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Why is western Mayo so shit compared to Japanese Mayo? It's like someone said "Let's make a condiment that's really fattening and high in calories while making it taste like fucking nothing." Kewpie is basically umami flavor in a fucking tube.

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shutup fucking weeb retard

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Kewpie is full of msg

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mayo is mayo everywhere you literal fucking ape

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>umami flavor

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Superior Japanese mayo

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>implying that's a bad thing

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It is.

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T. I'm so new to 4chan this is all I know how to do in every thread.
Maybe try the /babby/ board

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they fold it 1000 times

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Great comeback. You've definitely put him to sleep.

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Mayonnaise is not supposed to be umami. Also, I tried kewpie because of you assholes memeing it years ago and it was even more bland than most store bought stuff in the US. No umami, no slight tang, no slight spice, I got almost nothing out of it aside for slight egg flavor. It was like smelling an egg brap from a Jap idol from 7 meters away, upwind. At least make it seem like 2 feet FFS.

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>a condiment that's really fattening and high in calories while making it taste like fucking nothing

Yea that's called oil. You know, the thing mayonnaise is made of.

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Tried to like it but not enough egg.
Very vanilla like Japanese independent thought.

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Prove it

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Americans use whole eggs and add water to shitty oil. That's why it's terrible. Italian mayo uses only yolks and adds no water, like Japanese, with olive instead of soy for oil, and vinegar or lemon.

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I'm not. Simply explaining why you like it and what the largest point of difference is

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My brother buys this stuff, what's so great about it?

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>what's so great about it?

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all mayo is trash even weeb mayo

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>basically umami flavor in a fucking tube

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Only good mayo is the one you make yourself and customize to suit your own tastes.

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>nothing out of it aside for slight egg flavor
that's what mayo's supposed to taste like you dip

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it's not as good as kraft ""mayo"" on sandwiches because it has no tang.
but it's better with literally everything else. On pizza, on fries, with fried chicken, hell just drink it straight from the tube.

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What the hell is msg? Is this some new /ck/ meme? I leave for a month and it seems like the only thing you people care about.

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Are tacos supposed to be hot? I bought some X-HOT salsa sauce and I had to mix Habanero sauce into it.

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What the hell anon? Is this bait? We've been talking about msg for several years

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>What the hell is msg?

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So it is considered safe and approved for consumption within the European Union. Why is this a problem?

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E number does not imply safety.

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The E doesn't necessarily mean it's harmless, e.g. E240

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You guys are so fken stupid.
Google is you best and only friend.
TLDR: MSG is as natural as NCl, without it your brains can't function, ffs it naturally occurs in nature and found in plenty of foods.

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While MSG isn't more dangerous than sodium chloride, too much sodium is bad for you, period. 'MSG/Chinese restaurant syndrome' is simply the logical result of eating oversalted, overseasoned greasy food.

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Naturally occurring msg is chemically different from synthesized msg you dumb asshole. Doesn't mean msg is bad or harmful, but there's a difference between eating a tomato and eating msg powder.

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lol, you dumbass, a chemical is a chemical whether it's synthesised or naturally occurring.

You're the type of person that buys Himalayan salt because it is special rather than the cheap home brand table salt. More dollars than cents. Go to school, and then read up, stop your stupid ways, don't believe in an all powerful supernatural being and think for yourself.

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I hate this motherfucker and I hardly know why

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>Naturally occurring msg is chemically different from synthesized msg
Yeah, because naturally occurring "msg" is actually an acid and not a salt, you imbecile.

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Terrible personality, swears heavily to be edgy and acts like he's cumming whenever he eats his own shitty food. It's not hard to figure out.

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Yiff in Hell.

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american mayo is actually really fucking sweat and unbearable, japanese mayo is pretty good

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both mayos have their uses. Japanese mayo is interesting in that it tastes good on stuff you don't normally think "mayo" would work on like fried rice and fried noodles

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Argentina mayo is superior.

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You are veeeery high on the autism spectrum my friend.

