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Why do so many of you go into an autistic rage over this video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iM_KMYulI_s

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his face looks like fucking ps3 graphics

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May have something to do with Gordon Ramsay being a fit, loved, famous, respected, admired and talented chef with multiple successfull businesses. It's just jealousy.

>> No.12428841

because i have autism

>> No.12428869

Because those burgers are mediocre at best.

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Because that burger is trash, bruh. It's an insult. I like Gordo but fuck that burger, man.

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>Kanye three doors down

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Because it looks like he's really high up and it's triggering my fear of heights, how can he cook like this?

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They look absolutely beautiful.

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Same reason we rage at anyone who is a pretentious, narcissistic solipsist who acts like a raging lunatic 2 yo toddler. He deserves all the shit heaped on him and more.

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Looks okay to me. I'm actually curious, do you know any videos that show a "good" or "great" burger being cooked?

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Looks good but I prefer a burger I can actually fit in my mouth.

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I think the veggies should be on top of the burger, and its annoying how he keeps saying, "ON. IN. CLOSE. ON. ON." at every step, but generally nothing to rage over.

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1: The burgers look like shit. Too thick.
2: He seemed to have made this video more to show of his wealth than to showcase good cooking.

>> No.12429066

Because this dude once made fun of another chef for making a burger with the exact same dimensions.

>> No.12429067

1. The burgers are too thick, but that doesn't change the fact that they look sublime.
2. Note the GMA logo. The video is shot for plebs, he used his house to feign authenticity, and probably had prep staff to cut those veggies for him.

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>He seemed to have made this video more to show of his wealth than to showcase good cooking.
How does the richest chef in the world cook without inadvertently doing that? It's like when /ic/ says Feng Zhu only makes vids to advertise Feng Zhu Design Academy. His name is on the school, anything he does is an advertisement for it.

>> No.12429157

In this case tho, he did go into significant detail about how he was specifically making a trademark burger from one of his restaurants, so you could definitely see this as an ad.

Also, it was on GMA, and half the fluff pieces you see on the "news" are just ads.

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The point was, even without that being the intention, it'd have the same interpretation.

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