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Name a worse restaurant.

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Cracker Barrel

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>Jack in the box

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t. twitter tranny

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wingstop is ultimately better than buffalo caca nugs

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Gas yourself yankee scum

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Long John Silvers

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Ruby Tuesday's
Johnny Rocket's

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applebees is the only one of these that is worse and not fast food, you cant compare bw to dq, jb, subway, ect.

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seething homo

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Assblasted christcuck.

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Buffalo Wild Wings is great. After eating their shitty dried-out wings and drinking their shitty beer, you can leave the restaurant knowing that was the worst your day is going to be. No matter what happens for the rest of the day, it can't be worse than eating at BWW.

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Excuse me? The BWW/DUI combo is a midwest classic. Three of mine were after leaving B Dubs.

USMC 2003-2007
God Guns Country
Start seeing Motorcycles

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I feel like a victim and bad about myself every time I leave Denny's.

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Haha military vets are faggots. God sucks and vets suck.

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Damn I just wanted wings, can anyone name a better place for just wings?

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t. flyover retard

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Dragma is good.

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But he's right for once.

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Why would someone from AR15.com go to an antigun establishment? Oh right, you're from AR15.com

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Make your own, you can't possibly make worse ones.

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It is pretty terrible.

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Unless you live in a flyover town or doing a long roadtrip and don't want to search for a sit-down I have no idea why you'd eat at these chain restaurants. Microwaved and bland-tasting shit that isn't cheap. Fast food I can understand though.
Like I live in an area with an insane amount of cool and locally-owned restaurants (that do do well), yet people still will pay $17 a meal at Olive Garden

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Asian Zing and Mango Habanaro join forces with the power of corn syrup to bring you to your fuckin' knees kids these S tier sauces are going to put exotic flavors deep in your brain you ungrateful piece of shit

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I ate there yesterday. Other than being undersalted ,which is easily fixed since salt is on the table, it was good

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Yeah, but you have shit taste.

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>hey i'm going to fit in on /ck/ and say subway is BAD
Out, reddit.

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Sorry you hate freedom kid. Biscuits were fluffy and buttery, country fried steak was well cooked, pinto beans were seasoned right, hash browns tasted good. And the staff was polite and welcoming

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Sorry you were not raised with a good cook, and get delighted by trinkets.

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>hey I'm going to fit in on 4channel and defend my shitty taste by calling them reddit.

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I live in a destination that people fly TO

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This is a bad opinion

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I'd rather go there than Chili's or Olive Garden to be honest. At least they have a better beer selection than your typical corporate chain.

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Burger King is the worst chain restaurant of any kind in the U.S.A right now

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>Johnny Rocket's
Said like an illegal.
What is it too much Americana for you? Low-T America Hater

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based defender of johnny rocket's

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No need to thank me for my service, civilian.

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>tfw haven't been there in about 12 years and don't remember the menu anymore

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>tuesday night after a long shift
>getting 20 wings for 10 bucks served to me by hottie college babe with a decent sauce selection

I go to bdubs every tuesday and i will fight you

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you're doing it correctly

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Nobody goes to Cici's for the quality. They go because it's dirt cheap for buffet pizza

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I don’t get the hate for this place. If you go at happy hour, want to get some wings, cold draft beer and watch a game, it’s about perfect for it

Also they got corn dog nuggets

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Fuck this place went for one of my birthday dinners,the wings were dry as fuck and over priced and the sauce was whack. Never went back again, i hate it with a passion they are an absolute disgrace they are nothing but a skidmark on the face of the earth how dare they exist.

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Whenever my parents and I visited my grandparents (same state, every other month or so), they almost always wanted to go to Cracker Barrel. Sick of it then, sick of it now. Damn near all of their dishes are the same shit rearranged in different ways. Also, their stew is garbage,

The breakfast menu is the only decent thing about it.

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kys faggot
>Cracker Barrel
kys nigger

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Their wings are worth it on half-off days and there isn't another decent wing place around.

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Fuck your blogpost, no one cares. BWW is the worst and that's all there is to it.

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I haven't been to one in years since I moved from Georgia but Stevi B's blew Cicis completely out of the water from what I remember.

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Prove it, fag.

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>HErrr if you go during this specific time of day and want nasty wings and to watch a sport you're not interested in, it's perfecto

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This thread proves it, straightfag

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They aren't bad, but they're overrated as FUCK.

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Use to love bdubs back when they had the Tuesday wing special. Use to get wings from there every Tuesday. But now that it's gone it's just way overpriced so I don't go anymore.

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I got a gift card for some reason, so I tried ordering something on their website, but their website doesn't allow gift card ordering and you can't select "pay at the store" for some idiotic reason. So I called to order over the phone and it took 30 fucking minutes just for the dumb bitch who answered to take my order, then she said it'd be another 40 before it's ready. I went there, got my wrap with bbq sauce, and it was the driest, most unappetizing meal I've had in a looong time, maybe 3 drops of bbq sauce in total. Also the fries that came with it looked and tasted exactly like McDonald's fries, except they were cold and floppy right out of the box. Literally a 1/10, only the 1 point because at least I got my food.

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Nigger it's cheaper to watch payperview events and get food to boot.

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They manage to make wings expensive. The pitcher of beer came out in a plastic bucket. I want to find the boomers responsible for this chain and beat them within an inch of their life with a wet bamboo stick. Then I want to let them recover from their injuries and then beat them severely again but this time around drown them afterwards by holding them underwater.

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The sauces at BWW are great. The chicken and other food is whatever. I sometimes go in just to buy the garlic parm or mango hab sauces. Walmart also has 3 packs of sauces sometimes.

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oh look he's back
did you enjoy your ban?

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subway is shit though

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Im So fucking done with that place. I ordered the buffiritos because I wanted something kinda light. Half a fucking block of cheese on two tacos, with shitty pasty "salsa" thats as thick as marinara. I spent 50 bucks just being upset... But I dont have cable to watch ufc ppv

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Any local bar

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Stevi B’s was the shit.

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somebody hasn't tried their breakfast

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Every time I try this place they put just slightly less sauce on my wings than the last time. It's gotten to the point where I have to send my wings back to kitchen to be re-sauced almost every time.

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golden corral

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Just walk in there and order at the bar you fucking neet

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if you went for anything there other than breakfast, you deserved it retard.

its like going to ihop and not getting pancakes, or going to taco bell and not getting diarrhea.

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Thai curry is a based sauce though

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BWW is overpriced but still good.

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I'm wearing my blazin' challenge survivor shirt right now, get rekt

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You would think if it was all about wings they might be good, but it's the same Cisco Cheney brothers bullshit wings from anywhere else...

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