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Does cooking with beer burn off the carbs in the beer?

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Yes. Carbs are heat sensitive and cook off above 100c/212f.
Keto is a meme because people don't know basic science.

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What's the meme part about it?
I've done it successfully several times since 2011

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Wait so if I put a loaf of bread in the oven and heat it to 100c I will get no carb bread?

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It's a meme because without keto, you are a ravenous slob that will slam anything down your fat gullet.
With keto, finding enough sustenance to maintain your fat ass is too difficult and is the only reason you lose weight.
It's a meme because people attribute successful weight loss to keto, when in reality any highly restrictive diet would do the exact same thing. (ButTT Ur BoDY GOEss iNTo KEtoSIS HURRRRRRR)
Or no diet at all, just not eating like your a fucking garbage truck would do the trick.

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Simply not true
It's science

Ketogenic diets supress the hunger hormone ghrelin

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keto gave me kidney pain that was so bad i couldent sleep

its a meme

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>when in reality any highly restrictive diet would do the exact same thing.
Maybe but it's mucher harder to lose weight with a higher carb diet. I literally don't have to put in any effort or do any exercise with low carb and I lose weight easily.

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>N = 39
Read the entire fucking paper you goddamn ketard. They even say it's not enough to base strong conclusions on and that more research is needed.

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I was just going to ask a similar question but there hasn’t been an alcohol thread in forever. Does putting booze in hot coffee just evaporate the alcohol? Seems like a waste of good Kahlua or Bailey’s to dump it in coffee unless you just LOVE the flavors together

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Sucks for you bro.

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>it's mucher harder to lose weight with a higher carb diet.
Because you still have access to all the normal garbage you usually eat.
It is basic math of calories in v calories out. You think non-keto is hard because you keep eating the easy garbage you usually eat and don't realize how many calories you're actually eating.

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Anyone who has done keto knows about the apetyite suppression effects

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it went away when i had spagetti

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Anyone who has done keto knows that their lazy ass can't just go to the pantry to eat a 5th little debbie and their bodies get used to eating a normal amount of food.

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Yes and you could go as far as to cut potato's into uniform strips and fry them in oil, this being the safest food to eat as it's zero-carb and the fat kills of any botulism or salmonella lurking in the potato.

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Arguably yes this is a factor, but I have a ton of low carb snacks. When I drop keto I tend to snack more because my appetite becomes more regular.

Stop assuming your experiences are the same as everyone's

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Calories in calories out is a meme. And I wasn't eating any junk food. I literally made all my meals at home with all organic shit. It was mainly bread and fruits making it hard for me to lose weight.

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>It was mainly bread and fruits making it hard for me to lose weight.
Also stuff like rice and oatmeal which I ate regularly.

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You’re just stupid bro, happens to a lot of people

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>It was mainly sugar loafs and sugar produce that made it hard to lose weight.
If your idea of eating healthy is only eating organic stuff, there's a reason why you didn't lose weight and it's because you're a fucking retard.

Your appetite returns to your regular fat levels because you're no longer restricted by a meme diet and you can't control your feeding urges.

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Then explain why, faggot

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Thanks for proving my point? Sugar makes it hard to lose weight, which is why keto works.

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And no I don't think only eating organic makes a diet healthy. I ate the basic diet that the average person would consider "healthy." Leafy greens, whole grains, fruits, protein source like chicken/fish, beans, etc. Literally never cheated once and it was still harder to lose weight. With low carb I don't even have to exercise, the weight just comes off naturally.

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No, eating shitty foods like a human garbage disposal makes it hard to lose weight.
Here's a little experiment for your next ride on the weight loss yo-yo.
Find your resting metabolic rate.
Then eat as you would normally do, except count your calories, everything that goes into your toilet bowl mouth. It is imperative that you don't fuck this up.
Finally, once you reach a certain number of calories in your day, (a number that is smaller than your resting metabolic rate) stop eating.
I know it will be hard to resist stuffing your face with the garbage you keep around the house because you spent all your calories on breakfast with your jimmy dean b-fast sausage sandwich. but it can be made easier, here's how:
Instead of eating your usual garbage, eat more filling, less calorie dense foods throughout the day. So instead of running out of available calories to eat at 8:45am, you can eat all day long like a regular human being.
Rinse and repeat until your obese palette resets and prefers healthy food as the norm.

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I didn't ask for your weight loss advice. I already know how to lose weight and maintain my weight with low carb.

And I literally just said I didn't eat junk food. Unless you consider fruits and grains "shitty foods." I made all my meals from scratch. Nothing processed or prepackaged.

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You have a low IQ, are inbred, drank too much when you were young, hit your head too much, none of these are mutually exclusive

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drink water buddeh

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t. sugar addict

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Keeeeeek. You're literally ketarded.
My long post was making a point that all weight loss is boils down to calories in vs calories out. Regardless of whatever meme diet you decide to follow.
Keto works for you because you have no self control. Not because keto is anything scientifically special. It just limits your calories for you.

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calories in calories out is ultimately the limit, yeah, but different macronutrients are metabolized differently and have different hormonal effects on the body.

Calories in calories out is correct but it's not the whole picture and assuming that simplified view of reality can make things harder than it has to be.

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I prefer the term low carb over keto. Keto is high fat. It's for athletes and people who are already lean. I only follow a low carb diet.

And I literally just explained to you I was eating a normie "healthy" diet (with regular serving sizes keep in mind, not overeating) and still found it harder to lose weight.


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Point proven

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You didn't prove shit

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Oh shut up.

Do you need to know down to the atomic level what happens when you eat and every interaction of every hormone? Is that useful for the general obese public trying to lose weight to know? No, so quit being a faggot.

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suck my cock dickweed

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Thanks for doing it again

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I bet you're a fucking fat piece of shit who can't stop drinking mountain dew
Low carb diets have worked for millions of people where simple calorie restriction diets like weight watchers causes people to fail constantly

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Enjoy your carbs, fat ass

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>Low carb diets have worked for millions of people where simple calorie restriction diets like weight watchers causes people to fail constantly
Low carb diets are just calorie restriction diets, retard. The only reason it works better is because removing carbs means removing 95% of what the typically fatty eats in their diet.

