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What are you eating, bros?

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pic related, crystal, and vark is the holy trinity. it's all you need. you know it's true, don't (you) me

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Did you forget to attach a picture or did you mean the OP pic?

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whats a good hot sauce to put in sandwiches to give it a bit of a kick

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from left to right i rank
8/10 - unique flavor love it
5/10 - completely average
9/10 - this viper sauce is good as FUCK

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I like to put a dash of tabasco into my fish pie.

Thats not a euphemism btw, I mean it literally.

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tapatio master race reporting in

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For me?

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This is the only good Tabasco out there. It doesn't have their trademark vinegar drowning everything else out and tastes really good.

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This shit is gross and fuck /ck/ for memeing me into wasting my money

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Ah, that ubiquitous fag who thinks black pepper is hot rears his head once again. Good goy!

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Try out captain sleepys

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Call this guy up and try to convice him to do a production run. It didn't work for me, it might for you.

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I keep it simple:

>Literally the exact same thing as standard Tabasco
>Fraction of the price

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What does that even mean you idiot?
You do know that all peppers are native to the Americas.

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buh buh buh based!!

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That's pretty good, mix that with butter and make buffalo sauce for wings and nuggers.

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I basted your mum last night!

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Seething! Cope harder faggot!

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Sauce instead of fresh salsa
Why bother

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shut the fuck up you idiot

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This is so fucking delicious.

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mmm nothing like shitty spicy vinegar to add flavor to your cheap meat cuts

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The redpill is when you make your own. I'm fermenting this batch for two weeks before blending into a sauce. The brine is 25% distilled white vinegar, 25% apple cider vinegar, and 50% water. 3 tbsp plus 1 tsp of sea salt is used for every quart of brine.

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The redpill is making chili oil fresh with each meal. You can make that shit as hot as you want without sacrificing flavor with shitty vinegar.

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>vinegar bad

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>eating floor cleaner
no thanks. enjoy your shit taste.

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Correct, peasant.

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>sour is too spicy for me

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>vinegar is sour
Once again proving how shitty your taste buds actually are. Not sure why I’m surprised. Do you also lick your hands after a hot dehydrated piss?

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None, I have DIY dryed Bhut Jolokia & Trinidad Scorpion inside a grinder and making the sauce fresh for the food

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If you like hot sauce, you don't belong on /ck. Full stop.

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I love that sauce, but it's surprisingly hot for a supermarket sauce. It has such a good flavor I want to dump a ton on my food, but it's just too much heat for me if i do.

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Vinegar is acetic acid. Acids are registered as sour by your tastebuds, idiot. What's next, I'm a tastelet if I say honey is sweet?

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ure moms pussy fagit

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KEK, not only the tastebuds. You can compare chemicals with the pKs.
>acetic acid is 4.75
>citric acid is 3.13
>vitamine C is 4.25
Acetic acid is the weakest acid and citric acid the strongest. You know when made the direct taste test

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Crystal tastes much better than Tabasco, got to be a different ratio or formula.

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>acidic means sour
Try again, tastelet. Keep defending your shitty condiment like your honor is at stake. It’s hilarious.

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Does a brine that acidic work for fermentation?

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What’s a good hot sauce for my wife’s boyfriend’s son?

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I don't know. I'm just trying to avoid any risk of botulism.

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Is that the kid from that photo where the whole family pose awkwardly with Starbucks and Apple products?

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Today I will remind them

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Based Matouk's. I've only had the one on the left but my God it's the best sauce I've ever tasted.

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Forgot pic

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nice spoilers newfag

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Tastes like chemicals. One of the worst widely available sauces.

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Reminder to boycott Melinda's because they stole Marie Sharp's recipe and original name. Only buy from based Marie.

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>still wanting to feel your face

not going to make it

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how exactly are you making it, is it just assorted chili's?

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did they really make a sauce with that warning on it?

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its cringe yes but fuck me did it have flavour. Plus the heat levels are indeed on the masochistic scale. good shit.

10/10 would hurt myself again.

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i guys ever get something like picrel for xmas? i fw the horned liz one

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Proofs? I don't think they even taste all that similar. I like Marie's way more.

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go back to twitter

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This stuff for me

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>go back to twitter

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These are the people that make these threads.

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better than sriracha, only 4x the price

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For me it's...

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>Reminder to boycott Melinda's because they stole Marie Sharp's recipe and original name.

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Badia is low key redpilled

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Why is that faggot quoting replies with unrelated pictures? What a waste of time and posts.

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There's a guy desperately trying to force a meme. Ignore it.

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>Why is that faggot quoting replies with unrelated pictures? What a waste of time and posts.

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it's just another reddit tourist

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I don't like the temperature clash of hot foods and cold salsa

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the KING of hot sauce.

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I rarely eat a hamburger without Cholula poured liberally onto it.

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why would it be cold, fatass?

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Yeah mother in law gave me one like that. Half of them were just standard vinegar sauce, but a few were kinda tasty.

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Lately I'm really into Gringo Bandito.

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My parents bought me a sampler of GB and I really quite enjoyed it. I'd never even heard of it before.

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>warm salsa
sounds repulsive

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Lukewarm salsa is best, imo. Cold is fine too but I have sensitive teeth.

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An excellent sauce

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>not heating fresh salsa till steaming on a small skillet

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Call me a pleb if you must but I really like green tobasco

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Is that a regional spelling?

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Shut the fuck up.

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pic related

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This is such a funny joke, I hope it never dies

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I love that hot sauce. The taste is sublime

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their lethal gator sauce is really good too.

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>why yes, my hot sauces collection includes:
>Rip your anus Carolina reaper sauce
>Slap ya' mama sauce
>the anal burner

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My parents make their own hot sauce so I have a constant supply of homemade scotch bonnet and chipotle sauce.

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>hotsauce? cool!

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got some Dave's, its not that good

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>seething heatlets

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>>12893466 Nice dubs
>>12896713 Legit question, maybe
t. wypipo who puts ice on they gf pussy b4 they lick so it don't be too hot

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Gotta say I love me some cholula and was both surprised and disappointed that it took so long for it to be mentioned.

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why do people pretend to be niggers when they post?

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Trying to cut down on sugar, noticed the hot sauce I use is packed with it. Any one have some recs for a hot sauce with none, or little sugar in it? thanks!

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Sorry, sir.

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>hot sauce thread
>posts BBQ sauce

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Got this a couple of days ago.
Not properly tried it yet, but had a little sample and it was hot as FUCK and tasted lovely.

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Just visited Iowa and got Brown Dogs Farms Ghost Pear hot sauce, anyone have an idea of what it is or how hot it’s supposed to be?

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Homemade Pumpkin flavored hot sauce is yum

>> No.12903477

>seething third worlder
hot sauce was invented by brown people to mask the fact that their food is literal shit and tastes like it

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for me its Twisted Hotsauce, very vibrant flavor

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absolutely unmatched

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>not making your own hot sauce
gringos need to DIE
I like these tho

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Anything homemade is going to be better than anything you get in the store because you can add the flavors/spices you want. That's not to say that commercial hot sauces are bad or anything, it's just that... why not make your own and get exactly what you want.

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This guy knows where it's at.

This guy doesn't.

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