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How many will add to the modern repurposed "ketogenic" fad diet body count before everyone goes back to the food pyramid?

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The old food pyramid never killed anyone. Boomers are alive today because of it, our grandparents lived with it. We can’t do without it.

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Yeah, I don't get the food pyramid hate. Seems pretty sensible to me and generally matches how almost everyone around the world has eaten historically (lots of some grain staple plus smaller amounts of meat).

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She doesn't even look that fit lmao.
>ketofags will defend this

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>property inspection
What the fuck? They can just walk into your home?

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>Woman has unfathomably rare condition in which her body doesn't digest protein correctly

I guess that justifies universal die a beet us.

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>What the fuck? They can just walk into your home?
It depends on the apartment management and the renter laws in the area. The ones I've lived in have contract clauses where they agree to notify you in writing before attempting to enter your apartment. Which they might've done in this case too with a piece of paper left in the door that she wouldn't have seen because she was already dead at that point.

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One less roastie

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It's a myth sugar *causes* diabetes.
The actual relationship is that overweight people are more likely to be eating more in general (including sugar), and being overweight is the modern medical consensus important risk factor for developing type 2 diabetes.
Once you have diabetes sugar becomes an issue because your body's already broken and blood sugar spikes aren't handled normally like they would be with a healthy person. But if you aren't already suffering from insulin resistance problems it's your weight you should be concerned about regardless of what macronutrients are going into the calories that determine your weight.

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At the apartment I used to live at, they would just walk in if they thought you weren't home. It wasn't even a shitty town or anything, the landlord was just an asshole.

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>With Type 2 diabetes, though we know sugar doesn’t directly cause Type 2 diabetes, you are more likely to get it if you are overweight. You gain weight when you take in more calories than your body needs, and sugary foods and drinks contain a lot of calories.
>In the present study, we investigated the association between dietary intake of carbohydrates and the risk of type 2 diabetes.
>These prospective findings suggest that the intakes of starch and sucrose are not associated, but that those of fructose and glucose are inversely associated with diabetes risk.
>Is diabetes caused by eating sugar?
>A diet high in calories from any source (including sugar) contributes to weight gain and weight gain increases your risk for type 2 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is caused by genetics and unknown factors that trigger the onset of the disease. Type 2 diabetes is not caused by sugar, but by genetics and lifestyle factors.

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Yeah, that's why it's a good thing to check for in the leasing agreement before deciding to move in somewhere.
Most decent, reputable apartment complexes are going to have some clause about notifying you in writing before attempting to enter. They have an incentive to do that because it helps discourage residents from adding their own deadlocks to doors, and it's just generally a common courtesy to give some notice.
I would never move in somewhere with a leasing agreement that says they can enter at will and without notice. That's a huge red flag.

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well... ahem... I think she's really losing weight now (through the process of decomposition) if you follow my meaning

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are you not allowed to change the locks when you lease a new place? that's stupid...
non american here, honestly curious tbqh

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The food pyramid is fucked. The idea of variety in your diet is very good, but the food pyramid was created at a time that the food companies had their dick so deep in the government it’s honestly fucking ridiculous.

More than likely the food pyramid is close, but has some misrepresented proportions. E.g. less grains, less dairy, more fruit and veggies, more meat and fats (but not sugars).

If you look up the wiki on “milk” and dairy farming it’s pretty easy to see that the FDA has had its thumb up it’s ass and the milk industry has been giving them way too much money for them to pull it out

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Laws are different everywhere, but generally, property owners are allowed to inspect their property. Where I’m at, they have to give a 24 hour notice and if the tenant wants to be present for the inspection then the landlord has to comply.

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Supplements are not regulated as food. You shouldn't make them a major part of your diet. There's two micronutrients not reliably available elsewhere. You shouldn't be getting your macros in that form.

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hopefully many
Anyone stupid enough to fall for it without talking to a fucking medical professional first deserves to die
it takes 15 goddamn minutes at most, and you can check how your shit is going at your routine physical

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>tfw europoors tjink the laws in the US are the same across the entire US


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No one actually followed the food pyramid, and it's been replaced by a pie graph.

