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What Pokémon would you like to cook or eat?

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I want to eat jynx pussy

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Would like to know what's up with SLOWPOKETAIL. I wonder if it's like shark fin soup or actually good.

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Slowpoke tail Iguess. With Oddishes.

>not gardevoir's pussy

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Magikarp is all bone, cartilage, and scale. There's basically no meat on it.
I bet slowpoke meat is super tender with lots of marbling.

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>Sawsbuck steaks
>Bouffalant burgers
>Miltank brisket
>Roasted unfezant
>Pidove jalapeño poppers
>Blackened whiscash

I could do this all day

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This, and bulbasaur sap. Supposidly it actually tastes good if the games are anything to go by.

Absolutely this. They way slowpoke live is pretty much how japs raise wagyu cows. No stress and low physical activity. Though I've had oxtail stew before and it was a bit more fatty than the rest of the ox. You'd probably need to slowcook this too to render some of that fat and soften up he meat too, no pun intended.

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Unironically human. Theyd just think some wacky Pokemon bs was happening and little do they know that Ive consumed the Forbidden Flesh

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I like how people assume that it's banned everywhere.

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>Cajun corpish boil
>kingler legs
>deep-fried octillery
>clauncher tail with herbed butter
>clamperl chowder
>cloyster on the half shell

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slowpoke. i love this little fella.

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Didn't the anime basically say Magikarp wasn't even good for eating because of how tough the meat is or how difficult it was to get through the scales? I remember there being a joke about it because of Team Rocket getting stranded in the ocean with only their magikarp

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Zoomer detected

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Literally the only one I recognized
Jesus christ did anyone ever tell Gamefreak to fucking slow down?

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i would eat all the pokemons seamen

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Dodrio already looks like a bucket of KFC so I'd do that. Wigglytuff also looks like itd have some meat on it.

>Exeggcute omelette with diced oddish
>mr. Mime burgers

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Dodrio and Doduo are based on Emu's and Ostriches so they would be red meat

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>sunflora seeds
>sautéed shroomish
>cherubi tart
>pumpkaboo pie

Feels like there's far fewer edible plant Pokemon than meat Pokemon

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Gonna have to go with Farfetch'd.
It's close to extinction in the pokemon world because people thought it was such a delicious Pokemon to eat, so it's gotta be just that good.


The Magikarp being nothing but bone, scales, and cartilage was an anime-only throw away comment early in the series. They only said that as a plot-convenience to the episode so one of the characters would kick the Magikarp, have it turn into a Gyrados and advanced the plot.
The current canon has Magikarp as an extremely important food source to dozens of Pokemon. In that mobile magikarp game one of the random events is a Pigeot flying off and eating your fucking magikarp. Which has you lose the game instantly and forces you to start over.

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I'd also be really interested in cooking up one of those Chansey eggs.
The games make them sound like they'd be perfect for giant omelettes or for making crepe batter. I realize 'all' Pokemon lay eggs, but Chanseys are -supposed- to be delicious, or so they say.

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>pokemon walks around with a giant leek
>expects not to be eaten and hunted to extinction

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Cant believe it took this long to post farfetch'd. I always wanted one of these fuckers as a kid but never figured out how to catch them in red or blue. Cheatcc.com was discovered a couple years too late

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He carries a green onion and yet we are to believe it is a leek?

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It's clearly a leek

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Darwin or whoever found some giant turtles which were so tasty that the sailors practically immediately made them extinct.

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Pretty big fucking green onion if that's true

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That's clearly a leek you mouth breather. A green onion would have a longer green top.

Protip: To fix a cold you should shove that thing up your ass.

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It's not that they were particularly delicious, they were just easy to hunt and store on ships

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Leeks don't have tubes like that. Green onions do. Leeks splay outward at the top. It looks nothing like a leek.

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>Farfetch'd is always seen carrying a leek stalk or spring onion

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Pokemon are not for eating.

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That a leek you posted you fucking weeaboo who should have just been a cum stain on your mother's handmedown prom dress

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stop fucking pokemons

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Are you mentally retarded?

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Legend has it that if you use them to spell out a food, it magically appears

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Ash's Mom.

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The Japanese variety of leek is called naganegi, and does not splay. Take a look or google it.

