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/tv/ here.

What is /ck/s favorite hot sauce?

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Fresh chilis.

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This one is my favorite, my only complaint is that nobody around me sells it so I have to mail order it, the bottles are too small, and they're kind of expensive.
And for >>12803016 I don't want to chop chiles late at night, sometimes a sauce is convenient.

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Habanero Tabasco is all I need

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that green habanero one with the yellow label

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For me it is the 'vark

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>Habanero Tabasco is all I need

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... This one too but the guy stopped production. He did a CBA and it was costing him more than he was making, I called the guy up and that's what he told me. I tried and failed to convice him to do another production run, it's not as easy as it seems.

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SNEED and FEED sauce with a side of crab legs

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Go back there.

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Everything they make.

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Sriracha (asian cuisine and well, anything)
Tapatio (Mexican food)
Louisiana/Texas Pete/Tabasco (American food)

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Are you able to get the full bottle into your asshole yet?

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Not as far you can mr curmudgeon.

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This one is better

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they call it tobASSco because it tastes like ASS

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No Tabasco is good, you tasteless faggot.

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You'd know from licking so much ass.

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I think it is you who needs to go back.

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Ass is good. If there isn't one available, I swipe my own ass like an old credit card machine and greedily suck knuckle by knuckle.

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>Doing Hot Ones with the Neighbors

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I made my own chili with a combination of these 3:
>Rocoto de huerta
>Aji charapita
>Aji limo
I burn both rocoto de huerta and chinchucho, then I fried the other two with garlic, add water and the burned chiles, let it boil for 45 minutes then add vinegar and that's it.

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I was with you until this point.

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Without the vinegar the thing goes rancid really quick m8, I hate it too but I want that to last at least a week.

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>No vark
Redditors are truly trash-tier.

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Tabasco has been, is now, and forever will be the king of hot sauces. Competitors need need not apply.

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Tastelet detected

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Try balsamic vinegar yet? It's a hell of a lot less pungent while still managing to provide the drop in PH you need.

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I just use crystal cause I like the flavor and if want to make something spicy I just add some fucking pepper while I’m cooking it.

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Everyone in this thread is a fucking tastlet looser. I'm varkin till I die baby.

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This is great because it’s accurate

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'racha is just garlic 'etchup and 'ranks is just a thickend red vinegar. The rest are okay, I guess.

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I NEED to try this

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>0 results

what the fuck you plebs

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Thanks for the tip m8, I'll try.

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cholula is just worse valentina
if you disagree you haven't had both

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Tobasco and oysters on ice cubes

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Pretty much anything by Puckerbutt is awesome. I've been grooving on this for a long while.

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Melindas mango is god tier

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>hate hot sauce
>try despacito
>wow it actually has flavour
>ingredients: red pepper
>All other hot sauces I have tried and hate: cayenne pepper
Fuck cayenne pepper.

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45 minutes of boiling, gtfo.
Boil off any flavor while your at it, are you cooking for homosexuals?

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Thanks but no thanks, soccer mom groovy whoar.

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>we're here, we're queer, strong flavor is what we fear!

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red pepper in the context of hot sauces/ingredients is literally cayenne pepper you retarded fuck

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Oh, so you finally admit that you feign expertise on all topics and pretend you can decipher each and every fruit known to man based on the description of their colour alone? I hope you don't think you look smart because when you do this "pretend to be smart" act you actually end up looking like an arrogant fool, which also puts a chip on your shoulder. I guess what I'm trying to say is have sex, incel.

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Serious question for my fellow hot sauce connoisseurs: What is best brand of cargo shorts that will sustain continuous sharting throughout the day? Preferably in camo.

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I’ve got bad news anon

Literally everything you enjoy has been posted about on reddit

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You'd know mr reddit monitor. Are they so desparate that they send in twats like you?

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When I was a kid it was Levis and Aca Joe.

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Reddit is huge, they talk about everything, so it is very likely that the things you enjoy are talked about on reddit. Have fun with the contrarian faggot thing.

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Do they have a sub for bugchasers?

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I bet you're very familiar with knuckles in one wayor another.

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They all are.

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Reminder to NOT buy Melinda's and instead buy Marie Sharp's.

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Valentina is for EBT poor people

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This is my general go-to sauce. Tabasco is only good for gumbo in my opinion

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But they taste nice. Tobasco sauce tastes like eating a tiajuana street walking trannys asshole. Personally I think the best hot sauces are green jalapeño sauces and they have almost no heat at all. Maybe a tiny bit more than franks. I use fresh chilies for heat, but I want a good flavour from a hot sauce.

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>Sriracha is just garlic ketchup
But Sriracha hardly has any sugar in it at all, how is it similar? It's not even made with tomatoes.

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I see this a lot on here.
Is it a regional spelling?

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What is it with the fucking s o y b o y meme being associated with hot sauces. All the guys who I know who have hot sauce collections, or experiment. Are blue collar family guys, and not effeminate neck beards.

Pic related is my recent favorite.

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>hot sauce

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This scares the shit out of me.
I know these faggots "collect" and those open bottles have likely been open for several years, likely in an refrigerated display case.
That doesn't sit well with me. The "hotness" is not a preservative, although many people think it is. This shit will rot, hosting bacteria and mold, and I just know 3/4 of that collection is expired as fuck.

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I see you point this out every hot sauce thread, why?

>> No.12806411

meant to say... UN-refrigerated. disgusting

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Trump said he detests hot sauces about a year ago, so the MAGApedes went into full damage control. It also happened with well done steaks for about a month, but even the ‘pedes realized how ridiculous that was.

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Those people are idiots. It’s fun to collect unique BOTTLES. You consume it, clean out the bottle and display it. I used to like to collect them and stick a mini flag of its national origin in it.

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The sauce isn’t worth giving a shit if I spell it properly.

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Chipotle tobasco is good, you tasteless retard

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>All of these overdesigned soi choices
Stand aside

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Based and chipotle pilled

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Is it good?

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the bottles are small, i've had bigger things up there.
jesus christ anon, it's TABasco not TOBasco. it's right there on the fucking bottle.

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>more cost = more quality

shamefur dispray

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my asshole just quivered

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everybody hates the king

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This is one of the saddest things I've read on this board...

>> No.12808277

fact is those other 8 wont even be around in 20 years, while tabasco will be steaming right along

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It's just some fag that hates everything popular, maybe a literal boomer.

>> No.12808622

That makes sense. My bet is these folks are literal boomers that came here for the election for some reason. They hate and don't understand anything popular with milenials and they think they're fighting a culture war with memes, they're idiots.

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the contention being?

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>It's just some fag that hates everything popular, maybe a literal boomer

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I don't care, but hot sauce is made for eggs and potatoes only; anything else and you're a fucking retard.

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it's just another forced meme

>> No.12809156

Strike a nerve?

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This reads like something my uncle posts on facebook, I bet you think it's brilliant, which is why you keep reposting it
>literal boomer

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Strike a nerve?

>> No.12809202

lmao boomer faggot

>> No.12809204

No, you're posting boomer facebook tier shit. You should go back there.

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That second "strike a nerve" was my first post, triggered soyboy. You're just angrily lashing out at random anons now.

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While I am a Yellowbird dick sucker, I have gotten back into pic related

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Posting again since the boomers got butthurt

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