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Despite all the meme sauces you faggots shill and pretend to like, the reigning champion won't be dethroned anytime soon.

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This is crazy.

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True, just read the 3 simple but hard to master ingredients

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Agree, though the habanero is much better than the standard

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It's good but overpriced for what it is.

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just bought one of this to get some nostalgy out of it - had the habanero version before this

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The family reserve is really fucking good. I got some bottles when I visited the factory there, it's just really solid

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Tabasco is a classic, it's not even debatable. However, I like it more as a cooking hot sauce, in the kitchen, than a table sauce. Pic related is what I keep on the table.

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I prefer the 'vark

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you know that disgusting catfaggot drank that water

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Franks > All


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>I don't like thing
>therefore everyone that likes thing is pretending

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I like tabasco, but it's not viscous enough for me. I prefer Sriracha, but I'm actually Asian so it's mostly because I grew up on it.

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Why are pet owners so unequivocally disgusting? They'll literally let dogs lick their hand while they're eating and then use that hand to shovel food into their mouth.

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Tabasco and Crystal is all you need. Anything else is meme shit

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They were raised with no standards.

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The first hot sauce I ever tried. And, just like the first girl I fucked, very forgettable, except you can not forget because it/she was your first.

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The first girl I fucked was your mom. She would have been forgettable if not for the smell.

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Based and tabascopilled.

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based, i put it on every sandwich i make

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You don't need to own a pet to be gross.

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>And, just like the first girl I fucked, very forgettable
Guess how i know you're a virgin

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I'll bet you have a pretty impressive hot sauce collection huh?

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>tabasco over cholula
lmfao daym wypipo

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cracked this bad boy open finally
really stellar, worth the 35 bucks I paid, dunno about the reseller price though
hotter, more subtle vinegar, potent miso notes, even some hints of chocolate

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Mexican hot sauces use weird and gross spices.

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hot sauce is for poofters

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Every time we have this thread I have to remind everyone of the best all-purpose hot sauce

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>this thread

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my cat drink water the same way

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I was wondering how much garlic powder do you add Tabasco in order to equal that taste

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I own two cats and a dog. Never let any of them eat off my shit

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