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Squirtle boiled in it's shell would be lush

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Legs fried then steamed before being braised for hours in a thin sauce that will later because the sauce for the feet/legs. Heads braised and tossed in the same sauce.

The body moves like damned crazy so rather than roast it whole I should break down the parts and use it for stewing. Make stock then thin soup that's had some sweet fruit and maybe a little ginger and juniper in it to offset the no-doubt gamey flavor.

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Fucking hell why do kids today even.

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>a baby leek

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So Ditto?

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Is this the pissbaby manchild neet incel general? Seems to be.

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>they've added more pokemon since 1999?! Slow down, Gamefreak!

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This is the current intro. And before you react, just remember that the next games are set in Pokemon version of England. So it's about to get so much worse.

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One reason I (not him) liked anime is they did genre rather than make it last forever. Xmen never dies, capshit, but pokemon came out at the same anime time as digimon. Get it? One magical girl comes out, then a whole genre. Things like Evangelion being redone my age outright ignores. Speaking of ignore I'm not clicking the jewtube link underneath your post.

Genre is good. Capitalist pandering is not. Sheep can go die. It's not the name that matters but the idea, the format.

The anime should be dead by at the latest the early 2000s, so should the games also be pretty much dead. Even if not, all they had to do was add evolution rather than new animals.

It lost it's appeal.

It's called feature creeping also, there's that word I forgot to throw in there.

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>set in Pokemon version of England
Oi mate! You got a license for that Great Ball? What about that floating black thing, it gots its papers right? Oh I see you're an immigrant, G'day.

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They released the first region-specific variant pokemon, and it was Weezing, but with a top hat that's a smoke stack and a dignified beard, like a proper British aristocrat.

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diglett anyone?

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>capitalist pandering

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t. jews

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Kingler would probably taste really good

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That nigga would fuck you up if you ever tried

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Show us on the doll where Marx touched you.

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On my throbbing cock only cost 15$

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>it only killed 20 million people!
>we'll make it work this time I swear!

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What am I supposed to find wrong here?

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>the cross
>being a racist redneck
Communism is about equality. Christianity and redneck ideologies are not.


Most people are bad, normalfaggot.

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> Christianity and redneck ideologies are not.
How so?

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>communism is about equality!
>just exterminate everyone so we're all equal
You CANNOT make this up

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my brother of color

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>live and let live
>>you're going to HAIL *gets burned at stake*
>has niggers as slaves
>is racist to them to this day
>>what hippy boi it's not about race anymore bet you let your wife get fucked by a bull you soyboi etc etc

Right wingers and rednecks and christians, they all go hand in hand and they are discriminate. Everyone in the USA knows this that isn't those three things.

That's the only way to make a utopia naive faggot. For every uotopia there's the ones that hate it due to differing ideaologies so they are in a dystopia. Killing them is humane. Do you want a slave race forever? That's what rich people feel like in commie scenarios due to '''''underpayment'''''. So they run, get enslaved, and then killed to nip the bullshit in the bud so they won't do capitalist schemes when you're not looking.

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also, to add to this I forgot the part where communists were killed just for being a communist so it's a first blood sorta thing. Kings don't get killed by peasants, to begin with, historically. First blood drawn doesn't win in real life.

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>all christians and southern whites are racist!
"All black people steal and rape"
>omg, how could you make a generalization like that?!

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It is canon that Pokemon are a food source but if their bones are left out into the wild they’ll reincarnate.

It’s all good.

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Or in reality
>start mass killing everyone who disagrees
>people stop disagreeing out of fear for their life
>jump ship to country that isn't a complete shithole
and my favorite part
>start taking rich people's wealth
>they leave
>now there's no wealth and whoever is left is going to fight over the scraps
Venezuela seems like a great place to live don't you think?

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You missed the point of tolerance. Right wingers are not.

>hippy smokes weed
>>omfg long hair is communism

Niggers usually only shoot themselves. So no one cares. It's why caucasian news doesn't mention nigger on nigger shooting. They are of zero consequence. Right wingers make a giant deal about zero consequence things, like owning guns when all of the cops that they should be revolting against are also right wingers, gay sex, atheism, weed, etc. They can't leave people alone to the point of attacking someone that sees issue is feature creeping and other bad capitalist things.

