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Are fish and chips kino?

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No, it is a food for eating.

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I don't know, but this post is obnoxious.

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I love fish and chips, and I find the concept of it aesthetic. K I N O

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>Are fish and chips kino?
no for 2 reasons
fried food is extremely unhealthy. don't eat it.
fish is filthy and should not be eaten.

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how does fish and chips compare to steak frites?

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>fish is filthy and should not be eaten
Fucking Fishlet Babby

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one is fish and one is beef

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>tfw actually never tried steak frites in my life
Next week friends, before I go to Russia

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I want to eat fish and chips with another man and let him have my bum for dessert!

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you could play hockey with those fish

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are they cinematic?

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All these constant fish and chips thread are making me crave it big time. Hard to find good British fish and chips anywhere anymore

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Go back to plebbit.

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I'm not gonna die from eating fried fish once every couple of months.

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Not even widescreen or HD

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>fish is filthy
They literally live in water and get cleaned up by the shop too

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time for OP to go back

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>do i fit in yet?
Just fuck off summerfag cancer

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>They literally live in water
exactly my point
air breathers, like chicken, are much cleaner.

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>fish don’t breathe air
Imagine being this retarded

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Fish and chips is kind of a meme.
The breading means that the flavour of carbs hits your palate first, and the fish doesnt have a strong taste that balances it. Then you have the chips that obviously are also carbs.
Steak and chips has much more contrast and is better balanced.
I only really eat it in the UK because it's a tradition. It's not bad, but there are many better dishes.

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fish live in water so they are literally washed 24/7

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also get please.

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>no get
how embarassing for you

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>only dubs

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traps are gay

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British food is the best

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>fried food is extremely unhealthy
It doesn't have to be. It depends on many factors.

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It's batter you fucking dunce

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You are right. But the point is the same.

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Fish come up to breathe, look at any pond and you’ll see them popping their heads out once in a while. They can probably hold their breath for a long time till it’s safe to get some more air.

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Are you trolling?

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this is bait and Im not taking it

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What do you think fish breathe? Water?

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Okay even though everyone else is trolling you, fish actually do occasionally surface to breathe if the oxygen within the take isn't properly circulated.

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Not if those are sweet potato fries bitch I will cut you.

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>tartar sauce
You did the right thing.
Fuck those pommies and their adoration of white vinegar.

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Not that guy and not trolling, but if they could just breathe surface air, why do they suffocate when taken out of water?

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Yes, that's why flying fish can't just be birds forever. They have to go back in the water to breathe

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Someone get this hothead outta here

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>/ck/ has summerfags

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What a fantastic misunderstanding of biology. That's not why they're coming to the surface at all. They come up to feed on nymphs and other biotic matter. Just happens that they're near the surface and oh, you're fucking retarded.

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i forgot to get any food today, might be eating bread with butter again

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No, it would make for an awful movie as nothing happens.

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Do you eat fish and chips with hands or fork and knife

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apparently you put bread in the fridge, it lasts forever

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Hands of course

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If you listen carefully you can hear them breathing dumbass

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Yes. In fact before every bight of the fish, I let out a hearty 'KINO!!!'

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based dadposter

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>tfw live in burgerland probably at least 5 hours away from the coast and the first good looking fish and chips going off yelp is 30 minutes away, so 1 hour roundtrip
feels bad dude.

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Lol, I meant bite

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>using yelp for anything
Humans are 100% your best source for all knowledge but keep fucking around with that idiot box with weird, bitchy statements that mostly involve insulting the wait staff.

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But I like insulting the wait staff.

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Get a real hobby. Paint something, weave baskets in spite of Cambodian slave-workers I don't care.

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You're right anon, but I wouldn't be using Yikes if I had a social life.

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un-based butt blasted wagie detected

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That I'd rather eat in peace than listen to your shit-meanderings with the wait staffs I believe, is a virtue.

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They can dual breathe, water and air.

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Fish can breathe air directly but need to keep their gills wet

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being THIS new

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>literally known for their culinary potatoe skills

get it in russia

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Which is why they're in the water. Why is this conversation happening go away.

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You seem upset.

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>white vinegar

Malt vinegar is the patrician's condiment when it comes to fish and chips. I personally include the holy trifecta of malt, tartar, and lemon with mine. Why discriminate?

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Not sure if trolling but there's only a few species like lungfish which have this capability, via a modified swim bladder. The vast majority conduct their gas exchange exclusively through gills.

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