Nikka WFTB

>> No.12915288

Nikka FTB is really good. Great body, strong and flavorful. Problem is whether or not you can find it for a good price. I would not pay above $70 and even thats pushing it. $60 is a nice price for it.

Glendronach 12 is solid, but I actually prefer Macallan 12 sherry oak over it. Most people these days would disagree with me since Macallan is overpriced but for me both of those scotches are about the same price ($55) but Macallan has more depth with the spices in the aftertaste. Glendronach 12 is a bit too smooth for me but you cant go wrong with picking up a bottle of the stuff.

>> No.12915634

Glendronach is a "meaty" sherried scotch. It's not Mortlach meaty, but it's meaty. Another way of describing it would be savory. It leans more towards savory than sweet, whereas something like Macallan 12 or Aberlour A'bunadh leans more towards sweet. I prefer the latter, but to each their own. A lot of people seem to love the meaty scotches.

>> No.12915767

Talisker unironically tastes like rotting screaming hairy armadillo entrails. This is not a meme; this is my honest opinion.

>> No.12915769


Tennessee whisky is a bourbon by definition.

>> No.12916004

Diageo living rent free in your head

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File: 1.72 MB, 1032x2430, DelordBasArmagnac25.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Latest mail order arrived. What am I in for?
Also got a Glenfarclas 12 and a Monkey Shoulder.

>> No.12916061

Your prices are shitty. Here in the U.S. Laphroaig 10 is $37 at Costco, Lagavulin is $60 at Costco and Macallan 12 is typically $55-60 most places. Your prices are shitty even after currency conversion rates. Sucks to be you.

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File: 431 KB, 640x478, A Man of Integrity.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12916228

All bourbon is corn based, man.

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File: 79 KB, 490x686, bh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

drinking this. reminder that collecting alcohol is faggot shit.

>> No.12916479

you know a lot of them don't really impress me much in terms of distinguishing themselves from one another.
I really enjoyed Blanton's and Baker's 7 year though.

>> No.12916487

where is rye whiskey in here, though

>> No.12916506

Mid tier. Its better than bourbon for sure.

>> No.12916520

This is what I dont get. I see people with like 10 different bourbon bottles in their collection but they're all generally the same. Why not just buy the cheapest instead of buying multiple bottles of alcohol that generally all taste the same.

>> No.12916561

They don't all taste the same but there's really only a few general flavor profiles:
- "Standard," e.g. Evan Williams
- High rye, e.g. Old Grand-Dad
- Wheated, e.g. Maker's Mark
Thus, there's no real reason to have more than 3-4 bottles of bourbon at any one time. I have the above three plus Knob Creek Smoked Maple in my cabinet right now, and buying another bottle of bourbon would be superfluous for me at this time.

>> No.12916620
File: 19 KB, 404x520, Saint_Just.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A good Bourbon is a dead Bourbon.

>> No.12916851
File: 2.53 MB, 4032x3024, 20190911_155137.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Picked this up earlier. Havent tried it yet

>> No.12916877

The real question is why the fuck is macallan 12 even 55-60

>> No.12916948

It's the Bose/Apple pricing model: price it more than it's worth and people will assume it's better than cheaper products because it's more expensive. It's a model which unfortunately works all too well these days.
That being said, it's only like $10 too expensive when it's at $55 considering the Glendronach and Glenfarclas equivalents are like $45.

>> No.12916970

Also, while I'm not from the UK, I remember Ralfy explaining that in the UK, the general stereotype is that the poor drink Famous Grouse and the rich drink Macallan. It has a long-standing reputation as a luxury product so they price it accordingly. A lot of people are willing to buy it because they get a little dopamine boost from the thought that they just acquired a "luxury product."

>> No.12916979
File: 20 KB, 600x662, longmorn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Picked this up on a whim, fucking amazing 16 year if you're into fruitier styles

>> No.12917070

>The 1.75 is $27 in New York for the standard black version, and that's the cheapest I can find it.
Here in Central Florida, 1.75 L of EW black is $20 at Sam's Club. Not sure how different that price will be where you live, but it's worth a look.

