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do you ever feel mild disgust when you see kids nowadays playing with ipads/mobile phone at the dining table?

if I were to do that while growing up I would have gotten scolded and told to put that shit away

just the other day at a local restaurant I saw some kid screaming his head off because his ipad ran out of battery and he couldnt play it while eating

fucking put down your stupid ass ipad and eat your food like a proper person jimmy, its rude and uncultured and your parents are useless

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I bet he fucks her good at nights, his little sausage in her white buns

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mommy feed me

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My 5 year old is obsessed with technology, but sits normally in restaurants without it. I don't like kids so I'm glad mine isn't the biggest brat whenever we go out. I don't give a shit what other people do though, it only bothers me when I'm at the grocery store or restaurant and kids are running around in my space or screaming their head off.

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>tfw if you ever did actually manage to breed and have children they would be just as much of a social outcast as you were because you'd be the kind of parent that restricted their access to things like ipads

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Is nobody gonna talk about the legs on the mtf on the left?

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Thicc and those soft slightly drooping tits

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Oh fuch off Aiden/Tyler/Jackson I'm sure back when you were a kid 10 years ago you were playing on your gameboy

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its not just kids, my BFF always uses his phone for a long time in front of me whenever we get the rare chance to hang out/ go for dinner (both of us busy with work nowadays)

i always get quite peeved with that and had to tell him a few times

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Zoomers were a mistake

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Unlike zoomers, we weren't allowed to play at the dinner table.

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i bet she still bathes him and soaps his bottom and wiener, haha...

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>Zoomers were a mistake

t.waste.of.space.millenial detected

lol @ millenials being jealous & hateful of Zoomers just because our generation is already more successful and productive.

millenials = the loser generation

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I wasn’t allowed to bring games/toys to restaurants.

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>generation that has no clue how to make money outside of crypto trading and YouTube videos
>"more successful and productive"

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>millenials being jealous & hateful of Zoomers just because our generation is already more successful and productive.
Boomer here. Can confirm zoomers >>> millennials. My single, 35 yo millenial son still lives in my house while my youngest is already planning on moving out and getting a place with his girlfriend. I don't know how we fucked up so badly raising the millenials...

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Manners in general are declining. Basic things like please and thank you and excuse me. It's all gone to shit.

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Millenials were a huge mistake. "The participation generation."

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Oof, you should tell him about it, otherwise you'll just continue to hate him for it and it'll just compile. I remember about 8 years back, I carried my pc tower to my friends house cos we agreed to get drunk and play Ocarina of Time on the emulator. He spent like, 80% of the night by the window so he could get a signal on his phone to txt his girlfriend. Night was a miserable failure. Phone ban when?

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I am a GenX Bong, so table manners were instilled in me at a young age. I despair at the kids of today and most of their parents too!

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Calm down and have some chicken tendies. lol

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I want that mommy to sit ony my face with these tight yoga pants and let me smell her croatch will she straddles my dick.

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I think most zoomers have seen their millenials bros & sisters waste away their lives with no jobs or careers or prospects while still living off of their parents at 30... and they realize that they need to put some effort into life or else they'll end up the same.

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It annoys me to see people wear hats indoors and not addressing strangers as “Sir/Ma’am.” Today’s youth are a lost cause.

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>wear hats indoors

uhh... I wear a cap everywhere I go because Im kinda an introverted autist, but I do take it off when I sit down to eat (alone)

is that ok?

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Would you rather hear these little bastards yack about Fortnite? Or Pew the Pie? Or some other YouTube eCeleb drama?

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Probably. Only I and about 12 others care.

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Kids are going to talk about stupid shit you don’t care about no matter what era. I guarantee your parents didn’t give a shit about the latest adventures Captain Kangaroo. The point is bonding with your kids and teaching them how to properly communicate with others in a dining setting.

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As part of the Council of 12, I also approve of your behaviour. Unless you put your hat on the table. That's just rude.

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They shouldn't be talking at the table anyways.

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Conversation is a sign of good company. Silence is a sign of good food.

