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>eat a tasty food
>its all you can think about for the next month even if you eat it again
What the fuck is wrong with me

>> No.12776763

one or more of your ancestors nearly starved to death
epigenetics bro
are you also reluctant to share food?

>> No.12776769

Yeah I am. Are you memeing on me? I've never heard of what you're saying.

>> No.12776773

I've honestly never done that. I'm more of a variety person although sometimes i'll crave a certain food.

>> No.12776782

well you can look it up yourself
may I ask your national heritage?

>> No.12776789

Something like half German quarter Polish quarter English.

I'm looking it up now I had no idea this was a thing.

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well I won't try to presume your family history but there have been plenty of recent (post 1900) events in polish and german history that included mass starvation. If not then, then after your great grandparents came to america and perhaps struggled to get by

your yummy food obsessions and stinginess may very well be the echoes of those who came before you. They should go fade away over the generations as your line continues

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None of my ancestors were wealthy so it wouldn't surprise me. Thanks buddeh this is completely new to me, I thought I just had poor discipline.

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