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Is the meme finally dead? I haven't seen/eaten it anywhere in at least a year

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No it’s not a fucking meme now fuck off

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oh sweetie its been dead

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It's tapering off.

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Sriracha is like bacon. Just because the internet turned it into a meme and wouldn't shut the fuck up about it doesn't mean it isn't good.

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I've never known it as a meme, I like it on mac+cheese, ramen, and in my eggs, a lot.

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I use it for scrambled eggs sometimes and making other condiments spicy.

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I like it on my pizza desu

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Still the best condiment to dip french fries into if you ask me.

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I just bought a Huy Fong t shirt. That's how much I like it.

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i decided to take a break

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or just buy the ketchup variant of it

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I tried it once, to be fair it was some Thai rip off called flying goose or something, and it tasted like it had a very dilute amount of cleaning product in it. Is the real thing similar?

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The real stuff is sweet, garlicky, and mildly spicy. It’s pretty damn good, it’s just memed to death.

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this stuff is good, you just don't have to squeeze a ton on everything you eat. but a bit here and there is pretty good on many things

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shit is amazing in ramen.

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Except bacon existed long before the internet and was always good and sriracha is shit-sauce that tastes like cheap dirt.
There are many garlic pepper sauces that are far superior to sriracha, but there is only one bacon.

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I eat it every day and see it in the background of restaurant snaps all the time. it's not dead.

just reading that made me crave leftover pizza with sriracha. I don't put it on pizza normally but when applied after microwaving leftovers... holy shit it might be better than fresh pizza.

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I was gonna make this same exact thread. What’s the next food meme

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Step aside faggots.

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Cream of mushroom

If anything I'm wondering what the new meme bread will be. Pretzel bun -> Brioche bun -> ???

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I fell for the meme and bought some. It tasted like fish and I hated it. Really not surprised it died off.

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Brioche has definitely been done. I thought I saw a pretzel fad not long ago, too.

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You haven’t seen a bottle of sriracha in a year? What a fucking bald faced lie

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Pardon me, son.

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I finished my bottle a couple of days ago.

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>popular food item
>a meme
you are a meme you fucking retard

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>but there is only one bacon.
Oh how little you know.

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Literally what is that?

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I'm honestly confused what /ck/ has against sriracha

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Threadly reminder that the bacon narwhals at midnight

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anime belongs on:

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anime hating should have its own subreddit

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Not sure. I see it more than ever in stores. All sorts of brands now. Recently I saw a smoked sriracha, which I might try because why not.
I like the bottles. Use them for my own things after I'm done with the sauce.

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That one isn't so bad. It doesn't taste as fruity as the rooster brand, but it has a more garlicky flavor instead. I like 'm both.

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Dunno that imposter, but I know this sauce is great.

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based and redpilled

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I had it yesterday in my fajitas

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spiciness is degenerate, spiciness is anti-white. I don't mean to say that in any trivial way. In what it represents, spiciness is degenerate. What it means to spice up your food is to cause yourself agitation. To agitate your tongue. To cause you pain. To cause you a sensation, this new sensation, you might start shifting in your chair like "aah! that's hot!"

Here's the thing about spice, once you go from spicing food to making food spicy you've crossed into the realm of degeneracy. You're gonna be welcomed by Arab sheikhs and fucking la cucaracha dances. I don't mean this as a joke. If spicy food is something you enjoy then it's a sign of a degenerated spirit.

And it's these mud races that are so obsessed with spicy food, they're obsessed with agitation. They live in these climates where it's just sand, blowing in the wind. Or they might live in a muddy tropical forest where it's all gooey and slop-slop everywhere; it's constantly changing. But in the far North, what do we have? We have ice. There we have a true symbol. A way to orient ourselves, I suppose you'd say.

Spice is really a symbol of total decadence. If you enjoy causing pain to yourself, why is that? It's a thirst for total agitation that these lowers races are so much more... It's so much more sensual than the Hyperborean race. And it's not a plus. Hyperboreans have the true strength. Ice is strong. Sand you can just throw it to the wind, or you know... Disgusting... you can step on some mud, throw it away. You can disperse it easily. But you have to smash ice.

So don't eat spicy food from a fucking salsa bowl, drink from the cool ice of your hyperborean ancestors.

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Pic related is almost a perfectly seasoned meal--it's just a wee bit heavy on the flavors and spice. Ahh! That's hot!

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This sauce was always good. Once restaurants started using it though, they made it too sweet and ruined it.

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It's been dead for several years now.
And I still see it everywhere, but I live in an area with a shitton of Asian restaurants (and asians).

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For me, it's Tapatio!

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>sriracha is shit-sauce that tastes like cheap dirt.
kys contrarian scum

>There are many garlic pepper sauces that are far superior to sriracha

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fuck you

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The narwhal Bacon's midnight

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Everytime I eat it I shit fire the next day like a fucking volcano all over the bathroom fucking hell. In short fuck it

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I like sriracha but admittedly haven't used it much in the past year. I always have a bottle in the fridge with the other condiments, but I try to make meals that don't need condiments and sauce or at least make my own sauce that fits the meal.

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>There are many garlic pepper sauces that are far superior to sriracha

name three without using google.