Where do you think we are?

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Then what's the point of eating together faggot

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If people are talking while eating instead of focusing on not choking to death, the food sucks.

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In America. You shouldn't talk when you're engaging with a meal. The only talking that should be done is prayer before the meal and then asking if you'd like to be excused. Now don't talk to me. I don't want your poverty to rub off.

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You sound like a little bitch who never ate at a dining room table without a TV nearby while growing up.

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Fucking up your child's development to own the nerds

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I can't ever recall taking my Gameboy into a restaurant.

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lmao wypipo and dey behaving in public smdh

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My dining room wasn't in the living room. Try again, peon.

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I remember when tv was the alternate babysitter. now it's anything that's portable that can play games

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I do the feeding in this home, darling.

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I really fucking hate what smartphones have done to our society. A bunch of my friends will get together on a weekend for a barbecue and the whole time everybody is just on their phone. It's fucking stupid.

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I will answer your question because ive been stuck babysitting a little shit for a few weeks now.
The point of TV/tablet infront of them is to get them to stay still and eat their food because when you tell them to eat their food on their own they wont listen. theyd rather get stuffed with candy or juice

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I was at a restaurant recently and I saw a kid with Astro a40s, an Astro c40, and an Alienware laptop playing what I can only assume was Fortnite. Shit was weird as fuck

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nice baby bucket too

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Holy fuck, how is this so accurate? 20 y/o zoomer here, with brothers age 32 and 33 who are still jobless and living with my parents while I have 4 interviews scheduled for my second job. What happened with millennials? I always thought that zoomers were worse off because of technology.

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>if I were to do that while growing up
>implying he had a smartphone/ipad while growing up
report this nigga for 18+

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>living room
>not only that, but the living room was the only room with a TV in it

You just outed yourself, poorfag.

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Millennials were the experimental generation. Society tried all kinds of weird things on them to basically make sure the zoomers grew up right, and when they were done they told the millennials to go fuck themselves while also blaming them for everything. Be grateful zoomers, we were sacrificed for your benefit.

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Anon what is a Gameboy color

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It was boomers that handed out those medals.

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The first Samsung Galaxy Note came out 8 years ago. The first generation Droids came out 10 years ago. The first brats who got their first smartphone in elementary school are, in fact, over 18 now.

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>letting your five year old get obsessed with technology in the first place
for shame

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lazy parenting
my wife keeps giving me shit for making our daughters ask to be excused from dinner before I let them go, but I'm not going to raise a pair of rude bitches

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Every generation is an experimental generation. No parent anywhere knows what the fuck they're doing.

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>20 y/o zoomer here, with brothers age 32 and 33 who are still jobless and living with my parents while I have 4 interviews scheduled for my second job. What happened with millennials?
They were told by their Boomer parents that "winning doesn't matter" and that participation is good enough. Millenials have never learned the pain of losing, and the dedication & hard work it takes to "win."

That's why they literally think everything should be handed to them and why they love the idea of Socialism so much.

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I’m gonna raise my kid like that on god fr fr

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surely you grew up with a nokia 3210 or whatever and you texted friends on it.

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This is absolute nonsense. You are all kinds of fucked up.

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Worse than that, when WHOLE FAMILIES are sat around a table ignoring each other with their phones/pads out.
Me and my family when out never look at our phones unless someone calls or texts... we always make a point when out to say "I'm glad we're the kinda family that sits around a table and talks rather than playing on gadgets" if we see a family doing just that.

Whenever I'm out at a pub or something socialising, or even in someone's house with a group of people... I'm almost always the only person not looking at a phone, and I'm always sat there looking around like "well, this sucks".

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>Millenials have never learned the pain of losing, and the dedication & hard work it takes to "win."
100% this. Millenials have skated through their entire lives being slackers and they literally believe that's how they can live the rest of their lives while still be a productive part of society.

