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What is your weird food kink /ck/?

Mine is that I basically put garlic powder on anything savory. I would put garlic powder on the same level as pepper and salt. In fact if I had to choose between pepper or garlic powder I would probably pick the latter.

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>i put garlic on food, i'm so random!
Like, sometimes, I dip my french fries in ketchup! Isn't that such a weird food kink?

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I'm just imagining the smell of your huge vinegary turds and I must say you seem pretty based, m'lady.

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>Like, sometimes, I dip my french fries in ketchup! Isn't that such a weird food kink?

What a fucking BASED nigger post! FPBP! Epic as fuck.

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same but with fresh garlic

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Try it with Mayonnaise. Bomb as fuck!

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no because garlic powder doesn't taste like anything unless you let it sit for a while in some sort of liquid
maybe you're thinking of garlic salt

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unironically slit your throat

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I'm the same but with black pepper. I actually have a small pocket pepper grinder that I carry with myself everywhere, and add it to anything savory. French fries, pizza, hot dogs, burgers, Chinese food, burritos, salads, etc. I feel like everything's better with black pepper, sometimes i like big pieces like just cracked, other times I finally grind it.

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Is this weird because I do the same.

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