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How do you feel about cooking fish whole, as opposed to filleting them?

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cooking fish on the bone will mean it is moister and more flavourful, but can be a fiddle to serve or eat.
salt baking is nice, as is poaching gently

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Do you guys seriously not know how to eat a fish? Be honest

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Don't ever tell me what to do again.

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I know how to eat fish. Step 1 is filleting it.

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Can be hard to eat, you can bake it with vegetables and have a tasty low effort meal. My favourite way to eat fish is breaded fish fillets pan fried.

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Only retards and tryhards fillet it. Cooking it whole is faster, easier and tastes better.

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I only eat pre cut fish and I prefer it to be battered and fried and dipped in tartar sauce

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There is a 3rd world, and a 1st world.
Choose one.

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