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>Binging with Babish Gets a Tattoo While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

It's like they did a focus group to create the video I'd hate the most.

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>the video I'd hate the most
And yet you still had to start a thread about it.

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Yeah I'll never understand the whole
>I hate this person
>better watch all their content

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I'll bet you never cared about tattoos until you were in a "would you ever get a video game tattoo" troll thread on /v/ and just adopted the views of the longest angriest post

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pierced and tattoopilled

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>redditing with reddit

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I didn't watch it. It just showed up on my feed. YouTube algo is real garbage. I only watch actual recipe and technique videos, and it floods my recommendations with "e-celeb eats pre-made food" and "e-celeb tortures themselves with food" garbage videos.

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Le epic reddit meme man bing bing wahoooooooooooo le epic crossover and le epic tattoos xd epic bro haha atheism le spicy wings haha le spicelords xd haaha dude I ate spicy food once lmao! wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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If ever there was a video you could launch a nuclear missile at, I would pick this one.

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People will scream reddit over incorrect line spacing, but we still get posts like this one

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>t. profound /r/The_Domald shillitier.

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unless its to commemorate someone's death, tattooes are for losers

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>Hot Ones!!!!

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That is true. The video isn't the actual entertainment, it's watching the spergs freak out about it.

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>expressionless emotionless pastyface host with no character or opinions
>five different dramatic sound effects play at the same time when guest hiccups
>Hans Zimmer music plays when guest is giving pseudoinspirational fluff answer to question after eating hottest wing
This show is such bullshit. I still watch it, though.

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See? He doesn't even know when and when not to greentext

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Getting a meaningless permanent tattoo randomly for some shitty YouTube show about famous people making hot wings must be the stupidiest thing ever.

You just know it's out of pure narcissism he did it. He's now the coolest guest out of the whole line of famous people that got a tattoo on the show! Every thing after it will now just be boring.

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You still made a thread about it.
You can hop off the cross and end your "suffering" whenever you feel like it you know?

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