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How do you spice up rice and beans without adding a ton of calories?

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red pepper
spices don't have calories fumbdass

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Saute with onion and garlic, when done, add chopped cilantro.

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With spices

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with love. eating them with your gf is all the flavor you need

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Mrs. Dash see pic related

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Hot sauce

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Cayenne pepper
Hot sauce

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big gainz here I come

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salt and pepper, I'm surpised nobody mentioned that yet.

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>How do you spice up rice and beans without adding a ton of calories?
Moros y cristianos, your pictured dish, is a Cuban (by way of Spain) classic. Ideally, Cubans make black beans from scratch, soaking beans and putting them in their pressure cookers with either a premade sofrito or a combination of chicken stock, pork fat like salt pork, bay leaf, dark sugar, onion, garlic, oregano, and maybe some cheats like SazonGoya which is a powdered msg concoction that is basically a seasoned bouillon powder. But in other words, moros should be made with a very seasoned pot of black beans folded into cooked rice. It's leftovers when mixed up like that, and it's dry and gross if you didn't have soupy beans.
How do you get delicious black beans from a can you don't think is bland? Shop better beans, like "Black bean soup" or "seasoned black beans" and you'll taste a bit of the hint of all the simmered flavors.
It's not traditional, but it's also very common to garnish moros (and other country beans n rice) with a couple spoonfuls of a fresh made salsa (think pico de gallo) or chopped tomato, onion, lime, and cilantro. Can use a mango or other chopped fruit. If you are making a dump recipe, maybe buy the "festival" version of Rotel tomatoes, which has a lime and cilantro component into your beans or rice pot. A whole tomato, and a whole pepper, or even onions and garlic are minimal calorie veggies.

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What is that supposed to mean you fucking idiot? How are people supposed to know this inside shit? You're like a fucking frog poster.

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Soy sauce.

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Apparantly paragraphs haven't been very friendly to you, did they drown owt while crossing to Florida as an illegal?

Do you expect me to read that shit?

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old bay
any cajun seasoning

mrs dash is garbage tier

try some real spices you fucking zoomer

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Don't worry, he's probably an election tourist afraid someone will call him out for reddit spacing so he's given up on trying to make anything readable.

Anyways OP, most hot sauces and spices don't even have calories. How hard is it to look at the back of a package and figure that out?

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Lime juice, pepe.

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You want to mash up some of your beans, maybe half of them, with a potato masher. This will make a thick sauce that is excellent as a "blank canvas" for holding spices that whole beans cant really absorb.

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>Lime Juice and zest

I'm as hwaite as they come, and even I know this.

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Why do spice mixes exist? It takes 15 seconds to make one of those yourself from basic spices.

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Because buying a bunch of raw ingredients for something you might use in a recipe once or twice isn't worth the fucking effort?

I hate this board.

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and it costs a hell of a lot less to do it yourself

often tasting better, too

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*cures your lack of flavor*

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dyel or just a gainz goblin? post ur bench squat and deadlift stats. ur prolly not even to. go away jeff and go back to planet fitness with pizz and bagels for free!!!!!

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Koreans red pepper powder is the only way to go.

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It's 'bout tree fiddy, d00d.

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I cooked white bean and spinach curry for lunch.
Because I did it south Indian style, it was eaten with rice. Lemme guestumuhlate the calories:

Onion, 50g, 25kcal
Spinach, 100g, 25kcal
Garlic, 2 cloves, 10kcal
Small green chili, 5kcal
Beans, cooked from 60g dry, 120kcal
Vegetable stock, 30kcal
Butter, 1,5tbsp, 150kcal
Spices, 10g, 35kcal
Small red chili, 5kcal
Rice, cooked from 75g dry, 260kcal
Total kcal: 665

idk if that's a lot for you or what, but seems very little to me.

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Oops. I said butter. I meant "thick coconut cream." Butter is northern. Sorry about that.

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Blessed cook

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>t. Malnouroshed vegan who will always be a cuck to using 30 seasonings just to make something palatable

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Big flakes of gochukaro are overrated!

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Not OP, but southern-style black-eyed peas don't have a lot of spices and them shits is delicious. It ain't vegan, though.
Neapolitan pasta with chickpeas has no spices and that's delicious, too. That one's vegan.
Paella de verduras is also vegan and only uses saffron (akshully, I use safflower or turmeric cuz I hate the metallic flavour real saffron has). Tasty af, nigga.
You don't need spices to cook vegan food and not everyone who eats a vegan meal or two every now and again is necessarily vegetarian, never mind vegan.
Hope this helped, Anonikins. : )

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What I meant is that if you tried to eat a single vegan food by itself, ex. Beans, it wouldn't taste that good. You'd have to add other ingredients including spices to make it enjoyable. Which tells us that this way of eating is unnatural.