>> No.12917084
File: 74 KB, 900x1200, w-liq_jac1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Sample JD Tennessee Honey on the rocks
>Tastes like crap
>Order a soda
>On a whim, dump remaining JD honey in it
>Actually pretty decent

Cocktails are what low-tier unsippable stuff like JD and JB white should ever be used for.

>> No.12917090

you seem to be lacking old granddad and wild turkey... better fix that son... or else...

>> No.12917096

somebody on world of warcraft was telling everybody they should but southern comfort. which one of you was it?

>> No.12917122
File: 1.21 MB, 2576x1448, Bourbon Bottles (7-28-19).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Woodford Reserve is alright and I have heard great things about Four Roses Single Barrel, so good job overall. Can't comment on your non-Bourbon items, though, as I know next to nothing about those.

Pic related is my collection (in the order I like them, best on the left), plus standard Knob Creek I bought recently (I have it in between EW Black and Woodford Reserve).

>> No.12917253

My man! I just finished off my own bottle a few days ago. Prepare for an INTENSE experience!

>> No.12917277


Oh wait, that's the standard version as opposed to the cask strenght. Dunno how that'll go but enjoy

>> No.12917474

Its good man. Very very light for lack of a better word.

>> No.12917488

Cringe and fagpilled

>> No.12917493

I have never seen Longmorn in any store ever and I've heard it's amazing...if you can find it

>> No.12917713

Welp, this armagnac was literally the best thing I've ever tasted in my life. Normally when I'd describe a spirit as "impossibly smooth" it means it has very little flavor, but this, despite being impossibly smooth, is absolutely bursting with dark chocolate and dark fruits. It's nowhere close to overoaked, though, as it's far from being super woody or bitter, despite spending 25 years in oak just for me. Wonderful. Can't believe this was only $70.

>> No.12917768
File: 1.45 MB, 1964x2864, eau de vie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's easily as good as a lot of 150-200 dollar scotches in terms of balance and intensity, highly recommend

Armagnac is dank, I'd also recommend trying any french brandy/eau de vie you come across that isn't cognac, there's a good chance it's amazing bang for buck

Found this a week ago for 80-ish, a little oily, lots of banana and cardamom notes, very strange in a good way. Also 46% is a plus.

>> No.12917794

Sipping on the Glenfarclas 12 now. This is now my second favorite sherried scotch behind A'bunadh. Super unique flavor; never had anything like it. Very complex; hard to put my finger on everything going on here. It's ultra smooth and easy-drinking with nice sherry cask sweetness, yet there's just enough peat in there to make it super interesting and characterful. There's a nice floral character to it as well. This is a bottle that won't last long if you dare open it around friends.

>> No.12917798

Also, no sulfur. Yay! Ralfy did say this was a bottle which is consistently un-sulfured, and he was right in my case. I've had some terrible fucking luck with sulfur and sherried whiskies lately, so this was a huge relief.

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File: 113 KB, 1600x1157, depositphotos_201088224-stock-photo-young-man-vomiting-toilet-bowl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12917897

-you have that upside down

>> No.12918177

>old granddad
Kek. My good boy points go into decent whiskey. I spend my alcoholism points on cheap vodka.

>> No.12918184

so I'm the only one that really wasn't into Four Roses?

It just tasted so harsh after my Bookers and Angles Envy.
At that price point, I really couldn't get behind it.

>> No.12918204

>can't handle the rye

>> No.12918210

You clearly replied to the wrong anon.

>> No.12918567

Armagnac is incredible. If you can find it I HIGHLY recommend finding vintage dated bottles, they tend to be the higher quality offerings from a given producer. The vintage single-vineyard collection from Darroze and the vintage bottles from Chateau Laubade in particular are phenomenal. A bit off-topic but it's not liquor technically but the only thing I've ever found that can come close to really good armagnac in terms of complexity/smoothness is well-aged fortified wine. Old port, old sherry, aged French fortifieds like banyuls or maury, and most especially aged madeira.

Four Roses is odd in that their base offering is pretty mediocre but their higher level ones, the single barrel and small batch, are both really good.

>> No.12918617

I literally don't understand how people can even drink toki or support modern suntory at all.
It is such a fucking downgrade from the 3 12 years that used to be ubiquitous. Fucking nasty.