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Keto isn’t even a high protein diet retard

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It is for the kind of people who get suckered into it.

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you fucking morons miss the part where it said "supplements"?

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>8-10 servings of grains per day
Fuck me. I don't have 8-10 servings of anything per day. American food pyramid causes obesity and was designed to sell subsidized ag products at scale.

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Keto is high fat and moderate protein. Get fucked faggot.

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>you fucking morons miss the part where it said "supplements"?
Which part of the modern repurposed "keto" diet says "don't use supplements?"

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You need glasses because you're bad at operating your eyes and have warped your lenses from misuse.

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That 8 is a 6

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There's more than one macronutrient ratio that results in ketosis.
Nobody today for instance doing the "keto" fad diet is actually following the older John Hopkins ratio and all the elaborate medical precautions / professional monitoring that went with it.

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Servings, not meals faglord
A filling side portion of rice for you is probably 2 or 3
A couple Ritz crackers is probably one
Their arbitrary portion sizes are what they count as servings, not actual filling meals

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>Keto is high fat and moderate protein.
It depends on if you're going by calories or grams. Fat has a little over twice the calories of protein, so "high fat and moderate protein" can mean both "more calories from fat than protein" and "more grams of protein than fat."
Also functionally it's the carbohydrate reduction that matters for ketosis.

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It takes a while for the science to catch up to marketing. Remember Atkin's? It was all the rage until we got the data to prove it was shit for long-term health. Now the same atrocious science has been rebranded to keto/carnivore diets and it's even more severe. As long as these same ignorant suckers buy into it and stay oblivious that they're signing up for even worse problems down the road, the cycle will continue.

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Same difference. 2 servings per 3 meals a day? Get fucked
Hello fatass. I have one to three servings of carbs per day. Oh and by the way in case you're wondering a single serving is anything from 13-25 g of carbs. Read labels.

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The mother of the writer of this article used to be my teacher haha

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so you euros stop fucking spamming
>do americans really
absolutely everywhere
Unless specifically stated to be a federal law, Each individual state, and sometimes even city can determine their own laws and policies regarding shit
so the bullshittery of commiefornia has absolutely no bearing whatsoever on the rest of the country, and never fucking has

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The only reason why keto works is because it's low sugar. Atkins also had the same success, as will a balanced diet that is moderate in carbohydrates but low/free of refined carbs. Like just don't drink sunny D every day people jeez.

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>tfw you don’t eat over 200 calories for five months and still survive
maybe more people should go to the doctor before following strict diets.

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A serving of grain is like a slice of bread, roughly 80-100 calories. 650-800 calories a day is completely normal for bread/grains. That's like 35-40% of your daily calories if you're an average sized person.

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no shit you can survive if you were a ludicrously fat bastard, since you have tons of calories stored up

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That much grain is terrible for the human body

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You aren’t wrong. As long as your BMI is above 15. you likely won’t die from eating nothing unless you have some condition like the girl in op. She wasn’t even doing the keto diet.

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The problem here is the retards don't understand the word 'supplement
supplement =/= replacement
you still have to eat food.

the mom should be sterilized to avoid having more retarded offspring

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Canada's current government-specified food pyramid is based on science and studies. America's 1950's food pyramid was pushed by business rather.

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Fattasses just need to read this short simple page and they'll be less fat and useless


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No thanks. 50% non starchy veg 22% protein 22% carbs 6% fats mostly olive oil

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>not peddled by big businesses
come on now

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>Medical tests revealed that Michelle, Meegan and Meegan's daughter Alexa all had the same genetic disorder.
>Urea Cycle Disorder causes ammonia to build up in the blood if you have too much protein - leaving harmful waste products behind.
>She said that she felt "angry and desperately sad after finding protein supplements in her daughter's kitchen cupboards.
>Michelle is now calling on the fitness industry to regulate protein shakes and supplements.

Ok is the mom fucking retarded or does she feel quilt for passing on her shitty genes?