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You know nothing about christianity

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>capitalism bad
>communism good
>can't produce a single example of when this has ever worked

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>don't kill them
>get killed by invading capitalist pigs
Like with Nam or Korea. Minding their own business. To this day we threaten them for zero reason.

>taking rich people's wealth
You do not own the land. Fuck you. The land is the people. It was people taking themselves back. You just don't get it.

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Does trickle-down economics work?

>> No.12841719

It was stated first by USSR leaders that Communism could not succeed while capitalism still existed. Then it was stated that Communism could not succeed while religion still existed. Communism always ends up being a fucking failure that blames everyone but idiots try to start again crying out that the last one that mutated 100 times trying to survive wasn't true communism, only to do the same thing.

>someone throws out the old powers to "save us"
>his new regime is put into power as hero of the people and the rebellion
>to install a new type of government that eliminates free market and free trade, where the government controls all aspects of the community
Literally the definition of fascism.

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>minding their own business
Ah yes who can forget that those poor little countries were minding their own business when the Soviets tried to turn them into glorified military bases
>land is the people
>kills the people living on it's land to achieve "equality"
How is college going for you? Got enough debt yet?

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not without strict government interference to make sure the wealthy don't sit on their hoards
No incentive to spend=no money for the lower class or middle class

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>You missed the point of tolerance. Right wingers are not.
They're a hell of a lot more tolerant than left-wingers, who are in a constant protest against the status quo, never compromise on any topic, and have a zero tolerance policy about disagreeing with any of their views in any way.
>Niggers usually only shoot themselves
Not at all true. They shoot whoever they're around, which in many cases are other black people, but also includes tens of thousands of whites every year.
>So no one cares. It's why caucasian news doesn't mention nigger on nigger shooting. They are of zero consequence.
That's the liberal media you're talking about, and while they don't give a shit about black on black or black on white crime, it makes national headlines on every major network when a white person so much as gives a black person a dirty look.
>Right wingers make a giant deal about zero consequence things
Everything has consequences.

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>communism is superior!
>damn it those capitalists are pieces of shit and make sure communism fails every single time
>it's still superior though
it is truly hilarious how many people still fall for it though

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>Grilled Slowpoke tail
>Magikarp sashimi
>Alcremie pavlova
>Mareep chops
>Kingler grilled in the shell
>Bouffalant Bourguignon
>Sharpedo fin soup
>Basculin burgers
>Wine braised Lickitung tongue (or Lickilicky tongue for a juicier cut of meat)
>Tropius Bananas Foster

It’s important to note that the bananas grown on a Tropius’ neck taste different then normally grown bananas. Tropius bananas are sweeter and stronger tasting.

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It worked with Russia just fine until the jews ran away enmasse during 1970-1990. The Union fell after they left. From 1920 to 1960 it was fine. The next generation wasn't compatible with it due to being reprogrammed as you have been to be against such things. Propagandists are thus murdered and worse in surviving shitholes like Korea, of which was invaded and attacked by the USA for zero reason. of course they're shitty now, we split them in half.

So now to avoid further degradation they have to chimp out on you. It's what the capitalist forces the communist to do.

Christianity is about sending to hell nice people. I know all there is worth knowing. Faggot.

The Union could have got rid of money I guess, to the comment not directed at me. Capitalism indeed attacks the commie.

The comment to me:
>save us
>new regime is just a necessary evil like police after hopefully killing real ones
Was about enforced inequality not enforced equality. Both tyrannical but one left and one right. Communism is about everyone having the same, fascism is about putting everyone in their place, such as beneath a boot. Is communism also bootlicking? Only if you expected to be above someone else, of which, is fair. You deserve it, the gulag, due to inherent greed.

The Soviets were not all commies. That's like saying the USA is Hitler. Similar, but one is more hyper-vigilant.

I'm 30 also faggot. Don't strawman tactic me so childishly.

No they're not. Maybe you don't live int he USA or something. The very definition of right winger is bully for hire at this point with how you have to be a one to even be a pig.