>> No.12918637

I thought the Dickel No 8 the other day, instantly my favourite. Never seen anyone else drink it though.

>> No.12918651

Bought the Glendronach 12 because some fucker probably grabbed all the nikka. The dronach is great

>> No.12918658

I have that too, but was only able to buy it in a duty free from UAE. Worth

>> No.12919039

I feel like that's a little oversimplified. Alot of distilleries have there own characteristics. They use different wood selections. They use different stills. Not even mentioning finishes like cognac and wine.

>> No.12919217

Fancier things.
bose patrician's choice

>> No.12919594

Nikka FTB has ben really hard to find lately.
Their noise canceling headphones are decent, just decent, but most of their products are absolute dogshit from a technical, measurement perspective.

>> No.12919602

Got myself Woodford reserve double oaked


>> No.12919617

>what are dekyuper schnapps for $500, alec?

>> No.12919851

Get glenfarclas 105 next if you have not tried it already

>> No.12919930
File: 71 KB, 689x1104, 1338902.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is bourbonkino

>> No.12919958

>I thought the Dickel No 8 the other day, instantly my favourite. Never seen anyone else drink it though.
No. 8 is pretty good, but No. 12 is better. It's the same thing only aged an additional two years, and it's only like three bucks more.
~2.40 quid, I meant.

>> No.12919974

>they're all generally the same.
If you're just an amateur, you are not going to pick up on the tiny subtleties between different bourbons, so yes, stick with some of the cheaper ones until your palette evolves.

>> No.12919979

Agreed. Standard Four Roses is "meh", but it's still better than standard JD and JB.

>> No.12919987
File: 26 KB, 329x506, car chase.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12919994

If you want a cheap one, just go with Bulleit orange label or Wild Turkey 101

>> No.12920009

How is regular four roses? I can't really into bourbon unless I mix it with something. I like red wine and dark beer for context.

>> No.12920046

>I like red wine

No wonder you can't into bourbon, you're an absolute puss.

>> No.12920107

>I can't really into bourbon unless I mix it with something
It's because you've probably only had Jack Daniel's or Jim Beam, which are only tolerable when mixed with something. Do any of the George Dickel or Evan Williams non-rye varieties. They're all very smooth.

>> No.12920230

Unless theyre doing special finishes like Angels Envy does than they really are all too similar. Bourbon is too restrictive with the 51% corn and new barrels.

>> No.12920278

>Bourbon is too restrictive with the 51% corn and new barrels.
To play devil's advocate with the restrictive rules in place for bourbons, it guarantees that you'll get a consistent product, and you are less likely to be swindled by unethical manufacturers. You will never find a (legal) bourbon made in China with artificially colors, for instance.

>> No.12920341

What makes it kino?

>> No.12920347

It's very different from your average bourbon

>> No.12920352


>> No.12920354

Not sweet.
Rich taste of leather, tobacco and oak.
Dark in color.
Very dark and rich nose.

>> No.12920387

And smells a bit like bazooka joe's

>> No.12920967

5 dollarydoos mate. If I need No. 12 around I'll have to give it a go.

>> No.12921485

I bought this earlier tonight

My one word review


I think I've made a terrible mistake. At least it was a $15 mistake. I guess I don't like peated scotch? Never had any

>> No.12921487
File: 73 KB, 900x1200, blend_tea1[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

should also show the product

>> No.12921745
File: 31 KB, 319x781, CC_BottleShot_Final_sm__59074.1472652350.1280.1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's /ck/'s consensus on this one?

>> No.12921763

Caramel color

>> No.12921772

Remember that peat is just rotting vegetation dug up from bogs. It boggles my mind how people get away with selling high-priced scotch when this is a key ingredient.

>> No.12921776

>Caramel color
(sorry, I'm just trying to be one of the cool kids by arguing about every mundane detail)

>> No.12921780

>boggles the mind

>> No.12921820

i mean, people who *like* it describe the flavor as burning tires etc

I felt like I was drinking poison or soemthing not designed to be consumable

im gonna try it again later and i guess i should try a proper laphroig or lagavulin or something but, god damn. maybe i'm a pleb but i like scotch to taste like vanilla and shit

>> No.12921846


Yes, a google drive link would be awesome, or at least a downloadable version

>> No.12921861



>> No.12922154
File: 100 KB, 450x701, glenfarclas.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

never had Glenfarclas before

what am I in for

>> No.12922327

You're the one drinking rotting shit dug out of the ground. Don't get mad at me.

