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>Be me
>Be Miner
>Working in New Guinea
>Go to Mess to get Crib (Lunch)
>Food is fucken deplorable
>Kilos of rice
>Powdered eggs
>Choice of "Lettuce Salad" and "Greek salad" (Cocktail onions cut up with cube cheese)
>Shudder and thank fuck I have tinned tuna from Home
>Peruse the "Vegan Option" on menu-board: Beef burger with bacon and egg.

And thats the story about my extreme weight loss in New Guinea. Living off Ramen and tinned tuna.

Pic related. I see this shit for real on the side of the road every day.

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You forgot about the part where a bunch of tribes trekked halfway across the island to extort money from the project, then walked in and killed everybody when told there was no money to give.

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Have plenty more food stories from my time in New Guinea if anyones interested also. First ones fucken tame.

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Three legged hunting dog is the best PNG story.
Local tried to conn Oil Search out of $3 million kina for a blind, deaf 3 legged "Hunting Dog", that one of their utes ran over. "Compensation".

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They still practice cannibalism? Will you try it?

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Of course we are man. Talk

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how many rapes did you witness and take part in?

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>Beef burger with bacon and egg.
How is this the vegan option? Is it one of those fake meat things? I’d go for that if rice was the only other choice. Also post more stories about the place.

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>Be on road outside of Porgera at night
>Security driving
>2 x security with me
>15 plus people stop the Landcruiser on road
>All blacks have home made guns and or Machettes "Bush Knives"
>Hear screaming
>Realise whats happening
>They needed the headlights of the car to conduct a gang-rape on the road
>After 20 minutes they throw womans body to side of the road
>They let us pass for two "Spears" (Local foot long Cigarettes)

Welcome to the highlands

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Did you see the Ropen?

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They do conduct canabalism in the highlands. Its more Symbolic than an every-day thing. As in a celebration for winning a tribal war.
They also use the bones for witchdoctor medicines and arrow tips.

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No. I want to see a bird of paradise, but they keep eating them all.

Rabbits have also been introduced into New Guinea in the 40's as a food source. Cunts ate the lot of them.

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Cool story

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>Be at local "Kai Bar" (food bar)
>Order a "Sausage flour" (Dagwood dog, hot dog covered in flour)
>New Guinea bloke I work with looks starving
>Ask him what he wants
>Orders a sheeps toungue and lamb heart, served in plastic bag
>Drive back to camp
>Cunts hooking into this lambs heart like a champion telling me how good it tastes.
>Nearly throw up because of the smell.

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Lamb heart is delicious. I roast them and eat them like apples.

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>served in a plastic bag

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Based oldfag

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>getting killed by a bunch of backwards 5'0 island niggers that haven't invented anything other than a stick

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They've all got machetes. The possibility of a Walk In is part of your induction safety talk at most sites.

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Lmao just shoot them

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against tradition

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>against tradition
Yea but if you’re an Anglo it’s part of the ritual to attain manhood.

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Then you owe them "Compensation".
Ranging anywhere from a few thousand kina to a few 100 pigs.

>You buy your bride with pigs in New Guinea too
>Pigs and shell money have more value than the PNG Kina

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They were sitting in a beaumarie trough full of grey cooked blood, with a tea light underneath. They didnt look appetising.

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>Be day after christmas onsite
>Mate wife works onsite
>She brings in a christmas "Feast" for us to share in customary plastic garbage bag.
> Room temperature "MuMu" (Basically an oven in the ground) pigs head
>No skin or meat left just eyeballs and brains
>Mate cracks the head open with a Shifter/Adjustable wrench (Wokabout spanna in pidgin because it walks left and right).
>He scoops the brains out onto some A4 from the printer
>Gouges the eyes out with his thumbs
>the feast is set
>All the boys make a PNG #1 tea and hook in...

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Ive started drinking now. The stories are flowing.

>Be invited to customary Dinner (Mumu)
>Looks good, taro, yam, Kau Kau (Sweet potato), Aibika, Pig
>Look into MuMu hole
>Burning wood in hole
Pretty happy at this point. Feeling special
>Notice the wood smells funny
>Ask the where they got the wood from.
>Pallets from Mine.
Ok cool.
>Have a closer look
>Pallets have MB stamped
>Treated timber...
>Kindly retire early from the celebrations.
>Give my best wishes to the Chief.

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Do you have pallets made from untreated timber?

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new zealand sounds like a really scary place.

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>posting on a new guinean food hole mining forum

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>powdered eggs
>boohoohoo worst food ever

Wow. Fucking spoiled bullshit.

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>Pigs and shell money have more value than the PNG Kina
They must have some huge wallets

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Mad Max 5 filming has started?

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No wonder you don’t much Papuan restaurants around.

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Can you get normal food like burgers and chicken nuggets there in the main town?

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