>implying niggers are out to get you statistically more than right winger pig is
>implying right wingers aren't forcing a communist uprising RIGHT NOW as a consequence

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In Diamond and Pearl there is a library in Canalave City, one of the books says that Pokemon that are eaten will come back to life if their remains are returned to their original location like a Magikarp’s bones brought back to a river.

>> No.12841813

eevee is for eating out

>> No.12841815

50% of Mr Mimes are female

You earned this hell

>> No.12841828

>No they're not
Yes they are
>Maybe you don't live int he USA or something. The very definition of right winger is bully for hire at this point with how you have to be a one to even be a pig.
I live in the US and right wingers are the group that's open to discussion and willing to make compromises. Left wingers are the ones banning speech, banning debate, and demanding they have 100% of their way on everything, and any less is called nazi or some sort of supremacism.
>>implying niggers are out to get you statistically more than right winger pig is
Statistically yes, they very much are, and in a much more random pattern. If I don't commit armed robbery and then pull a gun on an officer, I have little to worry about with police. If I'm walking down the street and a black person happens to be on the same street, there's a much higher chance that he'll want to rob me compared to anybody else I could run into.

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>implying it matters when they all look female

>> No.12841838

>i'm 30 and believe in communism
and that sums up just about everything there is to know about you
Where do you work? Do you even have a job? Or did you waste money on a useless degree and that's why you hate capitalism?

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>right wingers are the tolerant ones
I don't know why you've dragged me into this retarded conversation but I'm going to stop typing now. There's no point. I'm not even a communist but it is what this word deserves.

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The majority of arguments about why capitalism is bad are either

>i do unskilled labor yet don't complain about mass immigration devaluing it, give me $15 an hour i couldn't graduate high school
>basket ball americans are poor this is mcdonald's fault

>trickle down doesn't work
>low iq niggers and shitspanics are able to afford iphones
>their many children go to bed with full bellies (full of expensive fast food)
>they go to overfunded "bad" public schools (bad as in full of their own kind i.e. a disruptive violent environment)

Czarist russia was such a shithole that the hell of communism was a relative improvement, and what a surprise it became an even more prosperous place when communism fell

This literally never happens. The rich are the biggest spenders in a free market economy. Even jews as bad as they are employ millions

>> No.12841881

Yes that's what I said, trickle down does not work. Just because society is doing alright doesn't mean you aren't pouring money down a drain it doesn't have to go.

What are you a fucking tribal? You assume two things in the same field are magically affecting each other? Are you afraid not worshipping the statue of bone, sticks, and feathers at night means there won't be a good hunt tomorrow?

>> No.12841882

>own majority of the money
>spend more of the money
Yeah that's what I'm talking about. I'm not disagreeing with you, I'm just saying in the long term, trickle down fundamentally doesn't pull anyone out of poverty as the only money that ends up going down, is what little the ones at the top allows to. I'm not even advocating for higher taxes for higher incomes, I'm just saying they need to be given an incentive to spend more than they do now because the wealth inequality gap just gets bigger and bigger every year

>> No.12841898

Okay, in what ways do you think right wingers are intolerant, and that you don't find justified?

When I refer to left-wing intolerance, I'm referring to things like leftists protesting and preventing people like Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson from speaking on college campuses, Companies firing employees for views that deviate even slightly from the far left (like Google firing James DaMore for writing an article trying to understand why women aren't as inclined as men to enter certain career fields), calling the president and his supporters Nazis for enforcing border laws, constant attacks on "straight white men" who aren't working hard enough to reshape society against their own interest, and the huge amounts of bannings and firings of people who express any sort of right-wing sentiment

>> No.12841915

why are retards arguing about politics in a pokemon food thread?

>> No.12841921

commies think they can say retarded things on non-politics boards without being called out on it

>> No.12841925

why are you engaging with them you retard.
you are just enabling them

>> No.12841945

>enabling them
no enabling them is letting them continue to speak unchallenged.
communism is only around in the west because the right wing sat back and left this kind of retardation go unchecked

>> No.12841947

>communism is only around in the west because the right wing sat back and left this kind of retardation go unchecked
nigga you do know about the red scare right?

>> No.12841955

He's probably one of those people that thinks tolerance means doing whatever liberals want and letting them change your way of life so that you feel like a slave who only exists to serve others.
>if I infringe upon your rights, that's tolerance!
>if you don't want me to fuck you over, you're just being intolerant!
>2% of the country should be able to tell 70% of the country how to think, feel, and behave! You don't want to be a Nazi, do you?!?!?!