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I’m 20 and my mom gets upset and snaps at me if I check my phone for texts lol when I’m back home from college at a restaurant dinner with my parents
I guess it’s good, I would feel awful if I had my phone out the whole time

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as a millennial I can confirm
I'm mildly successful, but every risk I take and every time I add extra effort it's like my core is screaming out in protest
I know it's correct, but the conditions I was brought up under dictate I should be a lazy slob
and my parents wonder why both my siblings are still constantly taking money from them

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>why they love the idea of Socialism so much.

After living off of mommy & daddy for the first half of their lives with no real job or life skills, what else are millenials going to do? Of course they all want Socialism because they literally believe they can live their entire lives leaching off of other people.

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The boomers in this thread need to go.

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The phrase that "good times breed weak men" is so fucking true here. Everybody wants to be lazy if they could, it's human nature. Except previous generations all have learned that being lazy is a sure way to fail at life... while the millennials keep being rewarded for it.

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Millennials were told their whole life that if they didn't go to college they would never be successful so they all went and got 80k in debt and fuck their entire life up. Now the zoomers know that college is a racket and are better off for it. The moral of the story is boomers ruin everything.

>> No.12658816

>while the millennials keep being rewarded for it.
How exactly? Millenials are broke and can't afford a car or a house. It's boomers who were rewarded for laziness, who passed it on to their millennial kids who can't afford to be lazy like boomers could.

>> No.12658821

>so they all went and got 80k in debt and fuck their entire life up
Millenials were told to go to college and study STEM. Instead millenials all went to college and picked joke majors like "African american studies" and "art history". lol

You chose to be lazy & picked easy majors where you don't have to put in any effort and now you want to blame your mommy and daddy. lol

Take a look at the zoomer statistics. We're almost 50% more likely to study STEM then millenials who wasted their degrees. We're more successful for a fucking reason.

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I mean, I'm just cursed. I've filled out hundreds of applications for jobs this year, and not once did I get an interview. Even at a place where family and friends worked, nothing. I call back and ask, they give pleasantries, and then nothing. It's hard to not feel like suicide is the best option with this shit.

Also, I'm the only one in the family who eats at the table, and that's weird

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You're confusing coastie millennials with the rest of the nation. I have clawed and scratched for everything I have and also hell pay for my grandmother's hospice care. I'm not lazy, entitled, or poor. I'm going to assume you haven't finished college yet and are talking out of your ass .

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It must be where you live, you can't drive a mile in my city without seeing "now hiring" all over the place.

>> No.12658850

>How exactly?
Instead of kicking your useless & broke ass out of the house, your mommy & daddy are still paying for your room, board, utilities, food, and your pokemon cards. Without your boomer parents, your weak ass would be living in the streets eating out of the dumpster.

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>Millenials were told to go to college and study STEM
I have a mathematics degree and I work in a call centre

>> No.12658859

>Pokemon cards
Boomer trying to disguise himself as a zoomer detected. Nice try boomer, go cut your grass.

>> No.12658863

It might also be the people hiring. Lots of 'help wanted' signs here, but if you ask they're expecting you to drop a CV to be a dishwasher. A fucking dishwasher! The qualifications should just be 'show up, be sober. Preferably both at the same time'.

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>Millenials have skated through their entire lives being slackers and they literally believe that's how they can live the rest of their lives
I'm the favorite of my boomer relatives, so yes, I will be able to coast for the rest of my life. Don't need to buy a house when someone gives you one.

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>Millenials were told to go to college and study STEM
millennial here
I was told a college degree in anything will help me be successful and that I needed to follow my dreams
I got a degree in theater and my early 20s career was hamstrung as a result

>> No.12658884

Both you and the kid you described sound obnoxious, well done

>> No.12658906

>I got a degree in theater and my early 20s career was hamstrung as a result
lol... what did you do as your early job/career and what do you do now?

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i got a degree in art (painting)

high five i guess.........?

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>went to NY
>didn't make it
>went to LA
>didn't make it
>got a degrading job asking people for money to support a theater troupe I wasn't a part of
>got another job fundraising for a University
>got an MBA from that University
>work for Campbell & Company as a non-profit consultant
I'm 32 and should have been in this position at 25.

