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Post your favorite hot sauce brand. I wanna try one that doesn't absolutely suck.

Pic unrelated.

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green yucateco tastes pretty good

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None because I’m not a numale tastelet.

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This stuff is almost orgasmic. Use the chipotle instead of BBQ sauce. Garlic is the best though, perfect on eggs.

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For me, it's Poppamies.

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I feel god in this thread tonight

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Dirty Dick's Tropical Heat. If the sweetness clashes, I just dash some cayenne.

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I have all kinds of hot sauces, this is probably the mildest I have. But it is fucking amazing.

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oH mY gOsH!!!
hOt SoYcE!!!

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Marie Sharp's is really good. DO NOT BUY MELINDA'S.

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Is there any interest out there in a /ck/ hot sauce exchange program? As in, everyone sets up a protonmail account and both sends and receives a bottle of hot sauce from another anon?
I'd love to share the Byron Bay coconut chilli sauce with some USAnons.

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Troll harder

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I'd share some homemade stuff later this year when my peppers mature but I can understand why people would be wary of unsealed homemade stuff.

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I've been liking the Bravado Spice Company Black Garlic Reaper sauce. Its not too spicy and tastes good.

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Hot sauce thread of the day, here ya go.
You want shill shit, here it is. These are also good.

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I got the green one recently and, while it's alright, I don't understand the hype. It doesn't taste like much to me other than heat.

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Folk have to start somewhere and best of luck to you. This guy making this did it from nothing but then it became difficult. One has to do a CBA on it, I spoke with the guy once on restarting it and he told me about all the licencing and distribution and stuff. It's a nightmare. Capt'n Sleepy's.
He wasn't making a profit from it from national distrubution and I understand his reasoning.

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I never saw any hype I just like it.
Here's another that's really good imo. The problem is that I use it up too fast and the bottles are expensive. Ultimately as another anon said, it's better to make your own.

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Oh hell, I can't even imagine the bullshit regulations and red tape to navigate. I just make hot sauce as gifts for family and friends. I also made some (homegrown) cherry mead recently and I've made home harvested honey porter too. There is no gift like a homemade one.

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I feel like I'm alone every time I make this suggestion in these threads, but try some Pico Pica. It's available in the Mexican section of most grocers and it's what Taco Bell's hot/fire sauce tries to be but falls short. Good on americanized mexican food, beans, rice, eggs, breakfast sandwiches, hash... not so great if you want vinegary or extreme heat, but good for general use.

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One thing that I've learned when making my own and I've done that for girls and myself is that use seperate blender tops. Keep one for the blending of peppers and such, and the other for sweets.
I learned that from experience and was making something for a girl and didn't the chile pepper one cleaned properly and that never happens so what was supposed to be a nice sweet became some crazy ass hot pepper thing.
I got hollared at for that one.
Therefore I learned from experience to use different blender top things.

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I understand your frustration, I go for the El Pato myself. That's not easy to find. A guy who used to win all kinds of chile cookoffs turned me on to it.

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Thanks for the advice. I wouldn't have guessed that it'd be a problem but it's definitely a problem that I want to avoid. Good lookin out, mate.

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Good choice. As far as grocery store hot sauces go, Yucateco is the gold standard.

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Pic related are the only two hot sauces that should be pantry staples. Everything else is a numale gimmick.

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Can someone find me good hot sauce on Amazon France ? I found nothing.

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That sounds good. I've been meaning to try my local Mexican grocers so hopefully I find it there.

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I'm swimming in that stuff at my local tienda, sorry m8

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I can think of worse things to swim in then El Pato sauce, congrats that it's only that.

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Send me some!

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Sooo I want to get more into hot sauce as they add flavor with minimal calories. I can't handle a lot of spice but I'm not totally against spicy id like to build a taste for it. Any suggestions for a beginner like myself?

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Valentina/Tapatio/El Yucateco

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Chipotle Tabasco. It's got more depth of flavor than the regular stuff and isn't as overpoweringly vinegary.

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the xxxtra hot one is my favorite.

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Seconding Tapatio

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Frank’s Red Hot is the classic, and pretty hard to go wrong with. Texas Pete is pretty good too.

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Most suck because they only give a shot about being the spiciest on the market.

It's literally the same marketing distilleries use to sell bitter poison. "What? Not MAN enough to feel a burn down your throat?"

Tabasco if I'm feeling ultrapleb, Sriracha for when I want something mild, and Crystal for everything else.

my fuckin nigga

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Grow up.

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Garlic Crystal is my favorite, personally

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Marie Sharps is like $5 a fucking bottle. I get Yucateco nigga

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this shit is amazing.
you all need to fucking try it already.

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How stupid are you? Dave's is just extract. Might as well use pepper spray.

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tabasco is disgusting. idk how they even make it taste that bad. crystal is good though.

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fuck off boomer

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based retard

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Came here to post this. Although I do buy Melinda's too because it's good and doesn't taste 100% the same as Marie Sharp's.

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Reee, they stole Marie's recipe.

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Then why does it taste different?

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>all this watery Mexican hot sauce
>barely even hot
>(((ghost pepper)))
Make way for the infinitely superior scotch bonnet courtesy of our Caribbean friends

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It's too sweet. I couldn't find anything I liked it on other than Mexican food.

How stupid are you? There is no extract in Dave's scorpion.

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Hell yeah, dude. I love Matouk's. I used to shill it for a while here last year.

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I remember you. I'd never heard of Matouk's til you talked about it. I still have to try it.

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