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For me, its Texas Pete. The best hot sauce.

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lmao fuck off retard this shit isnt even hot.

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Garlic Crystal

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Hot sauce is for former drug addicts and basedboys.

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Accidentally picked this up because I didn't notice the labeling wasn't blue for the original. Not too bad overall but I still prefer the regular crystal

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I love garlic, so the answer for me is obvious

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Pete is disgusting. It tastes saltier than salt and completely overpowers anything it’s put on.

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there’s barely any sodium in it, especially when compared to any other hot sauce; it’s mostly vinegar

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I keep a bottle of this at work. Usually have it with kielbasa and rice. Love how thick the sauce is. Doesn’t seem as vinegar based as franks, tobasco

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I keep that thang on me

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>generic tex mex hot sauce
I get it, it's flavorful like Cholula, but it's more of a 'sauce' condiment compared to an actual hot sauce where it's soul purpose is to spice things up.

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Soyboi detected

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Let's create a hot sauce /ck/
I have the means to get it produced in quantity. MOQ is pretty big though.

Although a lot of them seem to focus on pepper fermenting and I don't know much about that, other than you need like 10% salt at least

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>implying cholula or any Mexican hot sauce is spicy

Uncultured swine. Mexican sauce is not supposed to be spicy unless you’re a weak pallet

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Texas Pete is my favorite too OP. I buy it by the gallon.

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It sounds to me that you have never tasted Texas Pete in your life

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it just tastes like a spicier version of the shit that comes in old el paso taco kits

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Tabasco is superior to all sauces

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How in the world are you standing on the wall??????

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For me, it's El Yucateco brown

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