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I got Aspergers which is about as low as you can get. Being a faggot is much higher.

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>too much sodium is bad for you, period

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Is there any reason fats like butter or rendered tallow wouldn't work for mayo? Seems like it would be tastier than the soi sludge most mayos you can buy are

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>Why is western Mayo so shit compared to Japanese Mayo? It's like someone said "Let's make a condiment that's really fattening and high in calories while making it taste like fucking nothing." Kewpie is basically umami flavor in a fucking tube

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>Anonymous 06/30/19(Sun)13:41:30 No.12565473▶
>File: 4C6CE54C-31FD-4038-9EBF-A(...).png (7 KB, 212x238)
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> >>12563130 (OP)
> >Why is western Mayo so shit compared to Japanese Mayo? It's like someone said "Let's make a condiment that's really fattening and high in calories while making it taste like fucking nothing." Kewpie is basically umami flavor in a fucking tube

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step aside, weeaboos

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I'll have to try that next time I see some. Thanks for the recommend, anon.

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Incorrect. There should be a detectable tang from a combination of vinegar and fresh lemon juice, as well as a small bite from cayenne. This is minimum for it as a base sauce. From there tweaks can be made, almost always adding other flavors.

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>we should all just eat bland unsalted food
retard autist

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>umami flavor

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Weeabo fuck

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Elsa Jean, BLACKED I believe

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like other American mayo this is just disgustingly sweet. The rest of the world can't stand it.

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it's still better than australian mayo, which is basically vinegar and a drop of milk/paint for colour and maybe some corn starch to thicken.

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Are you actually fucking retarded? Kewpie is downright sugary compared to dukes.

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europe is laughing

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far too much carrot

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I don't know what that is but it looks fucking good.

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>t. actual newfaggot
there's definitely a small section of diehard weebs (or just one determined autist) across the boards who makes these threads, because all those threads are identical in wording. It's probably just well-crafted bait, because the praise for nippon and dismissal of everything else is always so laughably exaggerated that it triggers backlash, followed by posts by overdefensive genuine weebs like (you)

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>moderation = complete abstinence
Just because drinking until you're blackout drunk is obviously not good for you doesn't mean you can't enjoy a glass of wine, retard autist

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check url
return to post
what do find
where are you
where am i

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Kewpie is weak as shit, it’s watered down mayo mixed with miracle whip/salad cream. It’s not great.

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this, i've tried jap mayo and it's fucking watery and sweet, not sure where op gets Umami from. I prefer my mayo NOT sweet

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>not making your own mayo
pleb retards

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>Why is western Mayo so shit compared to Japanese Mayo?
japanese mayo contains soy.

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大豆 男の子!!

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unironically same

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It's bretty good. It's the high-end brand for a lot of traditional condiments in supermarkets across Western Europe. I highly fucking recommend their mustard, some of the best you can buy.

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>google is your best and only friend

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their dijonnaise is just delightful.

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I've never tried Australian mayo, so I'll trust you on that one.

When did I compare it to Kewpie? Both aren't something I'd put anywhere near my sandwich, but at least Kewpie is fit for purpose as a condiment for karaage and the like.

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This one beats your weeb shit anyday.

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>It's the high-end brand for a lot of traditional condiments in supermarkets across Western Europe
Canada is unironically flexing some low key BDE right now.

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you have to go back

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Why do nips put too much mayo on everything? Absolutely Disgusting.

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cuz ur bro is a fucking weeb

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Australoid here. Can confirm Australian mayo sucks ass a lot of the time especially this trash (pic related) it's usually ultra sweet and has the consistency of cum. Also please reccomend some quality savoury mayos if you could.

Kind Regards


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Replace it with this cunt

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Tried it before because of >>12563177 tasted like shit immedaitely threw it out.
>Kewpie is basically umami flavor in a fucking tube.
If that's umami then I never want to taste that shit again.

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Ignore these retards, they may claim to understand what umami really is, but all they fucking eat is mcchickens and tendies.

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Based soyposter

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