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- Cook on a griddle or frying pan
Barbecues/grills aren’t as good. You need a good sear on it, and only a flat surface suffices.
- Use smaller, thinner patties.
Fast food places use small patties for a good reason. It’s a tastier ratio.
- Toast the buns
It amazes me how few people do this at home. Crisp up the buns and they’ll hold up to the juice better.
- Let your cheese cool to room temperature
This helps it melt properly. It tastes better too when it’s warmer.
- Use plenty of salt
I find kosher works best. I also really like to use onion powder. It’s a great seasoning to bring out the flavor of beef.

I’m a big fan of fast food burgers and I find the biggest way to imitate what makes them good is to follow these tips. The way I was raised to make hamburgers at home violated these principles.

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Grills add smoke and more flavor, even propane grills. Restaurants use smaller patties because they're cheap and cook faster. Toasting the bun is effortless on the grill, how easy is it to toast on an electric stove? Also, don't you have to let the cheese warm to room temperature? Do you keep your cheese in a hot box?

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With grills the burger doesn’t cook in its own drippings.

I keep my cheese in the fridge. Take it out like 15 minutes before you cook the burger.

And the way to toast it on the stove is by putting in on the griddle, like they do at a fast food restaurant

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And if you have only a frying pan? Not everyone can afford a used $5 griddle.

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Then toast the bun before cooking the burger

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>Not everyone can afford a used $5 griddle.
I'm pretty sure that Literally Everyone can afford a $5 griddle.

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Give me $5 so that I can get one then.

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You'd just buy crack

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but I needs it.

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>bun is burnt, not toasted. That is actual carbon.
>burger has no visible signs of Maillard Process, in fact it looks steamed.
It's still a decent burger.
I prefer burgers seared on the grill.
>Grills add smoke and more flavor, even propane grills.
This. Pic related is a ghettoburg I made for quick food.
>With grills the burger doesn’t cook in its own drippings.
A seared grill burger does cook in it's own juices. I don't want the burger cooking in a bath of grease even pan-fried.

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My burger tip

Its crucial to flatten out the patty between two flat surfaces. The more even it is, the more even your seer will be.

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Gimmicks are just that. Do not try to make your burger "special" by doing impractical fads or tricks. Keep it simple, keep it practical, use fresh ingredients, good seasoning, and find a good bun that is capable of holding the construction together, with the ability to absorb some juice without getting soggy or falling a part. Dislocating your jaw should not be a requirement to be able to take a bite out of the burger. Stop stacking them so damn tall with this concept of more thinking it will make up for the the lack of flavor.

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I agree with this man wholeheartedly.

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You must SEASON your burgah!

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Keep the burger simple.
Too many people uses a shit load of toppings.
Keep it down to maximum of 4 toppings

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This level of autiam ia unpresidented.. Its a fucking burger you retarda. This is why mcdonalds is so popular

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On all sides, really ROLL it around!

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I flombay my patties in a mixture of duck fat and absynth , i then use the left overs to toast the buns ... I drain the rest off to make a gravy adding just enoigh corn starch to make it the required viscositty. Throw on some ketup, mustard, mayonnasie, scotch bonnets , tobasco and habaneros as garnish. Best burger you willl ever have,trust me

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>Use smaller, thinner patties
agreed, somehow highly regarded chefs/restaurants just don't seem to get this. maybe they just believe they should give a lot of money since their menu items are pricey.

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sounds about like how i make mine
god burgers are so good

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also learn how to make proper caramelized onions and put them on your burger mmmmmm

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Ck is a fucking joke.i can make a better burger than any of you using a microwave alone

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Lightly TOAST your buns!

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give a lot of meat* not money lol

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Im tired and i want to die

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Buns ON!

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This will take an hour or more, but is absolutely worth it.

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whats the best lean to fat ratio?

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what's the best to buy
frozen patties
or in a roll?

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his face looks like ps3 graphics

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Thinner patty is fine if your beef is shit. When you make a real burger with the meat properly prepared and seasoned with various aromatics and spices before it even gets formed into a patty, that becomes the focal point of the burger, as it should be. If your burger isn't delicious with simply the meat on a bun, then your meat prep is subpar.

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to me the surface area:volume ratio trumps any concerns about the quality of the meat, how it is seasoned, etc. even if you have the best beef in the world seasoned perfectly, I still want thin patties.

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>Barbecues/grills aren’t as good. You need a good sear on it, and only a flat surface suffices.
Haha.. what a load of bullshit. The best burgers are cooked over charcoal. Pleb-tier advice, unless your idea of a good burger is McPlebs.

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easier to just order out. homemade burgers never, ever taste as good as mid tier fast food.

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the only reason to use a grill when cooking burger is if you're feeding a crowd say at a social gathering which you nor anyone on this board has never been a part of

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>homemade burgers never, ever taste as good as mid tier fast food.
if you can't cook then i guess

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>homemade burgers never, ever taste as good as mid tier fast food.
I think you mean YOUR homemade burgers. Because you're a pleb cook.

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>After your burgers are pretty much done place a salted circular slice of onion under each of them and wait for it to cook while the burger melts juices over them
Trust me on this one bros

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>Cook on a griddle or frying pan
Depends on preference, I've had good pan burgers and good grill burgers, and bad ones of each as well.
>Use smaller, thinner patties
This is stupid. A well-seasoned burger has no reason not to be meaty unless you're one of those animals that eats shit burnt.
>Toast the buns
Shit's burnt bro, either way toasted buns are usually better.
>Let your cheese cool to room temperature
Warm to room temperature, you mean; either way this usually isn't a big deal depending on how you cook the burger.
>Use plenty of salt
Putting a bunch of salt in shit is like cooking with bacon, you're just masking your inability to cook by overwhelming the taste of the base dish with overpowering flavors. A well-seasoned burger has SOME salt, not a lot, but some, pepper, maybe garlic or onion depending on preference, and personally I like a splash of Worcestershire sauce on it while cooking.

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Depending I'll toast the bun in either garlic butter or some of the burger juices in the pan always a 10/10 also caramelized or fried onion straws are always better then raw onion

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