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Lol you were just complaining about getting fat from fruit you retarded fat fuck

Your gyno proves me right again :)

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Lmao yeah just tell people to lower their calories and not change their shit diets. Solid advice.

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So hilarious seeing all those fat fucks with no self control blaming bread for their heaving fat asses after eating a triple baconator with a milkshake

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Are you illiterate
Read ahead. I said I know how to maintain my weight with low carb.

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>lmao just tell people to eat a caloric deficit to lose weight
Yep. Is this a revelation to your fat ass?

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The problem is carbs.

>> No.12536891

unironically strawmanning in the year of our lord two thousand (2000) plus 12 (twelve) plus seven (7)

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What weight is that? 350 pounds, porkins?

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You can lower your calories and still eat a shit unhealthy diet dumb ass

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You're the retard who's against low carb. Are you sure you're not fat?

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Cope harder, hefers

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Yeah, no ones talking about that you goalpost moving fat fuck

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i weigh 180lbs and can do 25 pullups. your delusional projection means less than nothing.

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Yeah im so fat because I actually have self control and realize the reason for weight control is caloric expenditure lmao

Try not to accidentally eat an apple or youll blow up again, fatty

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post body

>> No.12536929

So why recommend shit advice like that? Not only is it an inefficient way to lose weight, it's just terrible health advice in general.

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>25 pullups

Post your bitchtits

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>doesn't post body
every time

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>Try not to accidentally eat an apple or youll blow up again, fatty
Do you know how to read
I never said fruit made me fat. I said having more carbs in my diet made weight loss harder for me compared to low carb.

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Low fatters btfo

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Why do you keep moving the goalposts? Caloric expenditure is the only surefire way to lose weight. And there is zero evidence to the health efficacy of low carb

>doesnt post fat man milkers
Every time

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>I-I a-actually m-meant
No one cares

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>there is zero evidence that not eating chocolate cake is healthy

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No, actually go back and read my response. No where did I say "fruit made me fat" you illiterate fuck.

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If your normal diet starts with 'low' you're a fat fuck with no self control who will always be fat. Diets don't work, lifestyle changes do.
>it's just terrible health advice in general.
>thinks keto is good health advice
I am 100% convinced that keto diets are the sole cause of autism.

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Ah right, the fresh from the vine chocolate cake!

No one cares you retarded fat fuck. Fruit didn’t give you weight management issues, you not counting your calories did

>> No.12537000

>tries low calorie diet
>is fat fuck who will always be fat
You sound like a faggot and your shits retarded

>> No.12537003

What if I only eat 100 calories of chocolate cake? Must be healthy because it's low calorie right?

No, it wasn't just fruit. It was other grains and carbs as well.

>> No.12537014

>What if I continue to strawman?
Sure bud

>it was other grains and carbs as well
Yeah, you’re a stupid fat fuck that cant into caloric expenditure. We’re back at square one, gordito

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>fruit and beans are poison but eggs fried in lard with butter sticks is health food!!

-sub 50 IQ

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If you have to try and maintain a healthy weight you're already losing. Sorry your parents dudn't raise you right and are likely just as retarded as you.
Losing weight isn't 'hard' eating healthy isn't 'hard' It's just that your fat face is so used to eating like a trash compactor that doing anything besides succumbing to your every fat desire is seen as 'hard'
I'm a healthy weight and I literally never have to think about what I'm going to eat. This is because I don't treat my body like megacorp's personal landfill.

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Calories in calories out is a meme when you don't factor in macronutrients. You can eat low calorie shit junk food and still get fat.

>> No.12537051

Try and get fat eating only fried eggs. Hint: you can't.

>> No.12537054

Cool story bro
Most of the world is not like you

Also I've never been more than 10 lbs overweight. I just like to cut before vacations, weddings, etc, so I can stuff my fat fucking face without remorse

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No you can’t you fat coping retard

>Thermodynamics is a meme
Just lol, thank the fag christ youre offing yourself through natural selection

You can if it surpasses caloric expenditure needs, and its nice to see you’ve yet again shifted from health to weight maintenance

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Bruh CICO is not absolute because your body may not process all calories. Sometimes you just shit it out. Sometimes rather violently. That's science, bitch

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>No you can't
Yeah you can. If you only ate a diet that consisted of carbs, you'd still gain weight even if you counter calories. Which means macronutrients matter.

>he thinks cholesterol is poison
Keep buying those jew lies.

>> No.12537106

>t. people who literally can't grasp basic, 1st grade science
It's crazy how you think that a calorie is magically different based on it's source.
A calorie is a calorie. A calorie is a unit of energy. Eating more units of energy than expended = excess units of energy being stored.
Eating less units of energy than expended = units of energy being taken from existing stores to be used by the body.
It's the laws of thermodynamics.
Your body doesn't care where the energy comes from.

>Most of the world is not like you
I agree, because most of the world is fat and pointing at random sources of energy and calling them bad, or that they're the root cause of being fat is dangerous and wrong. The root cause of being fat is the person controlling what you eat (either yourself or your parents). Blaming a food group doesn't teach people to make healthy and sustainable choices.

>> No.12537120

>Yeah you can. If you only ate a diet that consisted of carbs, you'd still gain weight even if you counter calories. Which means macronutrients matter.
Imagine being this braindead.

>> No.12537124

>its not 110% accurate!!!
It’s basically as accurate as possible. You are not counting calories if you have an issue with this

>sometimes you shit out
Shitting burns calories, was that also a revelation? Are you having extreme digestive issues?

>you only ate a diet that consisted of carbs, you'd still gain weight even if you counter calories.
No you cant you obese fat fucking retard. That’s literally not how weight gaining works. You have absolutely zero evidence and prove yourself to be a braindead fucking chimp by thinking clogging your arteries is nirvana. It’s amazing how low carbers go through of a slippery slope en route to full willful mental impairment

>> No.12537148

Not all calories are equal. Fat, carbs, and protein all function differently in the body.

