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OMG he collects hot sauces!

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Yeah now suck my balls

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Ball sucking is so boring. Ass licking is where its at.

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Reading the Bible is 'where it's at'.

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Have you read the entire bible? I did. It's a massive sack of shit written by goat herders scared of lightening and sun scortched morons angry at Rome. Learn how fucking stupid the Bible is and maybe you'll live a life not crippled by goat herding morons from the ancient past like most of you fucking moron Americans are.

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>I prefer hot sauces that give me gut bursting heart burn

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hehe nice pasta

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good cooking post

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Shitface tortured Job, He tried to trick Abraham into killing his kid. He said you can't plant certain plants together or you deserve to die.

That shit is complete bullshit created by retarded human beings. If you live even 20 seconds of your life by the Bible, you've fucked up. I know you're dumb as dogshit but maybe I will give you a chance not to be a human piece of shit.

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Bush picture would be better

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Use it as pasta if you want to, you fucking mush brains always do.

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woah where did you learn all these bad words? freakin' awesome dude xD

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I don't care myself, I'm not a faggot. I like hot sauces but collecting unused ones makes no sense to me and never will.
Unless maybe it's real collector item stuff like a tabasco key chain.

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>How many Scoville units can you handle, Anon?

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Wow, you really do live in Alabama, don't you. You fucking idiots can't divorce the church. You're just sycophantic idiots that feel the need to defend the rape pavillion they've lived under their entire lives. You're a rape victim defending your rapist.

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If I were to be able to get a bottle of this old stuff then I'd use it and I'd keep the bottle. If I'd known that the guy stopped production then I'd have kept the packing labels and shit. Other than that who cares?

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You evil bastages!

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If that dike looking thing is asking then who cares and who would want to bother answering?

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Imagine if anyone asked you a question. A piece of shit like you?

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Did your daddy touch you in the nay-nay and I just brought the knarly hemorrhoid thing back up for you? Is that why you're so mean and nasty?

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Are you a fucking child? Jesus christ you sound 12 years old. Are you even out of your teens yet?

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You might want to try preperation-H, I have some fag friends that swear by it.

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Little babby didn't like the response so lashes out. Did you lack a father that would let you do that?

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Are you OP? It seems it.

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Cool. Does he have any recommendations? I could use a good hot sauce or two.

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You're not very good at this. are you? Now pick another baby attack advertisement and see if it sticks. Love watching you kids flail.

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I don't mean to be an asshole, but you fucking people are just so fucking stupid it's hard not to hammer you into the ground because you're so arrogant and so stupid at the same time. That calls for someone to do something.

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is muslims circumcised?

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Sorry, I forgot to ask. Did your sister wife have her mildly deformed baby that looks like you, yet? Mazelturf.

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You can’t handle the really hot sauce, anon? Many men can’t, don’t feel bad.

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