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Don't skip the oil when frying up these.

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paprika, vegemite, fish sauce or soy sauce, lemon juice, sardines

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Red bell Pepper

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First of all remove the rice, then add some chicken and cumin

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A little olive oil and vinegar with diced onion after the rice and beans are made.

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Use chicken stock instead of water.

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Also onions, garlic, bay leaf, lime juice, cilantro, peppers, etc.

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You could do what chipotle does and mint your rice with a mixture of lime juice salt and cilantro. Fold it like you’re making sushi rice and good to go.

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Again, Neapolitan pasta and chickpeas has no spices. Paella de verduras also doesn't have spices (it's allowed to have one spice ^_^ spice ≠ spices). Many tomato sauces are vegan and have no spices. Capcai sayur is vegan and has no spices. Babfőzelék can be made vegan and would still be delicious and has no spices. Many tempuras are vegan and have no spices. And so on and so on and so on. All over the world, there are tonnes of vegan dishes with no spices that taste good af.

And, of course, most meat dishes taste like shit without spices or vegetables to help'em along. Plain-ass meat is just meh. Barbecue chicken is great. Plain grilled chicken with nothing on it is cacadoodie. The only meat I'd eat plain is a good steak, which is weird cuz I don't like beef much otherwise. Just some salt and a sizzle and I'm good to go.

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fresh pico de gallo

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Skill in a bottle.
Also, tomatoes and other veggies.

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specifically the bitter orange?

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And then you smell her braps all through the sheets at night

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Any is fine, really. That’s the one I usually use.

You wouldn’t eat plain salmon or tuna?

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Plain tuna? Maybe, thought it's not really my thing. Plain salmon? Absolutely not. Smoked salmon is good, but not sure I'd consider it "plain." Besides, as good as it is, it's even better with onion and brined capers.
And I don't much care for sushi of any kind, so that's not really an option. Would much rather have either ceviche or whatever that Japanese lemon-marinated raw fish thing with rice that's kinda like sushi but isn't sushi is called.

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Assuming portion size stays the same, you will have a hard time adding a ton of calories to that already calorie dense stuff, unless you go straight for fats and sugar.

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With spice your fucking idiot?

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this lmao

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Bouillon cube when cooking the rice, cilantro and lime just before serving.

A spoonful of tomato paste. Half coconut milk and half water makes for a lovely rice flavor.

Lots of olive oil. Don't over salt. No pepper. A few dashes of paprika/cumin/curry powder. Curry powder actually works really well in rice and beans. One clove of garlic per cup of rice is nice. Two is too much.

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>Which tells us that this way of eating is unnatural.
Beans are delicious though. Why are you so retarded?

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Rice and beans is literally what you eat if calories are your number one priority.

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Coriander / cilantro is good

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>Coriander / cilantro is good
just tell him to eat soap

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half a can of black beans
>100 calories

cup of rice
>200 calories

it's about portion control retards

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>t. inferior genetics

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What isle is that in then

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Fucking genelet

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>can't read
>calls others retard
as usual

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>1 tsp cumin
>1 tsp coriander
>1 tsp smoked paprika
>2 cloves diced garlic
>1 tsp shredded ginger
>1 tbsp cayene
>1 tbsp chili powder
>2 tsp pink himalaiyan salt
>2 tsp freshly ground pepper
>1/4 tsp dash of cinamon



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Add this stuff. Trust the anon it works out well.

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I'll see that and raise you one of these...

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60g of dry beans is more than 120kcal.

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You're serious aren't you. You're going to die early because you're so uptight about calculating everything that's meaningless.
Stress isn't a good thing anon, and it's fun that we have anons.

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With spices, obviously.

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Deadly serious, anon. If you don't count every single calorie you consume, death swiftly follows.

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a tsp should do it

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some kind of chili garlic sauce would also be pretty good.
ive had this before and didnt expect that brand to flat out lack garlic but its still tasty

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t. tastelets

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Andouille sausage

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First of all, don't add god damn beans in rice

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Cook the beans with a ham hock or bacon

Its easy

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Mah nigga.

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It's perfectly and easily legible, you absolute sped. Stop trying to popularize idiocy. 4chan is already stupid enough after the normalfaggot invasion the never ended.

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Are you have the stupid?

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Bitching about spacing and nonspacing are equally retarded. Just use your eyes and process the words lmao

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Also veggies are good, like tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic.

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here you go bro

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well i eat them with YOUR gf

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Beans, rice, cumin, a little mirin/rice vinegar, paprika/cayenne, oregano, garlic powder, cilantro, lime, onion. You can straight up just eat that.

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Throw a damn hambone in

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>Extra Fancy

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hunger is the best sauce

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