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What's your unpopular beer opinion?

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Simple beers like Budweiser are nicer to drink than weied cringe hoppy IPA shit

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It tastes good. This seems to be unfathomable to the majority (of incels) on here

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Non-American beers taste like leftism.

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I unironically enjoy cheap watery asian beers that mildly taste like grassy gutter water, it adds to the whole experience

if I want an actual premium tasting drink I wouldnt even be drinking beer

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Bud is good. My favorite is German or Czech pilsner, which Budweiser was basically an American attempt at.

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High abv beers (greater than 8%) are always overhyped

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is it true that drinking beer through a straw gets you more drunk?

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Overly hoppy beers have been overdone because they're much easier to make than lagers. That's more fact than opinion.

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grassy gutter water asian beers are fucking based

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I love Coors light, Coors Banquet and malty laguers like Yuengling.

Hopping up pilsners and lagers is the stupidest shit ever.

Every golden road and sam Adams (except Boston lager) beer is terrible

Nitro beers are a huge meme and are seldomly some right

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That's not unusual, most people don't have good palates that's why shit like miller lite is popular. Good for you for owning it

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i only use it for cooking

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No but believing in that makes you retarded which is kind of like being drunk

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A good palates can appreciate subtle flavors more, only tastelets need strong flavors

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ppl should stop drinking beer to get hydrated and just drink regular water

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>Natural Ice
>crack it open and take 2 sips
>1 shot of lemon juice into the can
>if your fellin rich, another sip followed by a big shot of sparkling grape juice into the can (if youre not rich, then white grape juice will do)
>>>>Profit this shit tastes like champagne
It's not really unpopular either, lot of my friends I think only come to my house because I keep all ingrediants on hand at all times.

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You're a fucking stupid reddit spacing phone poster but you're right about hoppy lagers, that's so gay

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I agree. IPAs all have the same flavor. Hops, and that's it. You get raped in the mouth by hops, there is no other flavor, it's just hops. Any minuscule amount of flavor you might get besides hops doesn't even really matter.

IPAs are just bad IMO, I'd rather just drink PBR, Bud, Miller, etc than an IPA. I just like actually good beers like Belgians, Stouts, and all that. But fuck IPAs; why are they even so fucking prevalent in the beer scene anyway?

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I like sapporo over american beer like budweiser even though it's brewed in Canada. It's boring beer but it's good in the summer.

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Busch light is amazing. 17 for a 30 pk

>> No.12665964

light beer for pussys

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Its absolute fucking trash and the only purpose it has is backup drink when you run out of spirits.

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There is no such thing as "good beer". Only Mexicans and teenagers like it (and even then this generation's teens prefer shit like four loko). If you're getting drunk, plenty of better alternatives exist. If you're drinking socially, plenty of better alternatives exist.

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my sides are in orbit

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Beer is gross

Call me a wuss but I have no issue drinking hard liquors. Love me some scotch on the rocks.

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It's the reason you are fat.

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chinks that pour their beer over ice, fuck you people, you obviously don't have the genes/blood to enjoy a good beer...you need white anglo/germanic blood to understand why people drink beer in the first place.

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I don't like hoppy or dark beer, I like cheap beer that taste like beer or slightly sweet beer

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blue moon is good

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Your cultural pisswater is shit and we were right to beat you to death in two wars.

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American craft beer is currently the best in the world (neither controversial nor an unpopular opinion) but the current NEIPA/hazy/juicy/milkshake fad is the worst thing to happen to beer in probably 30 years.

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I hate women.

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alcohol should only be used as an ingredient in kitchen and shouldn't be consumed as a beverage

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IPAs are the best beer you are just retarded

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Hops are gross and serve only to make beer taste like pee. Just brew beer without them, they're expensive to grow anyway.

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Tastes the same coming in as it does coming out.

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Because soigoy faggots like >>12667210 need their dick measuring contest. In which all of them come up short.

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10 rupees have been deposited from your account

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fuck off to /r9k/, incel

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What's yours mr brainiac survey cunt?

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It is strange that IPA's are so exalted since historically they were brewed simply to be able to preserve it long enough to ship to the poor english sots stationed in the hellhole of British India. It would have been considered inferior to all other british beers, but it was at least beer so it helped morale. Literally the worst british beer becomes the favorite style in the US. Go figure.

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Limes do not belong in beer.