>> No.12537159

>Not only is it an inefficient way to lose weight, it's just terrible health advice in general.
I've lost 35 pounds since April simply through restricting calories.

>> No.12537163

Fat fucking retard. Why do you fatties spew such blatant fucking baseless lies and expect anyone to take you seriously?

>> No.12537164

Absolutely 100% not true at all. Find me primary sources stating this. You can't, because a calorie==calorie

>> No.12537166

I've literally never bothered counting calories ever in my life on low carb. For example, I can eat as much steak as I want and literally do not have to worry about getting fat.

>> No.12537170

>I don't eat junk food unless you consider fruits and GRAINS to be junk food
>I'm on a low carb diet
based ketoid retard

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DO NOT listen to this guy. Fat doesn't kill botulism or salmonella.

Temperatures below 55 degrees Fahrenheit do. Simply place the food in a cool dark place like a closet or basement for a day or two to ensure it's safe.

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post body

>> No.12537180

>burn off the carbs in beer
>Almost 90 posts and no-one has posted the fat chick who "cooked out the calories" from a chocolate fudge cake
>Instead everyone's arguing about keto

>> No.12537187 [DELETED] 


Energy values of different nutrients:

Carbohydrate: 17kJ (4 kcal) per gram

Fat: 37kJ (9 kcal) per gram


>b-but all calories are equal!
Shut the fuck up.

>> No.12537192

That doesn’t disprove a thing I said

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Holy shit are you actually unironically serious with this? Read that AGAIN you fat dumbass

>> No.12537201

>For example, I can eat as much steak as I want and literally do not have to worry about getting fat.
Wow, shocker, you can eat large amounts of filling food that isn't as calorie dense as your non-keto eating habits. Crazy.
Lets see you eat 5lbs of steak a day an see you not get fat.

>> No.12537202

Ketolards are the dumbest pieces of shit on the planet. They are the proselytizing evangelists everyone makes out vegans to be

>> No.12537204

It disproves that you need to count calories to lose weight. Calories literally don't fucking matter.

>> No.12537213

If this isn't trolling you really aught to go back and finish middle school. jfc. Unbelievable levels of retardation.

>> No.12537215

>get fat from eating 5 lbs of steak
Literally impossible. No amount will make you fat.

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>measuring and keeping a diary of everything you eat is an important part of a healthy lifestyle
Thanks Coca-Cola merchant.

>> No.12537224 [DELETED] 

It's showing that calories are not equal, retards.

>> No.12537229

The pretend ketard in this thread is trolling

>> No.12537232

If you buy, cook and eat 5lbs of meat a day for a month, save your receipts and prove you at the minimum of 5lbs of meat per day, and you don't gain weight, I will personally refund your entire month's meat expenditures.

>> No.12537249

This is pathetic. Like arguing with a child.

>> No.12537251

The most I could eat a day is probably 2 pounds because I'd get full. But it literally can't make you fat. It's just meat.

>> No.12537257

>Yes. Carbs are heat sensitive and cook off above 100c/212f.
Holy shit lmao, I fucking cant.

>> No.12537258

No, a carbohydrate, protein and fat are not calories. It's the caloric content per gram. You goddamn retard

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This fucking guy, that would make it worse you idiot.

Ultraviolet is gods little virus killer. A chicken breast rested on a windowsill absorbing as much light as possible during the day and as much of the UV light reflected by the moon at night allows you to cook medium rare chicken with absolutely no risk of poisoning.

Try it you'll love it : )

>> No.12537268

>2lbs of meat a day
>1400 calories
>can't make you fat
No fucking shit dumbass, 1400 calories per day is lower than anyone's resting metabolic rate.

>> No.12537273

Keto made my hair start falling out of my head at 25. Filled back out after I stopped eating a diet made for seizure prone children.

>> No.12537288

That was more likely the HRT my darling.

>> No.12537302

1400 calories of meat won't make you fat but 1400 calories of carbs will.

>> No.12537312

you have to find something that works for you both mentally and physically
keto (I'd rather say low-carb) works great for many people

>> No.12537315

>Keto made my hair start falling out of my head at 25. Filled back out after I stopped eating a diet made for seizure prone children.
That's called being nutrient deficient
Take your vitamins

>> No.12537321

The key to good health and good gains is eating a diet that doesn't restrict any nutrients. People should stop treating complete or whole diets like they're evil

>> No.12537330

Test does cause hair to fall out, yes.

>> No.12537332

People on vegan diets also experience hair loss. You can't blame it on keto. There's probably some external factor.

>> No.12537335


>> No.12537342

Nah I'm eating a diet that provides all my nutrients for me because I'm not a cuck. Dilate ketofags

>> No.12537350

Feel free to experiment.

>> No.12537352

I have no idea if anyone replied seriously yet but the answer is no. Cooking with beer will actually cook off the water (100°C) and alcohol (70°C) while actually leaving pretty much ONLY the carbs, plus caramelizing them aka turning them into sugar. The result is increased sweetness and viscosity which helps the main ingredient physically 'bond' with the rest. It's about the same idea behind wine and to an extent, flour and grated bread, actually.

>> No.12537363

All nutrients can be obtained from meat and animal products. Even vitamin c which is found in organs such as liver. Carbs are unnecessary.

>> No.12537369

Nah keto is cucked and veganism is redpilled and based. Only fat fucking monsters at my work are keto and it hasn't made a difference.

>> No.12537370

There is no need to experiment. The laws of thermodynamics have already been figured out.
A calorie (a measure of energy) is a calorie, regardless of the source.

>> No.12537374

So you want to be fucked in your hairy man pussy

>> No.12537400

Veganism lacks every animal vitamin such as A, B (especially b12), D, K, and nutrients such as DHA, iron, and zinc. Plant sources of these nutrients are hardly bioavailable or digestible, especially given the fact that most plant foods contain some form of anti-nutrients (phytic acid, etc) which inhibit absorption of other nutrients. It's just not sustainable long-term. No one stays vegan for longer than a few months/years. They eventually fall back to eating animal foods because their bodies are starved of nutrition.