>> No.12841962

>red scare
>an event that occurred in the 50's
It's well known that the 60's is when communist and socialist infiltration happened after McCarthy was censured. Being anti-commie wasn't a notion held by anyone but American patriots and the death of communism in the east led it to be "forgotten" about until the last 20 or so years when it became increasingly prevalent in colleges to advocate for this kind of garbage
It was a slow game and they won it.

>> No.12841967

>that entire post
yeah, no you seem to be a full retard.
im done talking to you

>> No.12841974

mr mime

>> No.12841977

>no you wrong, ok im done bye
Prove me wrong idiot
Name ONE thing conservatives have conserved in the last 4 decades, I'll wait. They've been too busy conceding every last shred of morals and principles we have to the left and if you're too dumb to see it, then all I can say to you is "good goy"

>> No.12842112

>2% of the country should be able to tell 70% blah, blah blah...
It's worse than that. 5 million NRA members literally own the entire republicuck administration and congress and hold 350 million people hostage to their gun death agenda. Sad, really! Just sad, ok?

>> No.12842121

>tolerance is when you let everyone else be intolerant towards you! :)

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>they're still arguing over the shit

Pokemon has a containment board doesn't it? So does pol. I see where it all went wrong now I do.

Boards are leaking into cooking a little much.

>> No.12842161

What's the gun death agenda?

>> No.12842170

Or just throw them in alphabet soup.

>> No.12842279

Professor oak hays you beat, anon.

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Go to a country without the second amendment then faggot

>> No.12842331

Yeah I prefer this board when we're having fast food and raw meat threads instead
This is a quality board of shitposts and non-shitposts should be deleted

>> No.12842416

Right. You know nothing about christianity

>> No.12842432

>murder and rape everyone
>steal, etc
>just fuck it all up for everyone
>ask for forgive before die

>do nothing mean at all
>pay taxes, etc
>go to hell for being born without faith/delusions

Fuck off you giant faggots.


You don't choose which country you have inalienable rights to. you don't choose to be born a citizen somewhere. The USA is of the worst countries due to it being the sick combination of being spoiled but also being the 17th best of the preferable nations. A hardened 3rd worlder could be happier for that reason. Depends on the citizen's personality to go with that.

Indeed team right winger is a problem but the real issue is up and down not left and right.

>> No.12842447

Is eating a grass type pokemon considered a vegetarian meal.

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Eat? Yes.
Cook? No.

>> No.12842460

Daily reminder that "How many children have to die before you support gun control?" is not a plea. It is a threat.

>> No.12842482

You'll grow up someday

>> No.12842490

>USA sucks I hate it
>I didn't choose to be here!
And yet you choose to stay
Seriously if it is so bad why dont you leave? Or is it you know deep down that it's paradise here and the entire world envies our standard of living

>> No.12842496

(((They))) will kill as many people as they need to, to get people to give up their rights
Reminder that every mass killing in history began, after they disarmed the populace

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Most of the pokemon are either too small with no nutritional value, too dangerous to catch without the use of pokeballs, or literally inedible to humans.
I'd just go with >>12839778 's idea and just eat some pokepussy and call it a day

>> No.12842579

For some dumb reason I think I would rather fuck that thing.
Why am I so sick in the head?

>> No.12842726

Because they enjoy having fun and aren't bitter sadsacks like you.

>> No.12842732

Reminder that you're in a Pokémon thread you fucking autistic freaks.

>> No.12842759

Fuck ((((((you))))))

>> No.12842770

God shut the fuck up autistic political retards

>> No.12842856
File: 12 KB, 244x206, nah.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know you oldass farts are at their plentiest on this board, but you could also just fuck off and die earlier on the other threads and let us young ones have this one. Thanks. :)

>> No.12842871

Yeah post raw meat, the best diet.

>> No.12842872

Victims of capitalist corruption.

You can't choose to be born into the inalienable rights of other countries faggot-bait.

I'm 30.