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>at apartment
>landlord waltzes right in
>they need to give 24 hour notice where I live
>I'm in the balcony smoking weed
>boomer landlord flips her shit on me for smoking pot
>its not even illegal here and she's going off on me about illegal activity
>tell her to get the fuck out
>she says she owns the property, doesnt have to
>she tries to get me evicted for breaking law
>no laws broken
>she acts like a total cunt from then on out and thinks for some reason she has the upper hand.

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50% non starchy veg has to be like 10lbs of broccoli a day. RIP colon

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Their genes are fine as long as they eat a normal human diet. All procreation is unethical.

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>amerifart laws are pants on head retarded because of the constant corporate meddling and staggering autism
>get offended when the rest of the world collectively wonders why

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Whats her condition?

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I have a nicer body than her and my diet is instant ramen, and i never work out or do jack shit, except maybe walk around town. lol. imagine dying for that flabby body.

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Are you a female looking for a male bf?

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>drug addict thot dies of overdose
>I-it was her diet

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>obsessive europeans STILL think the US was meant to be one monolithic body
so tiresome
Look at a map for once in your life and learn
the US is the size of the entirety of continental europe
you need to stop thinking of the US being similar to european countries, and more so being similar to the EU
Like the EU, there's policies that affect the whole, but most shit is decided by individual countries (States) as much of it has no bearing on the workings of places outside of that state

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Do you take it up the ass?

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how big are her milkies

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Holy shit how did you get this triggered. No one even implied any of that.

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Not that poster, but were you asking me to post feet last night?

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The food pyramids we have in the West do indeed cause obesity with all the carbs and grains. If you want to know what really to eat, just look to countries where people are still reasonably slim like Japan. Instead of advising the population to eat a diet based on grains and vegetables with lean meat and fish as sides, the Japanese government is telling its citizens to eat a diet based on grains and vegetables with lean meat and fish as sides, much better and the people are thin as a result.

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I sympathize with you. But I hate being a pot addict, so I also reactively hate you. But the important thing is, I hate boomers most of all.

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>pot addict
Wat? No such thing.

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Despite not suffering dangerous physical withdrawal, yes there is. Dumb fuckers can't live without it, waste most of their money on it, rent a place that ends up looking like any other drug den, and freak out when they can't get more.

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it must suck being a nerd that no one wants to associate with

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Did I touch a nerve? Did I say that everyone that smoked pot was an addict? Dear lord man.

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>pot addict
>complaining about boomers
This country really is fucked once the zoomers take over.

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>t. someone who knows nothing about marijuana and has never left his single mother's shitty apartment.

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It's not good for your mental health to be so extremely online. Take a break.

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>girl on a diet
>”omg I’m sooo doing keto look how much weight I lost”
>Blowing 5+ ounces of coke a day and munching on croissants
>Snorts some coke cut with a micro dose of fentanyl and OD’s
>”Look how bad this diet is goyim! Eat our processed grains”

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More like they eat reasonable servings. You could eat 1800 calories worth of candy and never be obese.

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>type 2 diabetes brought on by eating way too fucking many carbs never killed anyone, shortened their life expectancy, or caused healthcare costs for everyone in the u.s. to rise

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You would be heinously malnourished tho

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I will here shortly, thanks for looking out.

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>didnt even have a flat tummy

2/10 wouldnt bang at all

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>carbs cause diabetes
Fuck out of here brainlet

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>Also functionally it's the carbohydrate reduction that matters for ketosis.
Wrong because if you eat enough protein, your body will just convert the protein into glucose (gluconeogenesis) and use that instead of entering ketosis

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That’s why keto relies mostly on fats and not protein

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Yes, that’s why the guy I quoted is wrong. Keto is not just about eating low carb, it’s about eating high fat also

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> Be Western
> eat a diet based on grains and vegetables with lean meat and fish as sides
> Be Fat
> Be Japanese
> eat a diet based on grains and vegetables with lean meat and fish as sides
> Be Slim


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We even keep it up to date, hugely updated that shit a couple years ago, too:
Thanks to the internet/information age, we found out that the Canada Food Guide (tm) was being HEAVILY funded by the Canadian Dairy Farmers Association since the '80s.
Now that the cat's out of the bag, it turns out that dairy has been completely removed from the "pyramid" (or put up at the top with other unnecessary shit). It wasn't even necessary for our bodies in the first place, just put in there because of the booming dairy industry.

