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I hate them all so fucking much. Especially fucking Claire and Carla, just fucking fuck them all. None of their videos are enjoyable anymore. Yet another group of idiots who have become insufferable due to popularity. It never fucking stops, I am so fucking mad

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It's become a workplace shitcom

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Better make another thread about them then.

>> No.12776637

You could try to not look at it and make threads about them
Or you can try the 4chan supreme, an hero

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Fuck off, Claire. Stupid fat jew.

>> No.12776645

Oh hello Brad. You don't need to hide it anymore, it's obvious you and Claire are responsible for the shilling.

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Oh no, you got me!
Hi its me Brad 1! I used to work for the Pewdsmeister, but now I shitpost on /ck/
Have you seen my lastest show, how to make chocolate in minecraft?

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You're not fooling anyone, Brad.

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I'm sorry she turned you down like that, but you have to consider how creepy it is for them when some stranger pops up out of nowhere and puts so much emotion into an email.

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Why do I strongly believe that Molly absolutely reeks of rotting milk?

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