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instant umami

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That's not instant swamp, faggot.

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go back

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I often add a can of tomato paste, and a couple eggs to my 2x spicy noodles. Goes great with 'deenz.

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MSG did nothing wrong.

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post yfw the umami hits

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he's right though, "umami" isn't a taste, in the same way caffeine rush isn't a taste, and alcohol drunkness isn't a taste. The "taste" of msg is shitty salt because of the sodium part, then you need it to start frying your brain to "feel" the effect. And most people in the west aren't even sensitive to it in any measurable manner. pure placebo from the cook point of view.

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make 2 scrambled egg with msg and not. Taste it. Does it taste different?
Now make another 2 scrambled egg and taste test it to other people. Which do they prefer? can they taste the difference?
If you said sodium play a part then do the experiment BUT use the same amount of salt both in the msg and not msg scrambled egg

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