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>told to go into STEM
lol no. Millennials were told that you had to get a degree in anything just to get a job. We were told degrees in Liberal Arts were perfectly acceptable for 90% of careers because it would make us well-rounded and shows that we would be flexible during training.

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I hope you were able to make something of yourself
most of my peers from theater school did not

>> No.12658946

Seriously, I plan to pay for my kids college but only if they study a productive major. I'd probably stop supporting him if he told me he wanted to spend $150k to study "theater."

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I became a sales agent with a high school degree and now I make easily over 70k a year, which will increase over time.

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I'm encouraging my kids to go into a trade. I will support a college decision only if it's made on their own, and not because some adult is pushing it.
as it should be
it doesn't take a Bachelor's degree to become a fucking salesman or executive assistant
hell, it shouldn't even take one to become an engineer - most of that shit is re-learned on the job anyway
our job market is saturated with college grads, which unfortunately artificially inflates the demand for degrees
admittedly though I would never have gotten my university fundraising job without a degree, since they're rightfully required there

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God damn, I'd fuck her real good. Just throw away that shitty brat and lets make a new one.

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>generation that has no clue how to make money outside of crypto trading and YouTube videos
I guess the 17 year old grocery cashier doesn't count? Right?

Millenials are turning into retarded boomers holy shit.

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Zoomers were raised in an age that was already getting fucked by the recession, while millennials were raised in an age where the economy was at its peak, only to steeply crash by the time they'd just finished high school/college. They grew up thinking that their possibilities were endless, and so they developed the idea that the only way to truly succeed was to follow their "passion." In truth, making money off of your passion is an idealistic fantasy. Millennials grew up trying to chase dreams, while zoomers grew up trying to chase success.

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itt zoomer circle jerk

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What the fuck

>> No.12659430

>have had so many people take out their phones and do that instead of talking to me while dining out that I've come to accept that it's just my fault
People hate each other deep down and now that they're allowed to mentally masturbate 24/7 they will never give it up.

>> No.12659432

best friend forever, DUH

>> No.12659451

It's fucking weird. Went shopping today, sat down for a coffee. Two chicks at another table, both of them directly in front of each other but at their phones. The fuck is going on.

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Why all the zoomers itt making fun of us /millenialbros/?
Are we gonna make it?

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excellent. will look forward to fucking your daughters asses once they're 18+

>> No.12659709

>my child grew up to be shit because I raised him poorly.
Shut the fuck up boomer.

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It's alright bro, we are all dead inside to criticism anyway.

>> No.12659729

No, you won't make it. You're toast.

>> No.12659739

You're not going to make it because you're a wojak poster.

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Looks you couldn't calculate that happening, nerd

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Based and bullypilled

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>I hope you were able to make something of yourself

yea.......about that................

well, at least i have some income..ha....

>> No.12660102

>"planning" on moving out
lol fucking boomers. how can you be ao evil AND so retarded

>> No.12660133

Hats indoors are perfectly acceptable. Unless, as youve stated, youre sitting down to eat. Youre all good well raised anon

>> No.12660159

Its ayt my dawg. I'm sitting here at 12 am looking for a giggle while my gf sleeps full of cum. Let's rather introduce good and productive habits into our daily lives keep a good lookout for our mentality and we can offset the childhood and parental effects that lead either of us here. You're full of potential focus on tapping into that

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thanks fren

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that kid looks legit retarded

>> No.12660393

ayy same bruh
i ended up joining the navy

>> No.12660417

born in 1983. growing up we ate at the dining room table every night at 6 p.m. None of this eat in front of tv or late night eating shit. no gameboy at the table either. Then later we'd spend time together as a family in the living room.

Now? It's lets eat whenever and wherever and bring whatever with you. I like kids. But far as having any myself, fuck no. I'd kill the bastards cause of all the dumb shit kids are into now would drive me nuts.

