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Alcohol thread
Garlic bread for munchies edition

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Please delete this thread. I'm only 72 hours sober.

>> No.12777019

Slamming beer out of desperation. Came home from work and fell asleep immediately, it's too late to buy liquor now. fml

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Damn, in Vegas I can walk to a liquor store in every direction 24/7, 365

>> No.12777033

In Vegas you can go bankrupt in ten minutes and become a millionaire in another three.

>> No.12777042

I know you can. I'm only about 3 hours from Reno. I miss it

>> No.12777045

Nah, lots of Jews in Vegas, you're going to have to file for bankruptcy and that isn't free. You can definitely go broke, though, and it's a lot easier than hitting the jackpot.

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Checked, at least you don't find stray bullets next to your car when you head to work in the morning. Pros and cons.

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>I'm only 72 hours sober.

>> No.12777648

>tough out the first month
>after that it's stupidly easy to stay sober
>get to the 1 year mark
>cravings hit hard as fuck
>toughing it out but damn if I wouldn't go for just one drink
it never gets better does it

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Smoke some weed.

>> No.12777674

Apples and oranges

>> No.12777680

When I smoke I don't want to drink.

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