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Welp. That’s it for cheese with me. My dairy allergy used to be small enough to ignore. 26 now and it’s gotten way worse. Even the smallest amount kill my sinuses and swells my eyes shut. From now on I say goodbye to cheese. Post the cheesiest images you got Bros. I’m honestly fucking crying, guys.

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I'd probably OD on cheese if I were allergic. I can just eat a block of cheese for dinner. I think that's the way I'd want to go.

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Well at least now you know you can commit suicide by eating a large pizza if things get bad for you.

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>A qt will never look at your 7×6" dicklet like that

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Believe me, I’ve highly considered it. On the bright side, maybe now I might actually lose weight. Every weight loss plan I’ve ever had, has failed cause I just couldn't give that shit up. I could down a tub of nacho cheese sauce, solo. I can and have, on many occasions eaten a whole pie. And pasta, without a mountain of Parmesan on top, just isn’t pasta. Oh well. Here’s to a new life.

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Fuck sake I finally thought 4chan was done posting this stupid cunts face. It had been years since I'd seen this fucking image. I fucking hate her stupid fucking face so much.

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Calm down incel

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It’s okay anon....what was her name?

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found the incel

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You looked in a mirror? LOL gotcha!!!!

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I think that's Jennette McCurdy whatever happened to her? It's like she vanished or something.

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you don't have an allergy you have a lactose intolerance most likely and you can take pills for it when you know you're going to eat dairy. if you had an allergy you'd have an allergic reaction to dairy not just a bad stomach

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I don’t get a bad stomach. Read my post. My eyes swell and my sinuses completely block up

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Only fresh cheese has enough lactose to really cause a problem for most people. Anything else has had the lactose taken out.

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It's less cute when you realise that e-thot posed for another fifty photos of her staring at pizzas because nothing is more important than attention

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Practically all life forms repeat whatever brings success. Can't blame her, the internet made her a meme.

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Your insecurities are showing... not that hard to have sex.

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This incel level... it's over 9000...

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>whatever happened to her
Don’t ask

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no that pizza picture is a lot older than when mccurdy was famous.
>whatever happened to her?
she feuded with ariana grande on their show & basically got blacklisted. blondes with big tits and mediocre acting are a dime a dozen in hollywood and she isn't going to get nude so no-one is interested in her.

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Try vegan cheese bro, it s good too

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On the bright side, it's possible though unlikely that your allergy will become less severe later in life.

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This is her sister

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Well, RIP anon. Cheese is amazing.

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My condolences anon. You had a good run.

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godspeed, anon. Guess you could always try out those vegan "cheeses", but that might just be insult on top of injury.

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I was getting pissed off at this bitch long before you redditors came here with your new lingo.

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I feel your pain OP
If I have cheese milk or butter I'm shitting my brains out for a good 2 hours. Used to be better but once I hit 25 it all went down hill.
Stuff like lactaid doesn't work for me but worth talking to your general doctor about.

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I work at a cheese plant. I'd cry if i had to quit cheese

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Girls love it cheesy then they get real horny

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eat cheese in rebellion of your allergy

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Same thing happened to me. I dropped milk first in my early twenties, then I dropped yogurt and ice-cream, then cheese, and now I've dropped all dairy entirely. When I say entirely I mean it; I won't even eat milk chocolate or any type of bread / pastry if it was made with dairy. I feel much better, my skin is much better, my shits are better, so it's worth it but it does kind of suck on how limiting it can be. It wasn't until I quit dairy that I realized 90-95% of western food uses some sort of it. When I cook for myself it's not a problem but when I'm buying pre-made shit I have to read the labels very carefully, and eating out can be a pain.

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Thank fuck most Asian food don’t have dairy

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I quit drinking milk about 15 years ago. but I still love cheese. Still put a bit of cream in my coffee. but im not lactose intolerant i just stopped with the milk

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Is the dairy allergy only related to cow milk or all forms? Can you eat goat cheese? It's not half bad.

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Just do an acupressure allergy treatment.
I was allergic to corn as a kid, but it worked for me.

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I had the biggest crush on her as a kid.

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She has her own website now where she admits she got raped by a sound guy
jennettemccurdy . com

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>as a kid
She was born in 1992, you fucking zoomer

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Goat Cheese is fine

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Eww! I guess if you fantasize about roast beef.

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