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File: 23 KB, 620x330, 86930F4F-7828-48EB-B911-482C6CC4B0D9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No it doesn’t you dumbass lmao, are you actually serious? Can your dumb ass even read?

>> No.12537416

Ignore this troll.

The right answer is to store salmon in a 40yo gay bugchasers asshole for 4 hours and the consume it raw, this makes it carbon neutral and locks in all the flavor.

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>> No.12537421

Literal bird brains. Actual unironic bird brains. Seek a neurologist

>> No.12537423

It only "works" for sedentary fat fuck retards who are too mentally impaired to make good food choices without giving themselves a dumbfuck restriction like "it can't have carbs" which eliminates 99% of food. Ask any intelligent person with an attractive body whether they eat carbs. Go to any university lab where people have an education, you won't find fat fucks lecturing about how calories aren't real and the reason Americans are fat is because they eat too much rice and potatoes (unless they get paid to say that like the jews at Harvard)

>> No.12537428

Why are anti-ketoers so against a diet that basically does work well for a whole lot of people, in this age where obesity is rampant. Plus you get to stick it to the cancerous sugar industry.

>> No.12537430

Fuck this was supposed to be a gif

>> No.12537431

Talking about B12 shows me you have no idea what you're talking about. Most foods are fortified with it and is naturally produced by bacteria that is prevalent everywhere. If you eat veggies that you've grown yourself you will get all the B12 you will need for months. All of those other nutrients are easily available if you eat a variety of foods and aren't a tastelet. I've been vegan for about ten years now. Dilate fatass

>> No.12537441
File: 155 KB, 540x540, 9C1ED51B-C8CF-4643-BB9E-7932375C105E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nope. Beta carotene

Nope. B12 yes but this is easily fortified and supplemented

Seek sunlight, or shrooms

Nope. Flat out wrong

Converted from ALA

>iron, zinc

>the fact that most plant foods contain some form of anti-nutrients (phytic acid, etc) which inhibit absorption of other nutrients
Wrong and show the evidence of the efficiency of these

>> No.12537442

My uncle is an endocrinologist and promotes low carb diets. Explain that

>> No.12537446

Because they're all enlightened centrists who think macronutrients are completely irrelevant. Not only is "calories in calories out" unnecessary and a waste of time, it's a completely inefficient way of losing weight if you don't make any actual diet changes.

>> No.12537461

If it works, it works. It has no magical properties that makes the calories you eat less caloric though like this retard implies >>12537446

And it sure as hell isnt a panacea diet

>> No.12537462

>t. Fat Albert

>> No.12537463

>fortified foods
Yeah because those grow naturally on trees right? Your diet is completely unsustainable. Unless you live near the equator, you do not have local access to fruits n vegs 365 days of the year and need to have them shipped in from other parts of the world.

Mental retardation is a symptom of vitamin b12 deficiency.

>> No.12537474

You literally need to cook things like beans to inhibit the phytic acid. And if you aren't sprouting your nuts and seeds then you aren't getting much out of them either. And cooking is known to destroys nutrients.

>> No.12537475
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Let's flip this on it's head a little.

I drink shit loads of beer and eat toast, sandwiches and have around 6 packs of crisps (potato chips for our black friends) so my diet is mainly carbs and I'm fat as fuck, explain that Einstein?

>> No.12537485
File: 97 KB, 1200x762, DnEzjVEVAAAesOM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah it's working fantastic.

>> No.12537489

Because people blindly praise keto and think it's a miracle fix-all. It doesn't teach healthy eating habits (regardless of what your ketard doctrine says), which is the root of all obesity issues. Healthy eating isn't picking and choosing boogeymen, it's moderation and naturally choosing healthy foods over high-calorie dense/low-nutrition foods. (ie, your typical fattie diet)
If you raise your kids on a low-carb/keto diet you and your whole family should be euthanized.

>> No.12537500

Low carb diet advice? Lmao. Doctors give low-fat diet advice, not low carb. Why do you think there is so much propaganda against fat? Why are there so many commercials advertising plant oils as a replacement for butter?

>> No.12537504

Your uncle is an endocrinologist, not nutri-sci/dietetics. That's like saying my car mechanic says the best anti-virus for my laptop is McAfee

>> No.12537508

Do you eat your beans raw or something, retard? Why the fuck wouldn’t you cook them?

>And if you aren't sprouting your nuts and seeds then you aren't getting much out of them either.
Cool momscience

>And cooking is known to destroys nutrients.
If you fry your foods, sure. Cooking increases the bioavailability of a lot you raw foodist nutjob

>> No.12537515

Potato chips are low in carbs, dummy. Beer has mainly alcohol (no, ethanol is a not a carbohydrate, dummy)
Do you eat plain toast and plain bread all day? Of course not because then you'd be slim. You put some fat shit on that, probably cheeses, meats, spreads.
So you consume a high-fay diet, like all fat people do.

>> No.12537517

>implying nutritionists don't give shit advice

>> No.12537518

>muh nature
You hunt your Big Macs yourself?

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File: 89 KB, 300x212, fat_kid-latino.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You forgot to control for all the fat fucking immigrants

>> No.12537526

How the fuck is oil low in fat? Holy hell, these people

>> No.12537529

It's not mom science. Here's a source. Your diet is ridden with anti-nutrients. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antinutrient

Also it isn't sustainable either, read >>12537463

>> No.12537539

Keto doesn't teach healthy eating habits, but it tends to produce them as a side effect

Many people on keto don't lose weight until they're told about CICO (we need to teach this shit in schools).

Then they'll start reading nutrition guides on food. I find people who have done low carb before show a lot of caution in the food they eat after finish.

What's so wrong with that?

>> No.12537540

It's 100% possible to buy locally from your local farmer. Vegans need their food shipped in from all other parts of the world because crops obviously don't grow in the winter.