Not that it's "unhealthy", mind you, just literally unrequired. You can be perfectly healthy without consuming any dairy products at all. But I'm still going to eat cheese and ice cream and put milk in my coffee/food because fuck you it's delicious and it's not as unhealthy as pure sugar (yet).

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>spinning top instead of stationary image shows the active, ever-changing, yet temporary/fragile/finite nature of life
>snacks, confection, beverages appear as a little tag that throws the spinning top off-balance
>the longer the tag, the more off-balance the top becomes until it falls
Shit, this was well-thought-out.

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>It wasn't even necessary for our bodies in the first place, just put in there because of the booming dairy industry.
good luck getting enough calcium without dairy. only other good source is leafy greens

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If anyone has actually read the article

she had a genetic condition where she didnt process excess amino acids into urea instead it was only processed into ammonia which is toxic

so this is only a problem if you are defective

>> No.12655061

I manage. It's not difficult when eating whole plant foods instead of nutrients-removed dreck. I usually exceed my science-backed target of 600 milligrams. A majority of "milk drinkers" I know average much less, because most don't actually drink milk.

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No. Normal people can still get protein poisoning if they eat too much protein without enough carbs or fat

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>are you not allowed to change the locks when you lease a new place?
Obviously not with every apartment complex in the US or else the post you responded to wouldn't have mentioned discouraging deadlocks as a motivation you retard. Read more carefully next time.

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There is literally nothing wrong with dairy, what the fuck are you talking about? It's the most nutritional part of the entire pyramid.

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It's almost like calories are what matter for weight and not macronutrient ratios.
>Increased food energy supply is more than sufficient to explain the US epidemic of obesity

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No foods in particular are required. There are alternative sources for any nutrients. Dairy covers a lot more nutrition a lot more thoroughly than any other non-manipulated food product (as in you could always load up a bunch of vitamins and protein powder into a juice or something but that wouldn't be be the same as getting it from a naturally occurring source like milk).
Real reason I think Canada got rid of the dairy food group is because they're trying to fight against the obesity epidemic (hence their replacement for it being a fucking glass of water).

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He body is disgusting. Good riddance.

>> No.12655849

This argument is always made by idiots who don't know what "serving" means and think a serving means a whole bowl of food or some dumb shit.

A serving of any given grain in dry form is 1 oz and translates to about 100 calories, so the base of the food pyramid, the thing you're supposed to get the bulk of your calories from, suggests 600-1,1000 of your 2,000 calorie diet from whole grains, depending on your size and activity level. That's 6-11 slices of whole wheat bread, or 1 1/2 - 3 bowls of brown rice, or 3 cups of oats, etc. balanced out by the other food groups. If you think it's crazy to suggest eating a cup of rice a day, then you have an eating disorder.

>> No.12655868

>> Be Western
>>eat a diet based on grains and vegetables with lean meat and fish as sides
If westerners actually ate like that, they'd be a lot better off. In reality, all grains they eat are refined and mixed with sugar, all the meat they eat is fatty, and the only vegetables they eat are potatoes topped with cheese, butter, or fried in oil. Next time you go shopping, look in the fat peoples' carts. It won't look like the food pyramid. You'll see oreo cookies, chips, sodas, pork chops, cheese, white bread, cold cuts, etc

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>bitch has genetic condition that prevents her body from correctly processing excess amino acids
>drinks too many protein shakes and dies of consuming too much protein
>blame keto diet which is a high fat diet that strongly discourages eating very large amounts of protein

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dummy clearly didn't follow her diet properly.

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Because boomers totes aren't afflicted by a slew of illnesses brought on by their shitty diets

>> No.12657100

You're retarded if you think that the product intended for infant animals is healthy for adult humans, it's basically indigestible heart disease

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Go back, stay there.

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