>> No.12667595

Cloudy beer is good.

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Guinness is actually a good beer.

>but muh ABV
>but muh imperial stouts
Not every dark beer has to be a fucking 8% ABV full bodied stout. Sometimes you just want something light, refreshing and easy to drink while still having the dark beer flavor. Only two kinds of people don't like Guinness: people with palates of children who can't handle the slightly higher bitterness, and hipsters who think that for beer to be good it has to have the strongest possible flavor with as much hops as possible.

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APAs are the best don't (you) me

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>why doesn't everyone admit that this very popular thing that I happen to dislike is bad?
>there is no way that people can like this thing that I dislike so it must be a conspiracy!

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IPAs suck, people that like them have terrible taste buds.

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Americans still drink more lagers than anything else. I think IPAs are a popular craft beer for the same reason that dark roast coffee is popular: it is a type of brew that hides bad tastes with stronger tastes. It's a lot easier to get an IPA "right", so there are a lot more successful versions on the market.

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All beer is a means to an end (getting drunk) and anybody pretending to like it for any other reason is a cunt

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guinness just tastes like unsalted soy sauce to me

i cant get over it

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NEIPAs are the best type of beer by far and you are a pleb reactionary if you hate them.

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cope more incel they are rated high for a reason go back to your bud light piss faggot

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Pilsner is the ultimate expression of beer, and the Germans do it best.

>> No.12668113

Guinness is great.

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taking big gulps of cheap beer is more satisfying that taking sips of a craft beer, even though the craft tastes better.

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Just drink it. Even the worst and cheapest swill will taste okay after your second beer

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these are actually popular opinions, just not in beer discussion circles

I don't like getting drunk so I avoid having more than one in one sitting and I value novelty and quality > quantity but I guess you guys just like having a piss beverage to sip on your table

>> No.12669147

It's no surprise that the author of this comic series has autism, but this one in particular really proves it

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People that don't like IPAs and think they all taste the same are plebs without tastebuds, particularly when talking about NE/Belgian styles and arent quite as heavily hopped
on a related note most west coast imperial ipas are awful and only contrarian hipsters like the

>> No.12669177

what's the difference between a regular west coast ipa and a dipa?

I'm not from the us so idk if serbian and croatian brews somehow differ but diffas for me have always seemed to just have more alcohol and taste better

>> No.12669194

More like they all taste varying degrees of good

>> No.12669224

There, I said it.
They're usually delicious (Speedway Stout, KBS, etc.) but they're always overrated and overpriced.
>Beer isn't bitter
The only truly bitter beer I've ever had was Ballast Point Tongue Buckler. I honestly don't think IPA or other pale ales are that bitter. I definitely don't have to pull a 'beer face' when I drink a double IPA. The bitterness is balanced by malty sweetness. That's why expired IPAs taste overly sweet.
>ultra-light beer is not worth drinking
Every time I go somewhere that serves beer, there's always people drinking Michelob Ultra. Just drink a La Croix at that point. If you're watching your carbs, either drink one or two good, flavorful beers, or don't drink beer at all.

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yeah, but you don't have to drink that brainwashed swill that isn't even beer because its just made of rice and fructose.

get a real pilsner you corporate cock sucking faggot.

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I do not believe someone could taste a lager, stout, ipa, sour, saison, some high alcohohol belgian ale and then some belgian shit, and think all that was the same beer flavor with differences in quality.

>> No.12669253

I agree. Tons of fruity hop flavor without too much bitterness. I love a nice hazy juice bomb.

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Most beers are outright drugs now that IPAs dominate the market.
We tend to think of smells as just sensations, especially since artificial flavorings are ingrained.
But with hops, these smells and tastes come from terpenes, and terpenes are also drugs. Smelling fresh pine needles doesn't clear your head because it reminds you of time spent in the woods as a child; α-pinene inhibits the chemical that recycles acetylcholine in your brain, making you alert and sharp.

IPAs treat hops as simple flavorings with no thought to side effects. The most common terpene in hops is Myrcene, which causes an unpleasant nervous-system depression in many people. It sucks ass to get weed couchlock from a beer, especially without THC acting as a psychedelic upper to counteract the effect.
This is the real reason why "normies" don't care for IPAs; they're usually terrible, unbalanced drugs.
Coors and Budweiser aren't popular because they taste good, but because they're decent drugs. The effects are straightforward, easy to control, and low ABV means they come with extra hydration.
Making a balanced drug beer WITH terpenes is way harder than producing coors, but it's the next step. Everyone's just treading water right now.