>> No.12660422

last time I ate with my family at a restaurant we all went to our phones while waiting for our food but once everyone's food had arrived the phones went away

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We're literally boomers on steroids but without the money. I say let them.

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He's an adopted orphan from China. They're all fucked up.

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Holy fuck, you are retarded.

>> No.12660494

Yeah but old fucks could cool it with the NO CELL PHONES shit too.
Can't even take a 0.5 second glance at your phone without triggering a rant.

>> No.12660503

not him, but having a kid interested in technology isnt strictly a bad thing, especially in this day and age, its only detrimental if it collides with his mental or physical health.

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>gross generalizations based on anecdotal evidence: the thread

>> No.12660521

family traditions have eroded to satisfy the needs of capitalism. sad. communism will win

>> No.12660566

dollars to donuts OP is posting this while eating supper at his computer

>> No.12660572

Why do millenials always trash their own generation like weak cowards lol.
The truth of the matter is that networking in life is the only thing that matters, and boomers encouraged all this stupid hippy dippy follow your dreams/work your ass off bullshit that they knew wasn't true.
I have a great job and just bought my first house at 27. It's in a field that has jack shit to do with my major. My friend from college vouched for me and that was it. Literally how everything works. Look at our Administration if you need any further proof of that

>> No.12660607

>not being able to hold a conversation for the time it takes to make your meal ready

Tell me anon, just how important was the shit each of you viewed on their phones?

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>Noone will play with their gizmos at the dinner table if there is nothing to eat.

>> No.12660626

>Look at our Administration if you need any further proof of that
So you're a criminal? Cool, follow the american dream, lol!

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File: 539 KB, 500x498, A8126C79-6CA3-41FC-95E5-272011404A70.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Xers were left alone to basically raise themselves while their Boomer parents were off enjoying the unparalleled prosperity their generation fell into. Some managed to find success, some just drifted. But I still think on the whole they’re better than millennials
t. phoneposting boomer

>> No.12660796

No dummy. Friends in high places > all. There is no American dream

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>> No.12660825

wow what a sperg

>> No.12661073

Kinda same. I work in the civil service in a field totally not the one my education/interest is in. I took the job cause frankly I needed it. Plus it's a hell of lot better having a secure paying job v.s in the private sector where they can fire you for "any reason" at any time. Been there 15 yrs. Only got 12 more to go till I can retire w/full benefits under the regs. Sure beats working my ass off till age 65 that's for sure.

>> No.12661079

whoa there rape inc. take your meds

>> No.12661350

How about don't bring your kids to the supermarket. Simple.

>> No.12661356

nice dubs!

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>> No.12661689

Same here anon. I've never had any trouble finding good paying jobs because I have a large network of people I know. My brother always asks how good jobs just fall into my lap, and I always tell him it's all about who you know. I have yet to find any evidence supporting all the stereotypes about millennials. We were graduating high school and college at the height of the recession.

>> No.12661693

then I go back to looking at my phone

>> No.12662257

eating food alone isnt eating it with company, genius

>> No.12662296

Yeah, the world is run by sociopaths and sociopathy is the only way to make headway. Charisma is the only thing that matters and 90% of highly charismatic people are sociopaths. Same principle as ever.

>> No.12662314

the ultimate beta cuck orbiter

>> No.12662316

what is this a artwork for the stranger

>> No.12662318

I make shit money as a 30y/o but I can comfortably live on my own and do what I want with my free time

>> No.12662321

>go to meal with friend
>he has 2 kids, wife, and they are there for some reason
>they give the older kid (6) a phone, he zombies out for the whole meal, eating without really looking at the food
>the other, younger kid (2) is given multiple toys and just sits there fiddling with them and whining now and again
We were there for almost three hours. We ate and drank loads, talked loads, etc. Towards the end, the children started to complain and we left. If it hadn't been for that entertainment, we would never have been able to have as much fun as we did. You may all be perfectly selfless, but for normal human beings who require enjoyment and a break, especially with children, technology is a godsend.

>> No.12662329

Get a babysitter

>> No.12662333

For my friend's children?

