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What should one do to improve the texture of a lentil chili? Overcook and mash the lentils up?

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I'd start by not eating l*ntils

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>triggered by lentils
how fat are you?

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This board is for Food and Cooking, not shitty personal opinions

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What a wacky thread you've made, OP! By pretending that a lentil soup or stew could be called "chili", you've taken a jab at anti-bean chili fanatics and vegans. Plus, the comment about overcooking lentils is a clever reference to Indian dal, which is in fact flavored with the same spices typically found in chili.

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I'm not sure I understand what's wrong with eating lentils?

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why'd you attach a drawing of yourself to your post anon

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Fuck off Clarissa.

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I've had some Indian food where they use a mix of kidney beans and lentils, which was pretty nice. You could also use skinless lentils, or at a little baking soda during cooking to make the skins softer. And make sure you add some extra fat, otherwise it's just too starchy.

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Yeah, add some mozzarella.

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Try ladling half of it into a blender and blending it smooth.
Then add it back to finish simmering.
That will preserve some chunkiness, along with adding a smooth texture without thickeners.

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Add beef

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