>> No.12669345

I am no pharmacologist and I make sure to only have one at a time but I've left taprooms in a pretty good mood after drinking ipas many times

>> No.12669388

craft IPAd taste like potpourri

>> No.12669489

that it tastes yucky

>> No.12669769

Pale Ales taste like sunscreen

>> No.12669880

Haha look at this dumbfuck who eats sunscreen. No wonder you can't appreciate pale ales. You've been huffing sunscreen fumes and it killed your brain cells. LMAO

>> No.12669897

love the darker beers and everything, but on a nice summer day after doing some work nothing is better than some ice cold american piss water like a bud light

>> No.12669923

nothin wrong with that, different things for different purposes my man. it's annoying when you come across someone who thinks beer is beer and any one can substitute for any other in any situation

>> No.12669928

he's been licking it off your gfs tanned ass

>> No.12669987


>"good" palate

how can people be this cancerously stupid

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Red Guinness is maximum comfy

>> No.12670026

Guinness is dirty stale bread water. Totally unremarkable

>> No.12670035

>"unpopular beer opinion"
>75% of posts "hurr durr i hate IPAs"

Have you faggots ever thought that maybe most people don't like IPAs and they are only really popular among a vocal hipster minority? This is why 4chan is shit these days. It's a bunch of normies whining about hipsters instead of a bunch of loners with corrupted minds who make fun of everyone equally.

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I spend my days drinking whisky alone on my couch. But when I go out after work I drnk a few pints of lager and I am dizzy as fuck, it's weird

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He should stick to computer funnies.

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File: 30 KB, 640x480, We have located several horny women in your area!.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>pussy detected

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there is no such thing as a good beer

>> No.12670773

Mexican beers are straight up garbage.

>> No.12670784

bruh, we hated hipsters before hating hipsters was cool. they're just the modernized version of filthy hippies

>> No.12670786

There's something so good about cold piss beer with lime and salt though.

>> No.12670792

t. only ever had corona
try a bohemia

>> No.12670975

this, and would say that most microbrews are tryhard and have way to many complex flavors, or just fuck it all up and end up tasting like ballsweat.

>> No.12671008

There is no science behind this, but drinking out of a can gets you more drunk and faster. Example from my experiences.
>poured in a glass
Takes 4 7% tall boys to get me drunk over a period of about 2 hours
>drinking right from a can
2 of the same tall boys get me drunk and I drink them slower because it's hard to take big sips from a tallboy can
Also one last one
>drinking beer from a bottle takes more to get you drunk
I've killed a 12 pack by myself at a fire and was barely drunk when if I pour them into a glass I would have been drunk by 7 or 8.

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1. Warm macro beer is very drinkable. Sometimes I even prefer it like that because I'm so used to it because that's what I drink in the attic of my parents.

2. I like all styles of beers but some are a bit overrated like gose or Hefeweizens. Not that they're bad but whatever. I love weizenbocks though. Weizens are better in stronger format I think.

3. Nitro beers are awesome. They are very much a meme though, but one of the few instances where a meme have been good.

4. I'm an alchie and drink both for taste amd effect but mostly for effect.

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>Every golden road and sam Adams (except Boston lager) beer is terrible
golden road is like a mile from my house, and everyone i know loves to go there.

but IMO all of their beers are shit; whatever they make, someone else does better, and it's usually a macro.

>> No.12671037

This is retarded. It's just based on how fast you drink it and how much you've had to eat.

>> No.12671043

Didn't say it wasn't retarded. But I have timed it and it's the truth at least for me.

>> No.12671050

Good lord what a dumbass

>> No.12671110

>these hip urbanites who like shitty beer rated this shitty beer quite highly.

>> No.12671113

Sapporo is quite good, not so much boring as easy-drinking.

>> No.12671129

Literally every beer has it's place and I will drink anything happily, including Bud Light, if it fits.

>> No.12671213

wtf I love leftism now

>> No.12671218

that's literally fact not opinion

>> No.12671227

literally because the intense flavor of a shitload of hops can cover up poor brewing technique so you see it in a lot of start up breweries. Also ipas tend to have a higher ABV and millennials are depressed af since they got fucked by the recession and are low key alkies

>> No.12671237

Even in Thailand, that shit is called elephant piss.