>> No.12842975
File: 185 KB, 500x500, 500px-179Mareep.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mareep for that tasty kebab meat

>> No.12843133

that's pretty cute

>> No.12843197
File: 75 KB, 480x500, 241.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can eat them as is, hence the signature move's name, Softboiled.
For me, it's Cherubi's cherries or anything made from Miltank's milk. Eating an actual Pokemon never intrigued me but the berries definitely sounded delicious.
>That one couple in D/P/Pt who had spaghetti with Cheri Berry sauce

>> No.12843294


>> No.12843296

Sad. You'll grow up someday

>> No.12843347

>not braixen ass
what a bunch of plebs

>> No.12843359

>Capitalist pandering is not. Sheep can go die.
man what a fucking retard

>> No.12843366
File: 276 KB, 1800x2400, icecreameon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12843376

The wojak is strong in this one.

Reeeeeeeed*t spacing.

>> No.12843586

Capitalism sucks because the vast majority of the wealth is controlled by a small group of billionaires and a bunch of megacorps when it rightfully should be shared equally by all. They should set up a guillotine next to the brass bull in NYC and start chopping.

>> No.12843598
File: 118 KB, 1908x2024, HollowMiserableErne-poster.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>no snorlax

do you not want to get full

>> No.12843727

They're pokemon faggot, they are whatever I want them to be.

>> No.12843939
File: 728 KB, 837x837, 357Tropius[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Eating an actual Pokemon never intrigued me but the berries definitely sounded delicious.

How do you feel about that dinosaur wot has the bananas growing under the nape of it's neck? I remember the dex saying they're sweet, delicious, nutritious, and grown to be shared with both children and it's own offspring- which is a very cute piece of trivia.

Bulpapedia says it's called Tropius.

>> No.12843958
File: 111 KB, 734x1000, slowbro-mega.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12844006
File: 593 KB, 1458x2048, 1556265176943.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Braixen's legs, with a dessert of warm messy pussy.

>> No.12844012

The original theme song was a piece of shit, too. And the entire cartoon series is crap, as a matter of fact. The games are ok until you get tired of all the pointless busywork they make you do.

>> No.12844152
File: 1.78 MB, 1280x880, 271be6720633e610ff3c29a76c0a74c8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Only Lupunny.

>> No.12844202

Doesn't seem bad. Its a kids show. Animation is allright.

>> No.12844203

Haha i like this design.

>> No.12844208

That is a book in the pokemon world. Books can be fiction, non fiction, myths/legends, religion, etc. The only thing that is canon is that the book in the game made that statement.

>> No.12844222

Gay fucking incel weeb freaks

Put down the faggy kiddy cartoons and video games, stop being cringe losers, and grow up.

Oh, and have sex.

>> No.12844229
File: 897 KB, 592x600, 971a369bcb27e0bb196005620ad1b0ff.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have sex with my furry boyfriend almost every night. I'm sorry you're so mad about it.

>> No.12844242

A “man”child and a homosexual(pedophile) with bestiality desires.

Trust me, no one is surprised by this combination.

>> No.12844772

Psyduck à l'Orange

>> No.12844784

>start scrolling
>suddenly politics
holy shit, liberal redditor from 2016 ruined this site

>> No.12844786


>> No.12844871

>it should be shared equally by all
Humans are not and never will be equal
You are not entitled to the wealth that others have just because your nigger momma shat you out

>> No.12844930

Why should it be shared? Those people dedicated their lives to that wealth. Why should they have to give it up

>> No.12844938
File: 5 KB, 72x90, Dream_Nanab_Berry_Sprite.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I feel it's a better take on Meganium with a better design. I always thought Nanabs could be harvested from Tropius given how most of the other berries you plant are more or less the Pokemon equivalent of the actual flora.

>> No.12845068

>I'm 30.
Okay maybe you won't grow up someday

>> No.12845315
File: 20 KB, 575x356, Palpatine's Feev & Sheev.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Capitalist pandering is not. Sheep can go die.

>> No.12845329

Reminder that Sheev was right all along, and Anakin actually did bring balance to the force by bringing the sith and jedi to a 2-2 ratio. EU and disney faggotry is all non canon

>> No.12845393

Magikarp would be the last thing I'd want to eat, because iirc in one of the first episodes they tried to eat a Magikarp but found out it's mostly bones. Honestly, I'd want to try Tauros or Bouffalant to see how they differ from our versions of them.

