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/ck/ringe thread

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>tfw my dad does this
>ostensibly so he doesn't have to clean the grill
>but its filthy anyway

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What the fuck

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>disgusting pre-cooked, frozen patty

how do people even eat these things they are so nasty and disgusitng, you can even tell just by reading the ingredients they contain organ meats like beef heart/lips/rectum whatever, it's basically a hot dog patty but the texture is even worse, always chewy and tough. the shocking part is that they are most times the same price of decent raw ground beef without nitrates and other cancer causing chemicals in them. i mean who the fuck buys this shit, it has to be mostly black people or spics because no self respecting white man would ever put this filth into his body

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every thread and nearly every comment on this board.

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>grilling morons
god fucking damn it

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Thats not even a meat burger. its some fags vegan burger. look at that bun, its some weird vegan gluten free fag bun. the patty is not meat either. plus that girl anime plushy only a queer would own

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>disgusting pre-cooked, frozen patty
Are american pattys precooked? German ones arent but they have that nasty chemical taste and smell I hate.
pic DIY frozen patty

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based and gaydarpilled

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Beef patties aren't, unless they're some kind of microwavable abomination. Many other kinds of patties often are.

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Oh fuck off

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Mhh, thx for information. Everyone should burn in hell for buying it

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no u

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Is she autistic?

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just american

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What's the difference?

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She's just distracted by the screeching ape next to her

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Fuck, now I want a T&T cake

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13 IQ

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T&T pork buns mmmmmm

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He ruins the entire meal to avoid using steel wool for five seconds an hour later? You better hope you look alot more like the mailman than him, otherwise I've got bad news for you friend.

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thats some cringe right there pinoys
>ntr ending
double cringe

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I cannot tell if that is a joke or not.

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>pic is cringe
this is pure fucking cringe

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it looks like they're being fried in a random medley of body fluids. guess he likes his eggs.....fertilized.

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holy cuck

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it's female humor
have sex

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Haha what the fuck

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Who cleans their grill. Drives me fucking nuts.

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Ok, you got me.

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