>> No.12671238

high abv > everything

>> No.12671243

I dont really like hoppy beers. I want to because almost ever beer is an IPA, but I just got burnt out on hoppy stuff years ago and I never got a taste for it again.
I like sweet tasting ciders and mead over beer.
Also, I like a dark lager with a shot of whiskey mixed in. It tastes good to me for some reason, as well as cheap malt liquor like Mickeys.

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>> No.12671268

I’ve been to bars and 90% of their beers on tap are IPAs. It’s a shit trend.

>> No.12671272

All IPAs taste like shit

>> No.12671289

But ive been to the Sopporo brewery in Japan. Id say its on par with Budweiser. After years of drinking Asian beers being overseas because imported American beer was expensive as fuck, coming back to the US and drinking cheap American beer was a treat.
Bud Light is still shit though. Theres something about it that doesnt even remotely taste like beer to me.

>> No.12671301

IPAs can suck me off soft. I don’t enjoy them.

>> No.12671311

yeah. theres a good reason why everyone here is saying IPA is shit. Yes, its still an unpopular opinion because its hard to go to a bar and drink beer from a local brewery that isnt an IPA. Just because a couple dozen people on 4chan say IPA sucks doesnt make it suddenly popular. That guy just wants to be the lone dissenting cool guy. fuck that nigger.

>> No.12671328


Second. I judge entire breweries by their pilsner

>> No.12671376


All beer is bitter and disgusting. I say this because in order to be a "beer" it needs to include hops, the meme-tier HRT ingredient that makes your drink less pleasant so that you can brag about how much of a man you are. Get any "bite" and "bitterness" the fuck out of my glass, drinks should taste good.

>> No.12671443

Golden road is like most other small breweries; they over hop everything. Ruins a beer that would be great completely. Like their get nut off the brown, you expect something malty but uts a hoppy mess

>> No.12671458

Sours are overrated and most microbrewery offerings are just disgusting sugarbombs.

>> No.12671478

They taste the same because the brewers just dump hops into them thinking that's all you need to do to make one. You rarely come across an actual properly hopped ipa that has those citrus and exotic fruit tastes While having that malty undertone. Its gotten so bad that DIPA tastes more like a proper ipa than whatever shit brewers put out now.

>> No.12671480

>never had Negra Model

>> No.12671484

>never had an Estrella Jalisco

>> No.12671507

Wheats beers are best beers. They have the most flavor and variety. I like spiced American wheat beers.

>> No.12671561


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Finally, a man of taste. But I must correct you. Czech beer is better, although German isn't bad either.

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dry cider is better

>> No.12672130

I always order beer with the highest abv

>> No.12672442

Tecate is just as good as the big American lagers.

>> No.12672452

Pils in Germany is shit, stick to Czech beers

t. German

>> No.12672521

Youre wrong desu

>> No.12672536

If your favorite sour beer is from an American brewery you are goofball poseur
Conversely, if your favorite brewery is Brasserie Cantillon you are a tryhard yuppie faggot

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Poland makes the best lager.

>> No.12672618

nigga I've done meth just don't like not being sober anymore

>> No.12672624

Me too.

>> No.12672630

Stouts are the only beer worth drinking

And not even every stout. Lot of soystouts out there.

>> No.12672756

harnaś is actually not as bad as people say

>> No.12672780


But German weissbier is the best

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I like Victoria bitter it's an acquired taste

Man1 you drinking vb it tastes like piss mate
Man2 nah mate piss is kind of sweet now vb that's bitter

>> No.12672807

Pislners are the best beers.
IPAs are an abomination, the fruitier the worst.
Beer that has added sugars for fermentation should be outlawed, it tastes like disgusting syrup. This means that beers with alcoholic percentage above 7% should be ilegal because they're disgusting .
Drinking beer on the average destroys your fitness, no matter what stupid shit you hear from "macho" guys. If you want to stay physically strong, you need to reduce alcohol ingestion to a very occasional treat.

>> No.12672962

Want to try that now

>> No.12672968

IPAs are disgusting

>> No.12673538

So, it's shit then?