>> No.12922337

I mean, you can get all the info I used from Proof66.com. I think Google Drive reveals too much of your identity to complete strangers to make it worth it.

>> No.12922343

>Woodford Reserve Double Oaked

Is it significantly different from the standard Woodford Reserve? I'm heterosexual, BTW, which of course totally matters.

>> No.12922386

Do you own a fedora too?

>> No.12922456

>Do you own a fedora too?
You're thinking of craft beer. Braindead hipsters haven't discovered this yet.

>> No.12922644

I'm sad for you for being a puss

>> No.12922782

Lagavulin is the one I've gotten the most burning rubber from, though that decreased greatly a couple if months after opening. Laphroaig is probably a better bet. Alternatively Ardbeg or Caol Ila.

>> No.12922815
File: 31 KB, 351x395, spurdo4thwall.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ebin Williams

>> No.12923620

Do you guys only open bottles when you've finished with previous ones? I'm the type to buy any bottle that catches my interest even with a dozen half-finished bottles and I'm starting to think if that's a bad thing.

>> No.12923672

>JD is vile
typical snob. It's not boxed wine tier. It's pretty damn good. Are you one of those homos who actually pretend to notice there's a difference in proper mainstream alcohol and expensive alcohol? Way to fall for the meme.

>> No.12923688

Is JD the new shilled swill succeeding talisker?

>> No.12923756

Henry McKenna 10 Year 100 Proof is amazing.

But it won 4 awards this summer, so... the hipsters, collectors, and speculators got too it...

>> No.12923813

>keep huffing alcohol until your palate starts getting confused bro!

>> No.12923820

>look, I only drink $500 swill!

>> No.12923825

Makes zero difference in taste, just lol. You have to be a special kind of prick to be able to say this alcohol tastes better than that alcohol because it was aged in a different type of wooden barrel.

>> No.12923888

>Do you guys only open bottles when you've finished with previous ones?
No, because I like to taste test them to decide what I like best and where the new one I got ranks among them.

>> No.12924036

*rapes u*

>> No.12924039


>> No.12924536

an extremely based whiskey.
coffee, sherry, chocolate, cinnamon, toffee, orange, pleasant stickiness. Lil bit of mango too

>> No.12924557

Woah buddy, slow down, don´t you fucking diss Branntwein

>> No.12924613

I drink this daily, so delicious with Diet Mountain Dew

>> No.12924654

so, I’m stupid so bear with me: the first barrel has to be new oak for bourbons, but what about the second? can you do whatever you want and still call it bourbon?

>> No.12924777

Yes, as long as you meet the basic legal requirements for bourbon you can do pretty much whatever with it as long as it's clearly stated on the bottle.

>> No.12924801

Booker is the best I’ve had. Woodford is my usual go to though.

>> No.12925982

Nikka goes for $90 per 500ml here. Japanese whiskey is blown the fuck out. Hibiki Harmony $150, Yamazaki 12 $300.

Although Macallan is over priced, so is Glendronach. Glen-anything-else-12 goes for 60% of its price.

>> No.12925991
File: 11 KB, 117x78, 1561302509674.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's not tacky and pretentious at all.

>> No.12926004

Have you tried any Islay whiskeys? if not gtfo. There's no need to blame such an unsmokey whiskey for your peat hate.

>> No.12926055

Is Pappy van Winkle just a meme?

>> No.12926080

>Caol Ila
I was a little disappointed with this one. I think it only belongs in blends. Far too sweet and beyond the smoke there is no complexity.

>> No.12926143

Ardbeg > Lagavulin > Laphroaig > tasselled wobbegong poop > Talisker

>> No.12926152

The 20 year old family reserve isn't. Haven't had the rest. It's definitely one of those things you wish people wouldn't have talked about.

>> No.12926221

Still a good, well rounded bourbon

>> No.12926297

Yeah those are some horrible prices. I bought Nikka FTB here for $50 (750 ml) but a week later the liquor store realized the japanese hype and priced it at $100. Hibiki Harmony is anywhere between $65-$85. Yamazaki 12 I found for $150 but that's still really overpriced.