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>> No.12662590

>I got scolded for this when I was younger
>Reeeee why are other people getting away with it?
Have sex

>> No.12662714

I want to be adopted by a blonde white woman!!!

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>> No.12663426

cringe and ahistorical

>> No.12663505

Every millenial I know owns his own house and property including myself, and worked to get it on our own, I have no idea where all you retards that think this shit live but I'm assuming in shit cities where you think having your own apartment means youre doing good, it doesn't, it means you're probably paying a Boomer to live in his house like the retarded fuck you are.

>> No.12663510

communism WILL win

>> No.12663587

She is non-white though. Black hair.

>> No.12663594

She clearly has black hair you blindfuck.

>> No.12663693

Well if you're living at home jobless/part time, you have to contribute somehow. You shouldn't talk shit about your siblings kid.

>> No.12663772

This. Obviously go once or twice a year and point things out along the way like prices, comparing items, checking out, etc (I hate children and I've seen parents do this, even I don't mind), but ffs there's no reason you need to drag your previous babies along to the grocery store when they obviously don't want to go. Unless they're a literal toddler they'll be just fine at home

>> No.12663783


>> No.12663795

Don't have sex.

>> No.12663805

Nope. I did chores around the house as a kid all the time, because you have to help out somehow, but my parents never expected me to look after my younger siblings because:
a. it wasn't my choice to have them
b. they didn't want me to be held back from doing things with my friends to babysit all the time
c. actual professional caretakers dont cost that much
d. i had a part time job where the hours overlapped when I'd need to babysit anyway

>> No.12663813

No he's not you retard, I was raised the same. When it's dinner everyone sits and eats together, and turn off that fucking TV in the other room so everyone's not just staring fixedly at it.

>> No.12663854

My 3 year old will watch her tablet at our dinner table but if we go out at all, the tablet remains home. Just a different generation imo and we only have educational stuff on it

>> No.12663861


>> No.12664051

Parents have gotten lazier and social standards have dropped to disgusting slob levels. I think the death of the family dinner might have something to do with this also.

>> No.12664203
File: 114 KB, 214x261, killme.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>networking in life is the only thing that matters
>My friend from college vouched for me and that was it
This is the truth; if you don't have connections, you have nothing. Nepotism is deeply rooted in our society and anyone not in the circle of friends gets jack. I got my current job because I knew a guy who knew a guy who knew one of the managers, never mind my actual ethic and skills.

>> No.12664211

Congrats on the autistic child

>> No.12664276

Are you me? My 5 yo is a tech junkie but still acts normal in public and I fucking hate kids.

>> No.12664284

Welcome to the next generation.

>> No.12664324

I don't have an issue with people using electronics at the table while waiting for food.
But once the food gets set down, then it's time to put it away.

>> No.12664326

Where the fuck do you people live? Are you really so out of touch that you think the behavior of children is somehow indicative of a moral decline? Newsflash, every kid ever has been a little annoying shit, and it's been this way for a long time. There are going to be tightass and shit parents in every generation, and the advent of Fortnite streamers isn't going to change that. Jesus, people somehow forget that boomers spawned the entire Rock and Hippy movement, which were pretty degenerate in their time as well.

>> No.12664327

i never had my gameboy at restaurants, even at home i left it in my room when eating

>> No.12664329

You do know there's a father who contributes genes as well

>> No.12664343

when I was young we were entertained by my father's story or told about the day in school. There were no toys allowed but why should you miss it when you are constantly communicating.

>> No.12665759
File: 24 KB, 369x387, reallynigga.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>grows up
>parents don't look like him
>escapes into a digital world

>> No.12665768

I'd like to jizz on a comb and go run it through her hair while I finger that braptastic fartblaster

>> No.12665774
File: 6 KB, 205x246, 1516131470720.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why does this shit thread keep getting bumped?

>> No.12665781

>shit thread
it has actual discussion

instead of the 897329th thread about some new flavour of potato chips

>> No.12665785

What kind of fucking heathen goes twice a year? How fat are you?

