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>"Thanks for the pizza, anon!"

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something something goatse

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Haha, thangks for ze pizza Anon.

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np. thanks for the airline peanut you left on the tip of my dick last night.
chew your food, whore.

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Looks hearty

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Why is fuck is Angela White so popular? She was fine as a chuby nerd girl, but now that she's gone glam she's the epitome of a 5/10.

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>dat pasta

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she was good when she was in Australia, doing POV public videos.

Then the jews shipped her to the U.S to do scenes with gross circumcised dudes with the camera pointed straight at their asshole.

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mamma mia

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>muh Jews and porn
Ok nofap incel, how long has it been? Be honest, lol!

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I just explained why one type of porn is better than another, how is that suggesting nofap?

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uhh, angela? that's not pizza, that's a danish. are you feeling alright?

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That post had me laugh in hard thx anon

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I once met an australian girl. She told me that she used to have so long hair that she needed to move it from being under her bum every time she went to the bathroom or she would piss on it.

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>tfw you will never make a girl cum in her panties the way this pizza does

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Fucking Australians.

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