I don't really find Macallan 12 ovepriced around here it's $50-55. Glendronach 12 is actually more expensive usually over $60. I prefer the Macallan over Glendronach too so I'm glad it's the cheaper option for me.

>> No.12926306

Ignore him. The Talisker shill from a few months ago is still haunting him. He's been on a crusade against Talisker ever since.

>> No.12926323

If you actually win the raffle to buy it, it's very good
if you're paying for it second-hand, it's absolutely not worth it

>> No.12926327

does anyone want to talk about cooking with bourbon

>> No.12926370

I take a basic ice cream recipe and add a shot. I want a harsher bourbon because not much of the subtlety of the flavor will stick around. Any more than a shot (normal shot size) and it interferes with freezing.

In about a half gallon, the flavor is all that sticks around. I like it in peach, made by blending peach puree into the cream as well as adding some chunks of peach to taste.

Old Grand-Dad or Wild Turkey is fine for this.

If you must, you can denature the bourbon before adding it by boiling off the alcohol but I see no point in this, and the amount of alcohol is negligible anyway.

Crumbled pralines are a good topper.

>> No.12926389

i was thinking more along the lines of bourbon chicken or something but i do have an ice cream maker
i think that'd be nice with vanilla too

>> No.12926484

Single malt is a meme
Scotch is a meme
what's best among whisky is stuff like Jamesons and Jack. Ballantines is nice too

>> No.12926490

There's a fucking raffle to decide if you can buy hooch?

>> No.12926509

I know this is a bourbon thread, but I have a scotch question.

I want to try Highland Park 12, but the reviews on it are weird. Some say that it is absolutely one of the best scotches you can buy, but others claim it is inferior to its old self and started sucking around 2016 or so.
Can anyone confirm what the deal is?

>> No.12926539

Malt only may be a meme. I don't think single distillery is. I have not yet had a blend that was better than the sum of its parts, and they certainly don't have the best parts.
The scots are making the most great whiskey. It doesn't have to be that way but it is.
>Jamesons Jack Ballantines
You're not even at enjoyable tier

They played with abv and age. As long as it's the full proof 12 year old It's probably the same.
As for the taste (40% 10y/o), I wasn't that keen. The flavours competed instead of complemented.

>> No.12926548

depending on the year designation, yeah
there's only 500-10,000 bottles produced yearly

>> No.12926567

Convince me that all bourbon isn't the same.
Give me the 2 most wildly different tasting bourbons and I will try them.

I had Maker's Mark and Woodford Reserve, and they taste nearly identical to me. Woodford being slightly smoother, but that's pretty much it.
Not saying they're bad, they just don't have the wildly diverse flavor experience that scotch has. Prove me wrong.

>> No.12926583

Maker's Mark and Old Grand-Dad 114.
t.talisker shill
You post the same _ and _pilled samefag response in every thread whenever anyone says anything bad about Talisker.

>> No.12926620


This is why kids shouldn't mix with adults. You use child language to bitch about Talisker? That makes you a fucking child. This.. we're fucked as a people. You mollusces have sucked over normal humanity. You're empty garbage and you know you are. Pink Floyd basically figured your human mistakes out.

>> No.12926624

Woodford Reserve is mild. Wild Turkey 101 is harsh. I prefer the harsher bourbons. The Rare Breed variant of WT is also good and while higher proof, somewhat mellower and more complex.

I think a bourbon shouldn't be too subtle, though. It should make you sit up and say goddammit.

>> No.12926646

I bought that teachers highland cream yesterday which is 45% ardbeg

Tastes like a melted pile of insulin needles or something.

Any of you guys ever throw away a bottle of liquor? Lol

>> No.12926700

Blantons private reserve. Eagle Rare.
I'd have trouble naming a third different flavour.

>> No.12926708

No, but the worst Whiskey I ever had, Label 5, we filtered and added to good punch.
Later someone tried to filter the remainder of the punch resulting in a mouldy filter.