>> No.12665790

I'd show her many manners on that table

>> No.12665796

Your comment literally makes no sense. Please re read my comment and rephrase yours, and try to be less of a faggot. Thank you

>> No.12665817


>> No.12665870
File: 869 KB, 986x797, 1530670048728.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i used to work in a customer service center that got like 15 - 20 calls a day (for the whole fucking office) and most of the work was just emails. this drama school bitch worked there for a while and then left the job because it was too stressful for her. Then a few months later I saw on facey that she's changed her name and is transitioning into a trap

>> No.12665881

your cv probably sucks ass. seriously i've seen some godawful cvs that people think are totally fine. you really need to get help with your formatting and content, everyone underestimates how important it is.

>> No.12665886

What a faggy little saying

>> No.12665899

that's how basically everything works you retard. there are very specific and limited scenarios in which you can rely on anything but anecdotal evidence.

>> No.12665907
File: 14 KB, 343x343, 1530513831469.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sounds like somebody struck a nerve

>> No.12665912

>10 years ago

You're about 15 years off.

>> No.12665913

Shut the fuck up, n-word.

>> No.12665927
File: 821 KB, 600x820, 1530466078284.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

never seen so much buzzfeed buzzshit in my life. saying that you have to be a sociopath to network and be charismatic is one of the biggest millennial coping scams on earth
>cant in2 having regular conversations with well connected acquaintances
>it's okay sweetie that just means ur not a sociopath

>> No.12665931

>mother with a dumper raised a useless sack of shit that has to be handfed because it cant stop playing mindcraft.

>> No.12665947

Blonde roastie with an autistic mutt, looks Asiatic; now where have I seen this before?

>> No.12665992

>told to go into STEM
lol no my college had fairs all the time telling us all the different nt jobs we could get withour different degrees. Nothing planned out. Boomers told us to follow our dreams and pursue our passions and led us along to get us indebted and thus enslaved. Hell I was told multiple times that STEM was overcrowded and employers valued our critical thinking skills and people skills that Humanities developed. What a crock of shit

>> No.12666000

Indeed literally everyone from High School to graduation in a position of authority told me to follow my dreams and that a college degree, any degree was valuable. Imagine my surprise when sales people are confused about my history degree and why I’m here

>> No.12666006

>99% "muh millennial boogeman and redpilled zoomer" posts
It's just another pseudo-political /pol/ddit-tier thread that contains no discussion of food and or cooking and therefore contributes absolutely nothing to this board. Just another example of how the post-2016 election redditors have ruined this entire site.

>> No.12666008

You're actually the type of person people are talking about when they bandy the word "cuck" about so freely. You can never be the type of person in charge of anything important because you can't even see the world for what it is.

>> No.12666010

>pedophiles get their dream job
>tell children to follow their dream
>children surprised when their dream doesn't get them anywhere because it's not fucking kids

>> No.12666050

A poor person's idea of how classy people behave

>> No.12666071

all hapas are autistic. this is fact.

>> No.12666086

Idc what other kids do however my wife's son will follow the rules and not have any devices at the table or behave like a heathen.

>> No.12666096

>do you ever feel mild disgust when you see kids nowadays playing with ipads/mobile phone at the dining table?
The parents are usually doing the same thing.

>> No.12666592
File: 42 KB, 597x232, 55E5454A-C71F-4F05-A0D2-D4090B06F1B0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Blondes aren’t human.

>> No.12666713

>post-2016 election redditors
be nice to the tourists

>> No.12666823

She can bathe and wash my Weiner haha wouldn't that be weird haha

>> No.12667137


2016 was 3 years ago, grandpa

*rolls eyes*

>> No.12667151

god i wish that was me

>> No.12667253

I think table manners and being cultured are fucking dumb concepts but I don't get why you'd eat and use an ipad while you're outside.

>> No.12667282

If you don't want to live in a society, just fuck off. We don't need you, and it is easier than ever to go elsewhere nowadays.

>> No.12667478

Reeeee if you don’t like it you can just get out

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