>> No.12674362

what the fuck is even the point of a visual medium if you're just gonna make faceless stick figures

>> No.12674399

Drinking beer, or anything is retarded. If you can you should only drink water

>> No.12674500 [DELETED] 

it's shit and american beer looks like piss

>> No.12674527


>> No.12674544

So they taste great. Conservatism tastes like shitty piss beer like bud light

>> No.12674720

Thats taking it to another extreme. I can understand not liking ipas, but theres still plenty of other smooth craft beers aside from fucking bud.

Craft pale ales are the shit.

>> No.12675500

Pacifico is based.

>> No.12675659

Unironically you're kind of correct. The roads and highways where I live in red state shithole are lined with empty Bud-Light cans.

>> No.12677327
File: 44 KB, 474x483, 44BEF9A8-7355-4962-94B3-2056B9099CEE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Beer that doesn‘t taste like beer is the best kind. Pic related.

>> No.12677352

IPAs are trash, give me a Belgian quad any day.

>> No.12677816

Reinhetsgebot is fucking retarded and as a result Germany is merely an okay beer country and not a great one

>> No.12678172

A sanely hopped I/A/NEI Pale Ale is great on an overcast summer day... Lagers/pilsners taste better when cutting the lawn... Stouts taste better when roasting meat than when eating it.

>> No.12678175

They made the blues of beer - simple execution, repeated endlessly until the desired result is achieved. Still some pretty good beer, and the lager/modern beer industry wouldn't exist without it/them.

>> No.12678212

anyone who says beer is bad (read children) has just not found a beer they like. beer can taste about basically anything depending on how you make it. just because most people tried a budweiser once and didnt like it does not mean beer is bad

>> No.12678217

Sometimes it's the hops, especially if you gulp back the beer, and especially if you're not used to bitter flavours.

>> No.12678268

People only drink beers with an alcohol percentage >8% to get drunk, including most IPAs and stouts/porters.

>> No.12678279

warm, low abv, and diluted pissy lagers are the pinnacle of beer

>> No.12678285

Idk why people claim this bs. There was nothing to prevent brewers from brewing beer outside those restrictions, they just couldn't label it beer. If anybody deserves blame, it's the autistic brewers, not the law.

>> No.12678331

Good God I fucking love Yuengling.

>> No.12679109

Didn't see this posted, but I imagine it will ruffle some feathers. Rustle some jimmies.


>> No.12679114

It's more of trying to start a conversation desu

>> No.12679641

Boilermakers are the only way to drink beer, and are best made with cheap domestic beers. The best boilermaker on Earth is a shot of Jack Daniels and a 40 of Old English 800 or Colt 45.

>> No.12680423

The only people who drink IPA are women or homosexuals

>> No.12680527

this is absolutely an unpopular opinion

>> No.12680532

Ale tastes like shit. Never seen the appeal.

>> No.12680537

beer is absolute shit
tastes like shit and is shit for your health

>> No.12680542

That your thread opening offers little to no discourse on deeper beer topics and exists to divert or to indulge your ego.

>> No.12680544

well thats dumb

>> No.12680548

What does nicer mean to you and what is the context you are appyling it to?

>> No.12680549

This is statistically not true at all

>> No.12680556

Yuengling is just cheap ass beer for rednecks that like to pretend it is slightly better than cheap beer even though its literally the exact same thing

>> No.12680574

I like stouts and only stouts. Everything else tastes awful.

>> No.12680893
File: 14 KB, 400x600, ci-tequiza-beer-0cb1a62c9e9ab38d[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

please sign my petition to force anheuser busch to bring back tequiza

>> No.12680905

Every IPA i've had tastes awful. i like dark beers, be it a dark lager or a stout.

>> No.12680907

Barley wine is the best type of beer.

>> No.12680921

for the fags that don't like Guinness, they have an alternate option, Guinness Antwerpen Stout. its good shit, great flavor and it is 8% abv

>> No.12680931

Try a real beer like Angel's Share, that will probably change your mind.

>> No.12680936

travel to PA mate, go to any bar and ask for a lager and they'll give you a yuengling.

>> No.12681316

Chang is really good compared to Leo though.

>> No.12681421

The only two good opinions in this entire thread.

My take: If a brewery can't brew a solid saison, I don't respect them as a brewery. If your entire business plan as a brewery is to crank out hazies and pastry stouts, I just assume if you put out something that takes nuance like a pilsner or wild ale it's gonna be ass.

>> No.12681610

It's not refreshing at all I'd rather just drink water.

