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What are the best bed foods?

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honey nut cheerios

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Based and redpilled

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There is no best bed food. When I want food, I get out of my bed and go make food. Fuck you, lazy degenerate piece of shit. What a stupid fucking thread. Even when I'm in a deep depression, I still get the fuck out of bed to prepare and eat food. How lazy could you be?

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>eating in bed
Begone subhuman

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Fruit bowls are good. Anything without crumbs or doesn't splatter.

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Depends on who you're in bed with. If you're alone then get the fuck up and make some shit, if there's some hot chick there then some fruit is nice, like stawberrys.
uber's not going to deliver to your bed you weirdo!

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autists that have never had room service food in bed after sex. what are you, poor?

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pussy and alcohol

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That's fine because the hotel Mexicans clean your shit up when you leave. If you allow yourself to eat in bed you are an absolute degenerate.

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Nice quads but room service sucks especially with them standing around expecting a tip, been there, done that and it's more annoying and having to deal with others spoils the mood.

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In NYC it's mostly flips and caribbean types.

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Don't forget that French rutting hog DSK dominique strauss kahn for taking advantage of "room service." We wouldn't take his shit in the USA and I can only imagine what he gets away with in France after we made him persona non grata.

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I think you eurotrash types should remember what your politicals try to get away with when they're not in their own nations and think they're not being watched. Remember that stuff before you try to bash the USA.
Trying to rape a chambermaid is pretty lame, but then that's european class.

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I'll have what he's having

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I only eat in bed. Nothing that can cause crumbs because fuck crumbs.

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We all still get up to make it fucker. What is your goddamn stove just next to your bed?

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