>> No.12537545

Lets not pretend that texas was thin before immigrants came. They got fat from all the cheap food thats high in calories because its all meat and oil.

>> No.12537546
File: 5 KB, 94x113, 0000d7ab_big~4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Potato chips are low in carbs
>Beer has mainly alcohol
Jesus I didn't even read your posts properly thought you was been serious.

>> No.12537550

Dieticians are to endocrinologist what engineers are to physicists
Dietiology (?) is applied endocrinology

>> No.12537553

It's a different type of fat which is marketed as a healthier alternative to animal-based fat which is higher in cholesterol. Cholesterol isn't fucking bad for you, it's literally required to make testosterone. Your brain is made of cholesterol.

>> No.12537561

Because freezing and pickling food you grow in the summer is a technique too advanced for you flyover retards? You're either a poorfag or a brainlet if you don't grow at least some of your own food. Also all the meat and dairy you eat is shipped over from other states so I dont see why thats suddenly an issue.

>> No.12537566


>> No.12537569
File: 32 KB, 408x632, the-goyim-know-shut-it-down-jew-walkie-talkie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>Cholesterol isn't fucking bad for you, it's literally required to make testosterone.
You're getting too close to the truth anon

>> No.12537577

>Because freezing and pickling food you grow in the summer
Hardly any vegan actually does this. Most of them live in big cities and are completely dependant on fucking whole foods.

>Also all the meat and dairy you eat is shipped over from other states
Nope. The dairy and meat I get comes locally from my state. I don't buy from supermarkets.

>> No.12537582

Paid Coca-Cola shills. Literally.

All this bullshit about calories is propaganda spread to protect processed food industry profits.

>> No.12537587

>calorie dense
Everyone who uses this phrase should be euthanised.

>> No.12537604
File: 343 KB, 680x713, dctc22c-70571ba4-3978-4978-bafc-21b853a6e5f9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>calories in calories out

>> No.12537614

Most of the calories in beer are from alcohol, most of which will evaporate as the alcohol/sauce reduces, and the carbs aren't simple sugars. When you cook with beer, you literally use one beer, if that. Don't be such a pussy.

>> No.12537616


it's unironically one of the most important factors in which foods make people overeat so no (:

>> No.12537631

You didn’t refute a thing I said. You just restated what antinutrients are, retard. That’s irrelevant to your nut sprouting point I called momscience you unread fuckface

>> No.12537636

Nice job dodging the question

>Vegans need their food shipped in from all other parts of the world because crops obviously don't grow in the winter.
What point are you even making? Did you hunt your Big Mac and make this big ol computer yourself or not chubs?

>> No.12537642

High fat diets WITHOUT calorie counting are more effective than low fat diets with calorie counting.

Fat is the most "calorie dense" food.

If there's any correlation between so-called "calorie density" and obesity, its inverse.

Simply put: you should be aborted.

>> No.12537645
File: 142 KB, 853x738, 5A209821-33F9-489E-A8A1-4AFF9F87E9C4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That’s why your liver makes it you fat retard. Dietary cholesterol is IRRELEVANT and harmful

>> No.12537649

You just did.

>> No.12537667

Do you get paid to have brain damage?

>> No.12537677

Its SO fun annihilating you dumbasses EVERY time

It really is

>> No.12537682

Dumb cunt can't read nutrition label, big surprise. Imagine thinking that a thin wafer fried in oil is low in fat. don't even need the label to figure it out if your brain works. Fat fucks never cease to amaze me, these same fatties will then say regular peanut butter is too high in sugar (peanut butter is 3% calories from sugar and 75% from fat, for the dumbfucks)

It is sometimes claimed that fat people like sugar, however the evidence indicates that they hate it and eat nothing but fat all day, avoiding sugar where they can.

>> No.12537686

>losing weight triggers incels now

Absolutely poetic

>> No.12537704

>It is sometimes claimed that fat people like sugar, however the evidence indicates that they hate it and eat nothing but fat all day, avoiding sugar where they can.
Citation needed

>> No.12537711

Well ketards say all carbs are sugar since they are all broken down into simple sugars before they enter the bloodstream, so since fat people have low carb intake they also have low sugar intake.

>> No.12537725

I get all of my meat and dairy locally. You need your all your shit shipped in from multiple different countries. Whatever I'm not here to argue. Enjoy depriving yourself of nutrients.

>> No.12537729

Testosterone is literally made out of cholesterol. It isn't harmful. This is my last reply I'm getting bored of this. Enjoy your brain damage. You'll eventually go back to eating animal products like all vegans do.

>> No.12537736
File: 198 KB, 1080x536, Screenshot_20190624-163944.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Congrats you played yourself

>> No.12537738

And I only eat local fruits and veggies, mostly what I grow myself. I've done bloodwork multiple times since going vegan and all my levels are within normal ranges. You're as much of an edge case as I am. You think the average McBurger family sources their food locally? Even meat at the store is all frozen shit shipped from different states.

>> No.12537741
File: 92 KB, 500x375, plz-stop-post.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Honestly what the fuck are you babbling on about and why do you care? Did your mother recently die of a low carb diet.

>> No.12537744

Yeah, agriculture and the mcdonalds drive thru while shitposting on your computer in your shart stained chinese made tighty whities so natural bro!

>depriving yourself of nutrients
What nutrients were those again you lying retarded fat fuck? Hahahahahahahahaha

>> No.12537752

I never claimed the opposite. Most Americans have no idea where their food comes from. And good luck sustaining yourself on a diet of fruits and veggies. Good luck not relapsing.

>> No.12537756
File: 11 KB, 437x261, FC246674-C331-4B1C-B29A-A998B52F2BA1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You literally arent refuting a thing I’m saying. Your liver MAKES all the cholesterol you need, you do not even NEED dietary cholesterol to increase cholesterol. You are lying retarded, fat sack of dogshit. Enjoy the actual brain damage from the massive heart attack. RETARD

>> No.12537767

Nah. This is the medical industry's propaganda. Sugar causes heart attacks, not saturated fat. I'd get your testosterone levels checked if I were you.