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Doesn’t quite have enough punch to be a copypasta but good effort

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I see what you're saying about spiciness and agitation, but the historical use of spicy foods is more profound than just causing yourself sensation for the sake of it. The oversaturation of spice and spiciness is meant to cover up the fact that the food is spoiled and to force you to eat less/feel full faster due to lack of food. If you are capable of sourcing an abundance fresh ingredients and cook them well, then there is no need for spiciness and smothering the food in 15 different intense dried spices that completely obscure the taste of whatever you're eating. People who make fun of "white people food" have grown up eating food that is so disgusting they need to smother it in hot sauce and such to make it palatable. They are completely unfamiliar with eating fresh, non-factory farmed, non-processed foods that taste perfectly fine with some complimentary but not overwhelming aromatics, herbs, and a bit of salt.

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Not him but the historical use of spicy foods to cover up the fact that food is spoiled is only half correct. In middle ages in Europe pepper was used to cover up the taste of rotting meat and whatnot. However what you are misunderstanding about the use of other spices especially chillis/peppers in other regions is that it is basically a form of food preservation to prevent fast spoilage especially in hot climates. There's a reason why use of chillis was prevalent in areas closer to the equator than areas closer to the arctic poles. However in the areas where such spice was not prevalent people would use fermentation of other sorts to preserve foods.

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Yeah, it wasn’t spicy enough.

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Sriracha predated the internet as well. Even cock sauce did, if only by a decade.

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That makes sense as well and adds to my point that there are deeper cultural and historical reasons for spiciness than what that anon's post claimed.

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Vark is much better

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I tried it on pizza, and did not care for it. but burgers, eggs, and fries go well.

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cant find that shit in Ottawa. Siracha is everywhere

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Literally no one cares about Canada

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No, I'll name the only one I use anymore: Tabsco garlic sauce.
Nope, there's only one cured and smoked hog belly. Oh, you were thinking meme flavorings constituted a different type of food. Well, enjoy your trip to Whole Foods, Trevor.
>kys contrarian scum
Everything about sriracha is cheap down to the packaging. It is a cheap, flat taste with absolutely no depth whatsoever.
>Sriracha predated the internet as well. Even cock sauce did, if only by a decade.
The popularity of sriracha and cock sauce in the West is 100% an internet creation, deny it all you want soiboi

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I still douse my rice in sriracha.

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>The popularity of sriracha and cock sauce in the West is 100% an internet creation, deny it all you want soiboi
Nigger have you ever been in an asian restaurant?

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I use it if the takeout I'm eating needs some extra kick.

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That looks pretty pleasant honestly, dunno what those orange sticks are tho

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>Nope, there's only one cured and smoked hog belly. Oh, you were thinking meme flavorings constituted a different type of food. Well, enjoy your trip to Whole Foods, Trevor.
Again you show your lack of education on the subject, how little you know sunshine. Bacon can be both belly cut or back cut and the existence of Pancetta and Speck like Schinkenspeck shows the existence of more than one type of what you consider Bacon.

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Nope, bacon is hog bellies.
Speck is speck.
Other shit is other shit.
Bacon is hog bellies, cured and smoked.
Sorry, you lose.

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Its popularity is rising in Japan recently

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In england, all bacon is back bacon actually anon, belly strips is american make believe bacon

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It is a pasta. It has been posted for years.

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The Thais invented Sriracha, the name is literally after where it was invented, then some Chinese Vietnigger copyrighted it to sell in America decades later

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bacon in the uk is called "crispy bacon". Back bacon is canadian bacon or what normal people call it, fucking ham.

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heard you were talking shit like i wouldn't find out

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Pancetta in Italian translates to bacon, you massive retard. It's Italian style bacon, just like there are other styles of bacon. Why don't you educate yourself before opening your mouth

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Heinz bought US distribution rights and ruined the recipe by adding a fuck load of sugar and vinegar to essentially turn it into a spicy garlic ketchup.
>Get the one in the jar instead as it's still produced by the original company and has a much better taste.

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Nope once again you're just doubling down on your ignorance. Bacon can be either back cut or belly cut, then there's rindless, shortcut etc. Not even going into the different regional varieties like Pancetta and European Speck. You should just admit you were wrong anon because it's literally my job to know this shit.

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Indeed, I find that you can historically trace the evolution in cuisines from certain cultures by researching their traditional food preservation methods. Fermentation, salting, drying, pickling, smoking just to name a few methods plus access to certain abundance of ingredients all show how even within the same country the same dish can be prepared different ways just due to being in another region.

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>US company adds a fuckload of sugar to something
Yeah why am I not surprised.

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You can't deny that the amount of sugary content we have in so many of our local products though.

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This stuff tastes exactly the same with slightly more of a spicy kick.

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Yeah OK euronigger

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I agree with this. There is way too much added sugar in American processed foods. It's best to buy fresh meat, fish, produce, deli and foreign cheese, and bakery made items or make them yourself.

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I hate this shit, but I know a homosexual that gets in on everything. Serves him right.

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Or you could just ask him not to put it on your anus before sex.

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I bought and it taste good. I’m start buying it a lot.

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>criticism on americans can only come from europeans
Kek. Do Americans really believe this?

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>Heinz bought US distribution rights and ruined the recipe by adding a fuck load of sugar and vinegar to essentially turn it into a spicy garlic ketchup.
I've checked the nutritional info for the stuff and this seems to be complete bullshit.
In fact the stuff has very little sugar in it. Is there any source you can link to prove this?

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