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>mfw someone doesn't eat spicy food

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This guy seems quite fake and my dad can't stop binge watching his videos.
I don't get it his comments aren't very insightful he says the same things all the time and the food seems just better than average.

it's weird though because he never seems to go out of character and i wish i could act like him in ignorance

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yeah. he's a born-again Christian. he's very contrived, never criticises anything. he was served literally some of the worst food I've ever seen in his Africa videos, still said 'mmm...!' in a strained way. but I can't stop watching his videos. sorry, son.

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what a cuck

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He's drinking unidentifiable juice out of an old dirty water bottle. The food is fried in dirty oil (who knows what kind) cooked over a burn barrel in what appears to be a large hub cap. And he acts like its the most amazing thing in the world.

This dude probably hasn't taken a solid shit in a decade.

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His face when he eats children

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that man definitely has no hyperborean ancestors

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Ahh, I always wondered why this dude was the subject of so much vitriol. It's because he *gasp* eats and enjoys scarwwy, furriner food!

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he's really big in india and a shill for pepsi

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>food clearly sucks
>doesn't say anything and continues to nod and smile

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Mark wiens is the reddit version of the food ranger


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I will never understand why do people love South East Asian cuisine so much. It tastes good but that's about it. It's so shallow in its execution, visually boring, tired in concept. What is marketed is closer to feed than food, a shame since it should be one of the best ones in the world

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Do you have any actual complaints? Or just meaningless words that could be slung at any region, to make you sound like an intellectual?

Thai cuisine is one of my favorite. They believe in balancing sweet, salty, bitter, sour, and hot. There's good use of spices, many vegetables, different meats, fish, and shellfish.

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Why do they use the same damn spices on everything? I mean, you have Japanese cuisine, which focuses more on the actual flavors of the ingredients. Then you have these jungle Asians insisting that every dish should be over-spiced with the same fishy, hot "balanced" shit so that no trace of the original ingredients remains.

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I wonder where the bodies are. I've been trawling through the evidence but I can't figure it out.

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Japan focuses on not flavoring anything. And by fishy, I assume you mean they like to use fish sauce which is produced and used all over. It's like using soy sauce to them. If that's the only type of dish you come across then you really haven't tried very many.

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Why is his neck so small?

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t. pajeet

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>not flavoring anything
>implying fermented fish has no flavor when it's one of the most flavorful things in the world
no offense bro but I think you don't know what you're talking about

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you gotta be shitting me

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>super saiyan hair
>claw scar over eye
I never not laugh and then cringe.

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do you even know what ramen is?

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I'm going to assume you are drunk if you can't tell the difference between SEA and Japan, their food, or follow the conversation.

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I like spicy foods. It's just it comes out spicy And it makes my stomach bubble harder than the San Fran earthquake.

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this picture is the equivalent of putting salsa and a raw tomato on top of saltine crackers

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Mee Krob? I just wanted to show him there was something different as the standard version is tossed in sweet sauce, though it looks like most recipes you google are sweet and sour with fish sauce, which is not the most common or traditional and what he was bitching about.

This is a better picture.

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I know that in SEA or some shit, Mark has had his likeness used in pepsi ads

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Stop projecting your shitty European "let's put salt and pepper on everything and call it a day" bullshit onto actual cuisine.

Also, most authentic Japanese dishes are bottom-tier compared to other Asian cuisine. Their Japanese-style "curry" is a culinary insult to actual curry.

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>my dad can't stop binge watching his videos.
Your father is completely and unequivocally based

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No anon, it's because he has raped and murdered dozens of children and nobody can find the bodies.

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yeah this. ever since I hit 40 my stomach just can't take it like it used to. nutritionist told me to cut that shit out if I want to get my reflux under control, but those red pepper flakes just go so nice with everything...

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you're stuck in the classical era where decadent romans covered everything in spice to the point that you couldn't even taste the meat. they did this in order to cover up spoiled and rotten flavours associated with the plebeian class. try reading Apicius and then realize that asia, africa, and most of south america is still stuck in that antiquated mindset.

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You cannot call anything cooked with merely salt and pepper "cuisine." Just because the Romans peppered the shit out of their meat to mask the putridness (every other culture did this too, by the way) doesn't mean that that is the only purpose of seasoning food. That logic is ridiculously specious. It's a shame that you've never experienced the exotic flavors of ethnic cuisine outside of a few Americanized dishes.

Also, by calling complex flavors "antiquated," what is eating a barely seasoned slab of meat and fish? That is literally caveman style. Even the Japs have enough sense to eat their sashimi with strong condiments like wasabi and soy sauce.

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>super saiyan hair
speaking of cringe

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>Even the Japs have enough sense to eat their sashimi with strong condiments like wasabi and soy sauce
>try reading Apicius and then realize that asia, africa, and most of south america is still stuck in that antiquated mindset.
>try reading Apicius and then realize that asia
enjoy your excruciatingly over-powered wasabi and soy sauce because you'll never be able to appreciate the raw, delicate flavour of sashimi on its own. don't even pretend like you can taste it while utilizing those hamfisted condiments because you can't. that's why more sophisticated Japanese foodies enjoy the taste of plain fish, rice, etc in its own right without covering it up with salty and tongue-numbing rubbish.

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>Japanese foodies enjoy the taste of plain fish, rice, etc in its own right without covering it up with salty and tongue-numbing rubbish.

Jiro, the most prestigious sushi chef in the world, literally prepares the sashimi with wasabi and a brush of soy sauce for his customers. Those "Japanese foodies" must have some serious credentials.

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Soulless vs soul

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>cuisines that have lots of spice are only like that to cover up the bad food they all eat!

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Born-again Christianity with a wild-eye look vs. fa-lun gong with a wild eyed look

Yeah.. not really sure which is better there, kid.

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imagine being so elitist you try to enjoy the taste of plain rice

listen to yourselves

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Anon, I'm literally saying the complete opposite, here.

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