>> No.12537769

I’m not sure you even think what your point is here, buddy. You retards are completely incapable of discourse outside of these retarded irrelevant zingers like any trump voter

>> No.12537775
File: 1.07 MB, 1125x1453, E4153652-283B-4C82-9820-5470A354449D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh look, fat wittle wetarded babby got blown the fuck out, how sad :(

Might want to get your weight checked you obese fuck LMAO

>> No.12537779
File: 44 KB, 800x450, brainlettttt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's a useless study for comparing keto BECAUSE THE STUDY GROUP WASN'T IN KETOSIS

Not only that but has 2 citations for studies that showed the opposite

>> No.12537781

Won't have any issues with it because I have self control unlike ketards.

>> No.12537782
File: 10 KB, 226x223, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>like any trump voter

>> No.12537790

might just be useful placebo

>> No.12537792

>cites literal propaganda
Good goy

>> No.12537807
File: 136 KB, 999x655, 5250FC82-9E6E-4148-B007-16BA0C8CF090.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The post I replied to had NOTHING to do with keto you blabbering fat fuck. High fat isn’t inherently keto

>two citations contradict
Your dumb ass literally can’t read, its simply referencing past studies, it’s not using the studies as evidence for its conclusions you giant retard

>> No.12537816
File: 43 KB, 620x324, AF60B7B4-333C-4CD2-9493-34CA97646E2D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did I say how fun it was absolutely annihilating you retards EVERY time?

>m-muh witch d-doctor s-said

>> No.12537829

Yeah because elites can't pay scientists to conduct studies and come up with fake results. Sure buddy. Enjoy depriving yourself of NUTRITION. We'll see who's right when you're sick and mentally ill in the end.

>> No.12537832
File: 174 KB, 1125x854, 56FAFC8B-714A-4C15-8A68-F6A46A0C5258.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

People who deny the lipid hypothesis are jews trying to kill you slowly

>> No.12537834

>spewing literal pilpul

>> No.12537837
File: 235 KB, 1125x520, 7FE80896-44C9-4D75-AA45-63094E7E5A05.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You’re already morbidly obese, mentally retarded, and schizophrenic. Many such cases - Sad!

>> No.12537846
File: 315 KB, 1125x597, B390B6CB-4E54-4910-BF80-0F7E0F7D4904.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It is SEXUALLY AROUSING to absolutely fucking stomp on you fat fucks

>> No.12537848

Honestly I don't know why people care about what diet people do.
If it works, it works.
Some are better suited for certain individuals than others.

>> No.12537856

>trusting anything from mainstream medical "science"
Don't worry you'll eventually faint from vitamin b12 deficiency.

>> No.12537862

>muh enlightened centrism

>> No.12537867
File: 42 KB, 620x317, 2102B9C3-C8B9-495B-B96D-FFB6A9A849E8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It is so much fun annihilating you retards. REPEATEDLY

>regurgitates a literal “””mainstream medical science”” talking point


>> No.12537873

What am i looking at here goy. Youre replying to the wrong anon

By the way. You said you weren't talking about keto in the 2009 study, yet the reply chain was talking about keto

So get fucked

>> No.12537878 [DELETED] 

post body you twink

>> No.12537880

You're just mad because someone won't argue.

>> No.12537881

>I-im totally not owned guys che-check the reply chain

>> No.12537894


>A recent systemic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials comparing the long-term effects (greater than 1 year) of dietary interventions on weight loss showed no sound evidence for recommending low-fat diets. In fact, low-carbohydrate diets led to significantly greater weight loss compared to low-fat interventions.

>It was observed that a carbohydrate-restricted diet is better than a low-fat diet for retaining an individual’s BMR. In other words, the quality of calories consumed may affect the number of calories burned. BMR dropped by more than 400 kcal/day on a low-fat diet when compared to a very low-carb diet.

>>>In other words, the quality of calories consumed may affect the number of calories burned
What did they mean by this

>> No.12537901 [DELETED] 
File: 32 KB, 462x199, 429A4030-8388-48BB-94FE-30B9C101195B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The thing I replied to literally said “high fat” you FAT retard

You’d like that wouldn’t you, Mr. Vice President?

>> No.12537907
File: 96 KB, 559x451, 1_lg8oMoZuGKqO0So7DxENdw.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12537914

Weird how people with higher levels of cholesterol live longer https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3442317/

>> No.12537921

Oh yeah that thing that isn’t even cited within the opinion piece

>> No.12537923

Enjoy your cancer

>> No.12537938

Seriously anon? The references to the studies are in the references section
Your intentional ignorance is bordering on shilling
Starting to seriously believe the anon that said you are a Coca Cola shill

>> No.12537957

>To date, evidence from randomized controlled clinical trials is lacking
Damning indeed

References aren’t a citation, dumbass. How can I examine the authenticity of a study when the claim of it within the study doesn’t even directly cite it? Did you go to high school?

>> No.12537974

Yeah that's what I thought FAGGOT
Get btfo'd

>> No.12537980

Damn you fags are still arguing about this?
I have a shitload of beer and just wanted to cook without adding more carbs

>> No.12537998

That’s not what the study claims. Its examining the single association between serum cholesterol and mortality in an elderly home population. It does not directly attribute the cause of death and is just as easily potentially a case of reverse causality where you can see cancers plummeting cholesterol but the cause of death is cancer, not low cholesterol. This is not a metabolic ward experiment involving high or low cholesterol like so where the more cholesterol consumed, the higher the levels, and the higher the mortality as a result of atherosclerotic plaque

>> No.12538006

Nigger read the first fucking reply are you blind shit

>> No.12538010
File: 8 KB, 209x90, E01B8E84-CBEA-459D-A3A3-DCD9BAB69A9C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh what’s that? Another fat fuck bubble of yours bursted because you can only read the abstract and conclusions? Daaaaaw!!!