>> No.12845514

>>has niggers as slaves
Does even a single Southerner/redneck in the United States own slaves in CURRENT YEAR?

>> No.12845522


>> No.12845542
File: 28 KB, 600x726, just do it.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>complains about rampant politics
>throws in the word 'liberal' despite having no purpose in this context


>> No.12845665

Lmfao this is why i cut into my sleep time to browse 4chan

>> No.12845919 [DELETED] 
File: 248 KB, 1024x784, 1560480415713m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12846064

>Being cucked by any ideology
Way to fall for the great trick
Start thinking for yourself instead of letting hundred year old memes and arbitrary political axes dictate your outlook on how society works

>> No.12846135

I'll have the special set tonight
>Grumpig prosciutto, cured psyduck breast, and tepig soppressata with crostini
>Grilled toast with a spread of fresh miltank ricotta and grilled foongus, morelull, and fungus of paras
>Tauros shortrib braised in robust Lansat wine served with roasted potatoes
>And for dessert, vanillite with chocolate sauce and crushed peanuts

>> No.12846850
File: 81 KB, 565x800, 4be0cc21395117caa4de63b7e74dbf35.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12846889

Surf and turf

>> No.12846942

Imagining that you have independent thought is the ultimate bluepill.

>> No.12847047
File: 96 KB, 1280x960, 97807116-2E65-4DC0-9CEC-F799803D145C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12847077

Mighty leek is mighty

>> No.12847213

Based and gen-oned

Anyone who even remembers the name of a Pokemon after Gen One needs to kill themselves.

>> No.12847232

Dodrio, Doduo, Tangela, and Mr. Mime are all gen one you absolute n00b.

>> No.12847248

Of course you'd know that

>> No.12847695

Fug. Roasted fug

>> No.12847705

You monster.

>> No.12847749

>using wikipedia to try and prove a historical point
>posting that shit on a cooking board
back you go!

>> No.12847786

>muh wikipedia isn’t a valid source
I’ll just go ahead and raise you your favorite Jewish owned newspaper instead friend.
>muh cooking board
Yeah dood, fast food threads, raw meat, and egg king memes are holy, I shouldn’t be messing with the trinity of /ck/ mememagic!

>> No.12847900

Fuck you, Gen Ifags ruined Pokemon starting with Gen VI.

>> No.12848010

Working class conservatives are idiots who have been duped into serving the political interests of the extremely wealthy and powerful. If they had any sense at all they’d be communist till the day they die. Christianity supports communism over capitalism actually.

>> No.12848464

My primary interest isn't my own income and tax rate. Liberal policies are too batshit crazy and destructive to the country for me to want any part in supporting it.

>> No.12848480

shut the fuck up about politics holy shit

>> No.12848791

19th century
>religion is the opium of the masses
- Marx
>uhm ackshually if you were a REAL Christian you'd be a communist
- some faggot on an anime imageboard

>> No.12848842

Caesar's salad with Bulbasaur bulb and Pidgey meat. Maybe Calamari rings from Tentacruel.

>> No.12848852

>not gardevoir's dicc

>> No.12849378

I want to slurp up her legs like big noodles

>> No.12849470

Isn’t there a ice cream monster one? Pretty lame answer but that one

>> No.12849490

Arceus is the right answer
>have the opportunity to taste completely alien meat
>pick generic icecream

>> No.12849652
File: 102 KB, 270x301, 1566469054095.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12849747
File: 103 KB, 376x341, 1566710068377.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>4 pokemon from 2010
>1 pokemon from 2002

>> No.12849819


Kantofags are scum

>> No.12849918

Leave cutie alone!

>> No.12850257

My back pocket where I keep my wallet

>> No.12850275

Tastes like unwashed rat.

>> No.12852039

actually, it tastes like unwashed rat soaked in Axe body spray and fanta.

>> No.12852184

You were a pretty fucking stupid kid, weren't you?

>> No.12852192

Imagine watching the Pokemon movie and genuinely believing that that kind of quality storytelling was going to be the norm. And then getting this, years later.

You were a pretty fucking stupid kid, weren't you?

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