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The mad man actually opened a whole place dedicated to burgers in Las Vegas.

Would you go there ?

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Based solely on his YouTube burger videos, god no

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>the Menu

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Brennen Taylor is a douche, but sexy af.

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Burnt ends of what?

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>truffle parmesan fries

That's a yikes from me dawg.

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Holy shit, 5 bucks for an Aquafina? I know it's a restaurant, but come on now

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I would eat any and all of that.

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>not spelling it burgah on the sign
desu senpai I'm disappointed

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restaurant in Vegas

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they cost $4.50 at a movie theatre, so

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>The mad man actually opened a whole place dedicated to burgers in Las Vegas.
Order a burger at a high quality steakhouse instead, and it's usually the best you can get. Ground prime cuts. Skinny shoestring fries cooked to order. Delicious options like bone marrow on top, or wine sauteed mushrooms, delicious bacon or bacon jam, and quality mesclun greens. It might be cooked over charcoal or oak, with that flavor of smoke, will probably be a 1 lb burger or some extreme thickness. You'll have a good server, and likely a much better time if you sit at the bar for those having light dinners, chatting your bartender up for some nice beer pairing. Split a higher quality dessert, as befitting a steakhouse with a reputation for people dining there on special occasions.

Gordon Ramsay can't cook a burger, in other words, and that establishment was created in a boardroom, to plaster someone's name in a place, that is very very very likely inside a hotel more interested in getting you in the door, so you might gamble or stay there, food quality be damned, as it doesn't even need to make a profit for being actually good, just be responsible for bringing people in the door. That menu has misspellings and some real shit on it. port wine aioli? foie gras spread? it's just pate, at that point. Duck confit? Really, I don't think so. Brown butter that should be browned butter. Street corn dip with parmesan in it? What's the point of using any cotija then? Why is there fresno peppers in it? Elote _style_ corn. No, the dish is called elote, and it's the sum of the recipe of the ingredients that garnish the char-roasted corn. An, I'm sorry, when you start calling a kale and frisee salad a Caesar, you should be put out of business.

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That is absolute Fieri tier dumbfuckery. I hope it tanks soon. What a twat.

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>waaah waaah muh authenticity
Shut up, bitch

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Have had Turducken and Forest Burger. Is pretty fucking good. Prices are actually reasonable for a restaurant on the strip.

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America is a whole country dedicated to burgers.

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This has to be some record setting amount of ‘beetus on one menu

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Where's the "F-word Burger"?

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the turducken sounds really good

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>pepsi products

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I've been thier, when I went they had a pig themed burger. it was a burger topped with pulled pork, bacon and some sort of bacon jam.

the check came out on an iphone, not like I could scan the card on the iphone but like the bill was shown on the screen in place of printing a piece of paper

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>UK Burger
>Dubliner Cheese

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They'll serve the filtered tap water for free, likely with ice

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Seems like a place for tourists from the midwest visiting vegas on a budget. People who just want to eat at the TV chef's restaurant without paying for his fine dining place. Smart to tap into that market. I would give it a go even though it just seems like a typical "bistro" burger place.

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you don't like putting a 3course meal inbetween 2 buns?

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