>> No.12538017

How do I know fp is correct when I see this:

>> No.12538022

So basically you're misinterpreting it because you don't like the results. Gotcha

>> No.12538059
File: 16 KB, 620x112, 3EF39D8A-5194-404B-9CEF-E6C73FF54F29.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lol you got utterly ANNIHILATED again, fat faggot. NOWHERE does it state “high cholesterol makes you live longer”, it’s purely an unexamined association of serum cholesterol and mortality you RETARD. You are LITERALLY the only one misinterpreting anything just like you misinterpreted my study showing DIRECT causation between dietary cholesterol consumption, arterial plaque, and atherosclerosis

Now here’s a fun game! Explain what I JUST told you!

>> No.12538071

It literally says high cholesterol is linked to lower all cause mortality. I'm not misinterpreting shit. You can deny it all you want but it literally says it right there in the study. Get fucked. I'm not replying anymore.

>> No.12538098
File: 315 KB, 234x159, (you).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Carbs are heat sensitive and cook off above 100c/212f.

>> No.12538108
File: 8 KB, 209x101, F6D5BA8E-0CBA-4ACB-9D48-9FBBD4FCD5B3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No it doesn’t, DUMBASS. It says within this particular population, high cholesterol is associated with it. That doesn’t mean high cholesterol is GENERALLY associated with lower all cause mortality RETARD, let alone CAUSALITY like you implied HERE >>12537914

You can’t even read your OWN shit right

>I’m not misinterpreting shit


>b-b-b-but it says it there!

Hey RETARD, why don’t you AGAIN TRY to explain what I told you before?

>> No.12538114
File: 125 KB, 999x589, 11C79DB4-2BEE-44D5-B69E-85963574A202.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Get fucked. I'm not replying anymore.







Stay in your fat fuck lane, FATTY

>> No.12538122


>> No.12538128

>Get fucked. I'm not replying anymore.


>> No.12538152

Fun fact, being on a low-carb/keto diet makes you a protected class during job applications because you're technically mentally disabled.

>> No.12538161

didn't know it was possible to be this based

>> No.12538171


>> No.12538190

Fun fact you are gay

>> No.12538219
File: 843 KB, 220x220, tenor-2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone who samefags this much is borderline schizophrenic/narcissistic personality disorder and probably needs to cut back on sugar

>> No.12538221

Fun fact you was looking in a mirror when the said/posted that.

>> No.12538361

yes. you aren't supposed to eat bread raw anyway, unless you're some kind of uncivilised savage like the burgers.

>> No.12538395

>reee keto doesn't work because it just keeps you from eating crap
yeah thats a real tragedy there cotton

>> No.12538402

>Calories in calories out is correct
should have stopped there, retard.

>> No.12538431

>Keto is high fat
keto is low carb. the high fat thing is only if you're maintaining your weight, then fat and protein are your only other macronutrients. the moderate protein thing was caused by a study of people on high carb diets, if you're eating a high carb diet then protein spikes your insulin, but a later study done on people on an ultra low carb ketogenic diet found that for nearly all of them protein doesn't affect insulin much more than fat. so keto doesn't really restrict protein anymore unless you're one of the unfortunate ones.

>> No.12538451
File: 462 KB, 686x554, 1559675844365.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>avoiding carbs the rest of your life isn't a lifestyle change

>> No.12538453

Your parents should’ve stopped after 3 months in

>> No.12538465
File: 36 KB, 450x338, slide1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>thinks you can gain weight without insulin
go back to school you mong. you missed some classes.

>> No.12538494

>A calorie (a measure of energy) is a calorie, regardless of the source.
true. but how much of that calorie gets stored as fat depends on the endocrine system. and for *that* the type of macronutrient turns out to matter a great deal.

>> No.12538502

does he also work for nintendo?

>> No.12538511

An excess caloric intake results in increased body fat. Plain and simple

>> No.12538517

dietology is applied religion. the american dietician association was started by 7th day adventists to justify their cult's vegan dietary restriction. keto is also a cult, so the anti-vegan/anti-keto war is just their little apocalyptic fantasies playing out.

>> No.12538523

7th Day Adventists are primarily vegetarian, they eat very little animal products but are vegetarian, not vegan

>> No.12538524
File: 80 KB, 435x690, 1547862805188.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

moral vegans don't need testosterone.

>> No.12538538

Nope. No amount of steak you eat will be stored as excess fat.

>> No.12538547

Why do they all have the same obnoxious glasses

>> No.12538549

Fat storage does not take place without insulin, which generally does not appear in harmful quantities without excess blood glucose.

>> No.12538553

>he doesn't know that the author of that paper wrote "dietary cholesterol has no effect on serum cholesterol in humans" a mere 5 years later
lol cholesterolfags btfo by their own hero ancel keys

>> No.12538570

Yes it will, if eaten at a caloric gain. This isnt debatable, sorry, you’re free to rewrite all the laws of thermodynamics as head canon tho

>> No.12538571

>lipid hypothesis
>posts graph about discredited cholesterol hypothesis
cholesterol is needed for brain function, which is why statins cause a measureable and statistically significant drop in IQ.

>> No.12538581

jokes on you retard. I samefag all the time and I'm on a strict carnivore diet.

>> No.12538585

not without insulin to put it there. see >>12538465
for what people with low insulin levels look like, no matter how much they eat.

>> No.12538590

Wait, is this the 7 nation study? The one where he threw out 14 of the 21 data points or something because they didn't follow his hypothesis? Is that what you're citing as your master stroke?

I love how people always quote the laws of thermodynamics as if they have some sort of idea what they're talking about. Food is not digested by converting energy to matter, it is done by extracting chemical energy from atomic bonds. You assume that the body is a 100% efficient machine with no waste heat, and it simply isn't.

>> No.12538592

enjoy your ban ketard

>> No.12538594

Cholesterol is a lipid you dumb fuck, the lipid hypothesis is in part about dietary cholesterol and its effects on serum cholesterol

No it hasn’t.