>> No.12926710

>I had Maker's Mark and Woodford Reserve, and they taste nearly identical to me. Woodford being slightly smoother, but that's pretty much it.
Same. Now compare Woodford Reserve to Evan Williams black label. Very obvious differences.

>> No.12926716

>good punch
goon punch. It most certainly was not good.

>> No.12926718

Came very close to tossing Glenfiddich 12. The apple juice / pear taste is sickening.

>> No.12926720

>Any of you guys ever throw away a bottle of liquor? Lol
Blasphemy. Even the worst, I've given away. Anything less than completely undrinkable, I've waited until I was already drunk to polish off.

>> No.12926726

I'm not the Talisker shill, although I do like Talisker. I doubt the shill ever posted anything with actual content. It's just embarrassing to see you STILL haven't gotten over his stupid meme posts long after he's gone.

>> No.12926729

>I think a bourbon shouldn't be too subtle, though. It should make you sit up and say goddammit.
I'm in the opposite camp that prefers the mellow, sweet, and submissive ones (the same way I like my wimmins). In my day-to-day life, I feel like it's a constant battle getting things done that I need to get done, so when the day is over and I have my glass of bourbon, I don't want that to be a fight, too.

>> No.12926823

>Convince me that all bourbon isn't the same.
One of the small handful of things that can make a bourbon taste noticeably different from another is its corn vs. rye content.

A bourbon must be at least 51% corn to be legally called a bourbon. Rye, meanwhile, is not a required ingredient for it to be a bourbon, but it is often included. Those that are considered "high rye" will have a spicier kick; those with little to no rye will often be smooth and mellow. If the mash bill is 51% rye or more, it's no longer a bourbon, but a rye whiskey, which kick even harder. On the opposite end, if the mash bill is 80% corn or more, it's a corn whiskey, which are very smooth and sweet.

Separately, you also have Tennessee whiskey, which is bourbon filtered through maple charcoal, which generally makes it smoother than a standard bourbon.

tl;dr: for the amount of spicy kick, with the most on the left and the least on the right (in general), rye whiskey > high rye bourbon > low rye bourbon/TN whiskey > corn whiskey

Try tasting George Dickel 12 (smooth) and Wild Turkey 101 (spicy) back-to-back. Very different.

>> No.12926826

I've briefly considered spilling out my extremely heavily-sulfured bottle of Nectar D'or, but I think I can probably salvage it by mixing it with Laphroaig, which seems to mask the flavor of almost anything bad quite well.
>he is this mad that 4chan consistently successfully self-polices shilling
>he reddit spaces to make it look like he's not a samefag

>> No.12926833

>One of the small handful of things that can make a bourbon taste noticeably different from another is its corn vs. rye content.
Right, which is why I suggested Maker's Mark (no rye) and Old Grand-Dad (very high rye).
>Wild Turkey 101
This is advertised as high rye but it has a pretty standard amount of rye in the mash bill. Old Grand-Dad has much more rye.

>> No.12926842

I've had Evan Williams. It's so trash I didn't even bother to include it as a bourbon.

>> No.12926880

You are sipping it at room temp, right? Anyway, I think EW black is actually not bad (the biggest appeal is the very low price), but its sibling, the BiB white, is superior.

>> No.12926896

>EW black is actually not bad
I think it's delicious and I think of it as "the standard bourbon," tbfh.

>> No.12926925

EW Black having above-average, non-overwhelming taste combined with its cheap price tag definitely makes it a great gateway bourbon for people starting out. It's widely available, too (it's one of like five bourbon handles available at a Sam's Club near me, the others being MM, WT 101, JD, and JB).

tl;dr: EW Black is a great choice overall if your choices are limited due to cost or selection in your area.

>> No.12926997
File: 228 KB, 1353x2030, Hot Dickel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For me, it's Hot Dickel, the best flavored whiskey.

>> No.12927002

>the best flavored whiskey
That's clearly Knob Creek smoked maple.

>> No.12927113

I saw this at the store yesterday and I got mad

>> No.12927121

The largest liquor store in my widespread area (metro area of over 1 million people)

did a blind bourbon taste test on several hundred people.

EW black won by a landslide, demolishing buffalo trace, they made sure to point out.

