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LOL motherfucking Five Guys shrunk their burger patties. It changes the entire dynamic of the experience. Dumbest decision Ive ever seen a company make

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>still eating (((five guys))) certified kosher!
Lmao at your life

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>still eating five guys when shake shack is spreading like wildfire all over the world

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>not exclusively eating in n out when you want a fast food burger
oh wait, not everyone is a BASED west coastbro

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shake shack and in n out are truly the very best

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yes, even though I think shake shack objectively tastes better, I'd still go to in-n-out all the time if I lived near one because it's faster and way cheaper

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Five guys is ok, but I have to really be in the mood for it.

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For me, it’s going to a really nice restaurant and getting their burger and fries with a nice draft beer

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>craft beer!!!

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It’s time to stop posting anon

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Price of beef in the U.S. has gone up, up, up this year due to flooding in the spring that wiped out some herds up North and screwed up the planting season down South. So you can expect to pay more or get less in general at fast food places.
Then when the price drops, you can expect to continue to pay more or get less and for franchise owners and corporate to pocket the difference because markets are all about rent-seeking, baby!

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i like shake shake but when i was went to the one near port authority in NYC it was basically like being in a ghetto corner store. some euro tourist girl got fucking smacked and pushed by a girl nigger gorrilla because she got to close to her. the thirsty sex starved nigger bouncer came up to the she gorrilla and said he had her back, after the confrontation was played out. had half a mind to complain to the manager, or leave some review online warning tourists and white people to avoid the store. im not even white.

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I work at a five guys in NJ no we have not. Each patty weighs about 3.6 oz. They are pretty small in general though.

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Based and latestagecapitalismpilled!

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>craft beer

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When you use shitty plastic Kraft singles as your cheese and then charge a premium for the burger, you were never worth a shit.

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>Kraft beer

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I fucking hate this place

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ok this actually got a chuckle from me

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Fuck sake

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Why do all the chin strap beard, glasses wearing, white guys in the US do this fucking mouth thing? This is so obnoxious and makes you look so fucking weak

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It’s the soy, numbnuts

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They're mimicking how women pose for photos, in other worlds, they're sexists cunts who hate women.

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listen here
culver's is the best

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Couple things
1) There are like 10 pictures MAX of this pose that are spammed here for political reasons
2) I think it was originally popularized on the Colbert Report with Stephen pointing and making that face with "his one black friend" and it was funny and caught on
3) If you think looking like you're having fun in a picture is "weak" I don't know what to tell you, but I can imagine a lot of it comes from insecurities
4) It's like asking why do all the girls on insta make the same pose, it's popular
5) Why do you even care

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>There are like 10 pictures MAX of this pose that are spammed here for political reasons

>4) It's like asking why do all the girls on insta make the same pose, it's popular

seems a bit contradictory my soiffended friend

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This has been covered so many times, please lurk moar

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That's ok, I'll try to spell it out for you so you don't get confused again. My point was I'm sure many guys on instagram make this pose when they're hanging out with their friends, family, whoever, but /pol/ found a few pictures of the >effeminate soyboys making this pose and spammed them across the site to show how >weak and cringe and not based those libcucks are

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We just got a Shake Shack here in Columbus a few months ago.
The burger honestly isn't that good.
It's a 5 minutes walk from Flipside which makes burgers that are much better.

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im a slav from central europe and witnessed le soiface multiple times in high school years before it became a meme on /pol/. it was always the weeaboo/dr. who watching faggots or faggot faggots doing it. its not some reality-warping /pol/ agenda.

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>its not some reality-warping /pol/ agenda
Like most self-important /pol/ agendas. But it's clearly an agenda.

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>i'm so uninteresting i need to use my place of residence to validate my existence

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A guy who was getting transferred to Hawaii took me out to a five guys ones, I was thinking it was decent but was in the end overpriced crap. I resolved to never go there again and never have.
Fuck that shit hole.
See, it not about the money, it's that it sucks ass and people like to push money to stand in line to be at shitholes like that. People pay others to stand in line for those shitholes, I wont do it.

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Fuck off poorfag, let me guess you’re military?

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Why would you eat Five Guys when Smash Burger & The Habit also exist?

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