>> No.12681892

>Alcohol kills strength

Okay but what about cannabis?

>> No.12682060
File: 23 KB, 240x309, stalin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

every beer except german beer sucks fight me

>> No.12682450

I prefer Berliner weisse without the sirup

>> No.12682552

>He's invented the shandy
Absolute madman

>> No.12682601

My favorite summery ice cold water beer is Presidente. Had it in dominicna republic on draft poolside and it was amazingly refreshing, even had it for breakfast and I rarely drink anyway.
I prefer to have beer served as flights rather than a full serving as I like to try different beers and get kind of bored of the same drink. It feels sorta like drinking a huge glass of Dr Pepper or something, it taste good the first few sips but then becomes a chore to finish. Tasting different beers are more fun than just finishing one, I guess that’s my most unpopular opinion

>> No.12682608 [DELETED] 

Stouts ARE complete shit, though.

>> No.12682632
File: 59 KB, 452x371, E386AA44-E894-40F2-B6F8-39F8C7D46320.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I love a nice hazy juice bomb

>> No.12682752

Authentic German beer, and Stout don't get the recognition they deserve

>> No.12683053
File: 111 KB, 1200x630, 1544232457960.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's just being smart, especially in light of the thread topic. Look at the first thing they did when we gave them the vote.
Seethe harder, reddit hole.

>> No.12683070

Nah, IPAs taste like leftism. Just one screeching note of terrible with an assload of phytoestrogens.

>> No.12683410

t. lesbian

>> No.12683431 [DELETED] 
File: 51 KB, 413x243, 1517584031445.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Stouts are the only acceptable beer!

>> No.12683434

Who have you ever heard say this?

>> No.12683445 [DELETED] 


>> No.12683446

The anti IPA double hipsters insisting you drink things like a porter in summer are actually insane.

>> No.12683452

Try Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA, that shit has really good malty, roasty toasty stuff going on, well balanced hop character with everything done right. It's not something that only tastes like hop overload

>> No.12683461 [DELETED] 
File: 250 KB, 434x524, 1560156067442.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's only one kind of person that likes Guinness. Pic related.

>> No.12683471

Hazy beers just taste under fermented to me, like it still has some of the sweet wort character in a home brew that's not quite ready yet. Not very pleasant to me, I'd say that if any hazy IPA was fermented to clarity (i.e. completion) it would be superior to its underripe NEPA counterpart.

>> No.12684066

ipa's and stouts suck, only beers ive liked so far have been belgian stuff

>> No.12684112
File: 116 KB, 1280x720, SOY.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he doesn't like Colt 45 or Old English

>> No.12684154

I love seeing s o y boys implode when someone says they like macro beers.

>> No.12684162

Macro beers are now counter culture. 5 years ago, IPAs/craft beers were.

>> No.12684164

That all beer tastes like shit. All booze in general tastes like shit but beer especially pisses me off. If you want to drink for the taste, then make a cocktail. If you want to get drunk then drink liquor like a man. Beer is for hipster faggots and rednecks.

>> No.12684165

I'm not a big fan of beer because it makes me fart.

>> No.12684177

I've never seen anyone do this, but I'll pass on drinking cat piss and pinecones any day of the year, summer or not.

>> No.12684206

Isn't that the point of the thread, to share unpopular beer opinions?

>> No.12684233

Idk why I even come to alcohol threads on /ck/ anymore. You all have fucking child palates

>> No.12684248
File: 6 KB, 205x246, 1516131470720.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You all have fucking child palates
Tell us about those hops nigger

>> No.12684348
File: 193 KB, 800x371, soybug.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>child palates


>> No.12684549

The soy level in these posters is highly feminine.

>> No.12684564


Mostly corn. Still awesome.

>> No.12684797

It's actually about pacing, if we all drank vodka western civilisation would be no better than russia

>> No.12684804

IPAs are the hot sauce of beers.

>> No.12684927
File: 118 KB, 404x404, 1533949367190.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>anglos and germans
>losing two wars
Do americans not realise they are anglo

>> No.12684953

i like dring my lager with a shot of whiskey in it

>> No.12685565
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>> No.12685569

ipa's are overrated

>> No.12685578

As far as the white ones, we're pretty fucking germanic. Culturally, you are correct.

>> No.12685602

sam adams boston lager is one of the best tasting beers ever in my opinion

>> No.12685603

Are you stupid?

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