>> No.12927134

wow I didn't mind it at all. sweet tastes are not going to sicken me, chemical/medical ones are

I don't think I know a single person who wants a bottle of peated scotch. I don't know a single scotch drinker orr person who tries to appreciate bourbon or anything.

Everyone I could give it to would probably regard it as a way to make the worst whiskey and coke they ever tasted.

>> No.12927170

I have peated scotch, non-peated scotch, wheated bourbon, "standard" mash bill bourbon, high rye bourbon, maple bourbon, cognac, armagnac and rye whiskey in my cabinet. Am I a unicorn?

>> No.12927176

>i have too many bottles of alcohol am I special!!

no you're a fucking alcoholic

>> No.12927183

>having alcohol

pick 1

>> No.12927185

>no you're a fucking alcoholic
I only drink a single shot (I don't shoot it) per night while watching Tucker Carlson.

>> No.12927196

You've got to train up your friends.
First you turn Friday night drinks into a routine.
Then you buy something different when it's your round.
Then you suggest house drinking to save money.
From there you just bring something different every week and encourage them to do the same.

The next step is membership fees, but I haven't been able to pull that off. Regardless my friends will drink anything now, with or without me. And they've all tried a tonne of stuff.

>> No.12927199

I don't have any friends that live where I live

my friday nights are spent with my girl as are all other nights

>> No.12927205

what does she drink?

>> No.12927211


>> No.12927227

Vodka or Gin Sodas next.

>> No.12927237

she doesn't want to drink

i wish i knew anyone i could drink with. I wish i could just sit around drinking with some person. I don't have any friends here

>> No.12927252

Talk to her about that. Doesn't want to != Religiously/Ideologically against it.

>> No.12927253

why would you ever try to talk someone you love, who is very healthy, into drinking alcohol

misplaced priorities man.

>> No.12927257

Dumbass, alcoholics generally have the bottle they're working on, or if they're serious, enough bottles to get through Sunday. They do not collect multiple variants of liquors and keep them around on display. They steal other people's alcohol. You clearly do not know any actual alcoholics.

>> No.12927259

For me, you are cringe and reddit

>> No.12927278

There is honest enjoyment to be had in alcohol. Why abstain?
Also two shots in and you find out if she thinks you're a dick head.

>> No.12927463

lmao alcohol is such a meme
wine snobs too can't tell it apart in blind tests

>> No.12927466

Fucking based.

>> No.12927531

So he's a functional alcoholic LOL
Disgusting. You could say the same about party drugs, do you go around pushing people to try ecstasy too?

>> No.12927568

Ecstasy is illegal and perhaps too addictive. Anyone who drinks once can stop. And the alcohol itself punishes misuse fairly immediately.

>> No.12927618

I've met a fair number of people who don't drink and I wouldn't dream of forcing it on them

>> No.12927691

I'm not saying force, I'm saying push.
At least get the reason for the hesitation and learn something about that person.
"No because no" isn't a good enough reason for anything. Unlike "I'm scared of becoming an alcoholic". Though that may be too similar to "I'm afraid I might enjoy myself" which is self destructive.
You don't want to explore new things with the people you care about?

>> No.12927702

tried drinking some mouthwash tonight because i ran out of booze and i can't get more for 6.5 more hours
it was worse than i expected
Great Value brand citrus in case anyone was curious

>> No.12927704

Not a single mention of George Dickel Rye.

I can always trust you guys to be plebian as fuck

>> No.12927714

lol fucking alky

>> No.12928023

My nigga. Same for me. I can get it for $17, insane bang for buck.

>> No.12928048

i had a glass of makers mark. tasted like corn piss. hated the corn flavor, hated the dumb, bland flavor.

in contrast i love aberlour abunadh and sazerac rye.

do i hate bourbon or do i just hate makers mark.

>> No.12928455

Do people actually get a glass of scotch/bourbon at a bar and do all that nosing there?

>> No.12928459

Wild Turkey 101! Gets you feeling good and it's not too expensive considering the quality. If you really wanted to cheap out you could get something like Evan Willlams, but I definitely don't recommend it!

>> No.12928489

better than buying a full bottle just to test something

>> No.12928504

What would you have them do, down it like a shot?
Might as well get the well vodka.

>> No.12928506

*dickel's ur rye*

>> No.12928514

Won't it look weird?

