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Name a worse tasting hot sauce go ahead I'll wait. This shit is absolutely disgusting.

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all of them, faggot. use fresh chilis.

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It's pretty gross... it's got the flavour profile of a particular cheap merlot, but with smoked pepper and extract. The original is the worst of the bunch.

As far as sauces in this range go, I much prefer either reasonably straight superhot (heavy scotch bonnet/habanero, ghost, scorpion, etc.), or something like Mad Dog which is a lot lighter on that scorched extract/terribly executed mole flavour.

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>my subjective opinion is objective fact

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U kidding me? Dave's insanity has a lovely smokiness and vegetal aroma that ranks in the top 3 best tasting sauces of all time. Ur just a tastelet who's turned off by its heat

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you're a faggot redditor who can't read

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Tabasco. Full stop. Shit tastes like your mother's uterus was put in kombucha and left to ferment for fifteen weeks then they added salt.

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I agree. It's got no flavor, the heat is fine but damn I appreciate something that tastes good.

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u r moron
You're not supposed to eat that stuff directly, you add it to other things in small amounts, like a drop or two.
OP, are you a total retard?

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Are you a faggot, I know the answer to this question, that's yes you are.
But why you keep posting this shit?

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What kind of cooklet retard adds this meme shit to dishes when they could simply use fresh peppers?

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Sometimes it's late at night or have a bunch of sauce and you don't want to chop up a bunch of peppers, then you have to wash your hand 5 times under really hot water or maybe use dishsoap, also maybe one has a girlfriend and don't want to get smacked by her with hot pepper fingers.

It's called reality bitch. Sometimes putting a drop or two of that in something else works.

Now get out of your mom's basement and join reality.

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Where did you learn the term "meme" from, some community college? It's not working for you.

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No. I like hot sauce, and you let these assholes ruin it. I'll keep posting this until it loses all significance and I suggest you do the same.

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I let them ruin it? How is that my fault?
Be precise if you're capable.

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They ruined the best hot sauce ever made bros. They actually went and did it.
It's significantly less hot now and it tastes just like all the other Melindas sauces now instead of being unique like it was before with the papaya.
Fucking bullshit, fucking bullshit, fucking bullshit, holy shit, oh fucker! Fucking bullshit, fucking bullshit, fucking bullshit, son of a bitch, what the hell? Oh motherfucker, goddamn bullshit, holy shit! Oh holy shit, bullshit, goddamn motherfucker! Oh fucking bastard, goddamn, fucking shit! Son of a motherfucking bitch, oh shit!

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Old version, #1 ingredient by weight was Naga Jolokia peppers. New version, #1 ingredient by weight is Habanero peppers. Fucking bullshit.

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Here's a great one that went to the wayside so to speak. I even spoke with the owner of it to convince him to restart production. He put this to me very succinctly, it takes a lot of money and a market to make this and also make a profit from it.
I suspect that it was more of a hassle to him then it was worth, now he's just chilling out on his boat in the Florida keys.

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Imagine being pretentious regarding the use of the word "meme." Get your fucking shit together, faggot.

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>Naga Jolokia
So instead of true peppers from the Americas you'd rather have chemical tasting from engineered from india which is what those jolo ones are.

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t. soyboi cooklet

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That means so much from a faggot that uses a picture from upper west side manhattan faggots, those that can't even get their own places at their ages.
Shame on you. You should be embarressed for idolizing that boring sack of shit.

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If it has a label, it is shit. If I want some pepper, I'll ask the owner of the place if they have their own sauce.

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Ok little boy, are you old enough to post here?

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>getting this triggered over a random reaction image

Top fucking lel. What a fucking faggot. Looks like you skipped out on the 400 level memeology course. Back to community college with you.

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I didn't post that pic, you did.

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All of you redditors let your ilk run free, they need to be stopped

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Do you really think that upper west side faggot whinefeld would be funny without copious amounts of laugh tracks, hollywood bullshit sculping people to laugh at points of time?

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*** sculpting
Just filling time between commercials

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Reaction images make you really mad. I think 4chan might be a bit too much for you to handle.

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You can admit to being a fag, apparently it's very colorful to so for you types. Maybe you can get a quota job.
Using a reaction image is useful sometimes but don't be forced into using one when the situation isn't right.

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You're a dopey, clueless newfag. It's the perfect situation to post images mocking your dumb ass.

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I actually like that one lol.

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what are some other unique sauces like the old melinda's one?

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most smoked sauces are pretty crap, the taste of smoke overpowers everything.

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Did you even read the post?

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Why are hot sauce threads always full of insecure boomers? Shit is cringe af.

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Boomers ruined 4chan more thoroughly than any other cancer. Not even the dumbest newfag of yore can beat out literal dadposting in its inanity and sheer unfunny. It's like being on a redneck's sofa, with the smell of cat piss, cigarettes, and autism wafting through your nose while he turns on Big Bang Theory for dinner.

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absolutely the worst

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>absolutely the worst
>not Franks

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Frank's is pretty baloney. But Tabasco is way down there to. Idk which is worse

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Tabasco is way worse than Frank's. You can at least make a passable buffalo sauce with Frank's, Tabasco is entirely useless

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God you fucking faggots are miserable

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thats why i make my own

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If you don't ferment your own grown peppers you're a fag

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Do you mean actual boomers or the 30 year old variety?

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It's fine. Tastes like spicy A1

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I can't stand tobasco, franks, valentina, tapatio, cholula, and crystal. They all taste so aggressively generic and bland.

so /ck/, what are some hot sauces that aren't generic garbage?

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You are a literal fucking kikebook boomer, or a women, both type like fucking retards, id have to weigh heavily on Boomer though, fuck off and leave.

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actual boomers /ck/ attracts these disgusting subhumans as its tame and food. They cant handle faster meme boards at all.

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Lmao based

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make your own! I keep telling you fags this, and I get whining and backtalk.

>handful of destemmed habs
>handful of strawberries
>splash of vinegar
>splash of water
>big shake of salf
>little shake of MSG
>little shake of rosemary

So fucking simple! But keep arguing about which mass produced dogshit tastes the least bad, fucking plebs.

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>>handful of strawberries
I beg your fucking pardon

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They work well with spice and acidity. The rosemary (and probably the msg) would make them take on a more tomato-like flavour, probably with a hint of pineapple due to contrast with the habanero.

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Takes the edge off the habaneros, which are pretty brutal when used whole with the seeds.

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Are you okay

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you sound like that guy who posted that crazy vocaroo last night

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The source is infinitely worse tasting.

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it's so gross.

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