>cholesterol is needed for brain function
Then you obviously need more. You require no dietary cholesterol to raise your serum cholesterol anyways

Ancel Keys defended the lipid hypothesis to his grave

>> No.12538608

So it needs insulin or insulin in harmful amounts? You’re contradicting yourself

>> No.12538619

this. before insulin, type 1 diabetics had to eat basically a carnivore diet, meat only. they usually died from starvation because they couldn't store any fat so had to eat continously to survive, but couldn't eat while asleep.

>> No.12538627

>not without insulin

>low insulin levels
Again contradicting yourself

No, it is not. The fact you think it is should discredit your obvious preconceived and ill informed biases about it

I like how you think eating at a caloric deficit will somehow make you gain weight

>> No.12538643

t. low testosterone vegan soiboi

>> No.12538652

>No it hasn’t.
Yes it has. Key was outed as a fraud for failing to publish data that contradicted his hypothesis.

>I like how you think eating at a caloric deficit will somehow make you gain weight
Fat. You can gain fat while eating a caloric deficit. This is most notable with diabetes sufferers who consume fructose (notably HFCS). This is because fructose is easily converted to fat even without insulin present. Diabetics are actually "starving" because their body is breaking down their muscle tissue to sustain itself while still storing glucose as calories due to the immense hormonal dysfunction.

>> No.12538654

nope, but that certainly explains your confusion. ancel keys quickly discovered (by 1954) that his experiments in 1949 on chickens and rabbits didn't translate to humans, for humans eating cholesterol didn't actually raise serum cholesterol above normal levels, so he changed his hypothesis to blame saturated fats.

>> No.12538682
File: 20 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

vegans be like: https://youtu.be/EFF30jfTubU

>> No.12538688

>Yes it has
No it hasn’t. You’re literally just making shit up. You don’t even know what the Seven Countries Study is and what the study you’re actually bitching about is.
You’re just repeating trite talking points from your favorite youtube snake oil salesmen without having an original thought of your own

>> No.12538731

There is no confusion. Ancel Keys did not refute the lipid hypothesis. He has said dietary cholesterol and saturated fats both raise serum cholesterol. After the study in 1949. Are you going to actually cite anything?

>> No.12538748

We don't need to cite anything. Your evidence has been shown to be fraudulent. The burden of proof falls back on you.

>> No.12538773

in chickens and rabbits. even ancel admitted that.

>> No.12538777

Literally nothing you posted discredits Ancel Keys or the lipid hypothesis. But again, you don’t actually read, you simply regurgitate whatever your holistic guru sells you on. Please explain how those garbage articles disprove the controlled metabolic ward meta analysis affirming the lipid hypothesis here >>12537775

Take all the time you need to actually educate yourself on the manner

>> No.12538785

Are you going to cite anything or just keep puking up autistic dogma with no evidence that the lipid hypothesis is false?

>> No.12538796

It's cute the way you conflate the cholesterol hypothesis with the lipid hypothesis

>> No.12538807

The entirety of the
>fat bad, sugar good
Idea is based on a single study, which was later found to be based on willfully incomplete data. When actual, randomized control trials are performed, the data does not conform to the hypothesis, and the "evidence" is often skewed to match the prevailing theory.

I can't find a single source distinguishing the two.

>> No.12538835

Its cute you’re such a fucking fat retard that doesn’t realize cholesterol is a lipid. You’re the exact same braindead chimp everytime that insists Keys contradicted himself while producting no evidence of such and calling him an industry hack while simultaneously citing Egg Board funded Rajiv Chowdhury and his academically lambasted study on saturated fats being beneficial
You are still a birdbrained retard repeating the same unsubstantiated trash months later

>Idea is based on a single study, which was later found to be based on willfully incomplete data.
No it wasn’t. You can’t even decide which study it was since you don’t know the difference between the Hopkins meta analysis from the Seven Countries Study

Explain how this meta analysis of 76 controlled metabolic ward studies is wrong >>12537775

You are 100% editorializing

>> No.12538916

A meta analysis of 395 metabolic ward studies

Dietary cholesterol and saturated fat RAISE serum cholesterol significantly

>b-b-but 7 Countries and H-Hegsted years after

>> No.12538942

Just a reminder that Dr. Atkins fainted while ice skating because of the keto diet he invented, and the fall killed him

>> No.12538952

Alcohol actually takes a long time to evaporate. It's a myth that it does when you cook with it.

>> No.12539745

I stopped reading after "It's a meme because without keto, you are a ravenous slob that will slam anything down your fat gullet"

anon confirmed for celiac cuck

>> No.12541403

Hello! Wow, I don't think I've ever spoken to such a mentally disabled person, are your parents proud that you can type on a keyboard well enough to form a sentence? Good for you, keep working on it, anon, someday you'll find success.

>> No.12543181

That’s how I boil the calories out of my fudge

>> No.12543250

But does high serum cholesterol cause heart diseases?

>> No.12543288

You know, the Ketogenic diet was developed for children with seizures, it really has nothing to do with anything any of you are talking about.

>> No.12543440

What if im a child with seizures who wants to cool with beer

Also, Viagra started as heart medicine

>> No.12544160

This is it. I lost 60lbs on keto a few years ago, but it was really just thinking about what I eat that caused the weight loss. I think there might be a slight correlation between lowered insulin response and weight loss as well, but probably not the major component. For keto to be successful you still have to restrict calories. I'm just such a fucking garbage dump that I'll always eat more than the recommended serving size.

>> No.12544199

Based and not ketarded. I'm glad you were able to lose weight

>> No.12544350

Ancel Keys, 1956

>> No.12544511
File: 3 KB, 1275x37, stop.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's definitely some cunts on both sides of the argument.

>> No.12544593


>> No.12544604

What the fuck just happened?
Anyway, who gives a shit? Just stop adding sugar syrup and eating massive portions of carbs. Weight loss is as easy as portion control and cutting out dessert and drinks that aren't water. Good enough for poorshits in 3rd world countries, good enough for you.

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