>> No.12928522

Nosing scotch and wine is what you're supposed to do and always has been.
If you feel awkward doing it then you have anxiety issues.

>> No.12928701

My favourite bourbon is from a shop called Stokkebye. They have a range all the way down to single cask, and have a variety of different whiskey styles. The stuff from Stokkebye is extremely rare, and I've only seen it in the shop once or twice before when I was in Scotland, but they have two bottles I really like.

So if you find yourself in the UK sometime around then, you can find yourself enjoying an experience all of its own!



>> No.12928707

My top 5 bourbons are Jim Beam Single Barrel, Wild Turkey 101, Maker's Mark, Heaven Hill, and Heaven Hill 17. I'm a bit biased, of course, given my relationship with these three. If I'm going to talk bourbon, I'm sure some of you out there can lay claim to at least one of them, and a few more can point to some of them as well. If it's a bourbon I'd like to talk about, though, it's the same one I always recommend. It's called Kentucky Straight Bourbon and it's a classic.

How did that happen? I don't know. I'm not a great storyteller, so I can't tell you much about that. I do know that I bought an old bottle of this when I was a teenager and drank it until it was nearly gone (it's over 100 years old now), and still drink it and recommend it quite often.

>> No.12928726

Where the fuck is brandy?

>> No.12929025
File: 152 KB, 640x916, charles-colson-481069.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Glenfiddich is pretty nice, i liked the woody taste

>> No.12929061

>do i hate bourbon or do i just hate makers mark.
Probably just Maker's Mark.
>bland flavor
That's because it's a wheated bourbon with zero rye in the mash bill. Try the opposite next: Old Grand-Dad 114. It is a high rye mash bill bourbon and has as intense/lively of a flavor as A'bunadh, in a different way.

>> No.12930028

I guess this is an alcoholic thread considering there the only idiots who consider it a meal, y'all better start suggesting dinners to go with it or fuck off this board

>> No.12930031

Drink Wild Turkey 101 or fuck off and die

>> No.12930367

above anything i hated the corn flavor

are there any bourbons that dont taste like corn

i cant imagine there are

>> No.12930587

Well half of it is made from corn so probably not. Just drink rye and scotch. They're superior anyway.

>> No.12930935

You're to closed minded to be sufferable

>> No.12930988

A good bottle shop will have free tastings. Usually 5 bottles at a time that change every week. They'll also host events, but you need to pay. I once tasted 100 shirazs in an afternoon.

As for tasting at a pub, it's not worth it. One shot costs the same as a quarter of the bottle. If you can share a bottle four ways then trying at a pub is a waste of whiskey. Even if you can't, you can suffer through a whole bottle eventually. Though I would say try Islay before you ever buy a bottle because some people find it offensive enough that they'd tip the whole thing out.

I would nose at a pub though. I wouldn't start listing flavours and childhood experiences like an autist though. Just give it a good whiff and drink.

>> No.12931003

>idiots who consider it a meal
My drinking buddy's work mates drink 8 Tigers and skip dinner on their Friday nights. I have to fight surprisingly hard for there to be dinner at all. I don't get it.

>> No.12931676
File: 58 KB, 600x600, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Finally try Buffalo Trace for the first time
>Only very slightly better than Knob Creek
>Decent, but not the best

It's official: Buffalo Trace is a meme. I'll stick to the GD and EW lines, thank you.

>> No.12931892

>slightly better than knob creek
>but also markedly cheaper
Buffalo Trace isn't memed as being the best bourbon around, it's memed as being a really good deal, which it is.

>> No.12931988
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just bought a bottle of this
it's pretty fucking good for a weird peaty speyside
their regular 10 year is also money

>> No.12932063


>> No.12932091
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For me, it's Talisker 10

>> No.12932195

Based Talisker shill.

>> No.12932509

drink water like a man instead of your dumb retarded wheat juice

>> No.12932534


bourbon is corn, you fucking moron.

>> No.12932980

abloo bloo

>> No.12932988 [DELETED] 

Alcohol is not food related, reported .

>> No.12933003

*overpriced retarded wheat juice

>> No.12933427


>> No.12933431
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>> No.12933792

Alcoholic cuck

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