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I know it's a meme but I fucking love spicy stuff
What is the best hotsauce? Pic related tastes like shit and isn't very hot.

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I really enjoy this one

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siracha is even worse than tabasco

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One of those cheap ass plastic bottle Habanero sauces from La Superior

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thanks buddy I'll give it a shot

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as if tabasco was bad, fucking idiot.

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tabasco is a staple, you should just have it in case someone asks for it. its great on some things, like cajun food, eggs and soups.
before this thread gets soyed up, the patrician will make his own hot sauce so you can have it taste however you want.
its easy and will last a while in the fridge.

i wonder if anyone around here tends to have more than one kind of hot sauce, maybe even a few. i guess you could consider that a collection of sorts?

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>you have different opinions on something as subjective as taste so you're a dumbass
Any good guides to making your own hotsauce?

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>Muh pepper flavored vinegar
So you've outed yourself as an inbred cousin fucker, Billy Bob, whoopee!

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but he's completely right.
Tabasco DOES taste like shit and ISN'T that hot.

For that level of spiciness, Louisiana has a superior flavor.

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I thought we agreed that hot sauce is for liberal soyboys?

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But don't you know Tabasco ages their hot sauce for over 5 years in pissed-in barrels for that extra tasty vinegar flavor.

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When I think of WHO makes heavy use of hot sauce, I think of two categories.

The people who put it on all food at every meal, aka brown people.

The people who test their masochism with the most painful sauces they can find, which is a hodgepodge of chest-thumping dude-bros, and other assorted tastelets.

Reminder that "spicy" is literally not a flavor. "spiciness" is simply the measure of pain caused by ingesting capsaicin, and it totally unrelated to the sense of taste.

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>hot sauce

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Speak for yourself
Fucking loser

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Is it OP's fault that you're such a faggot?
>Imagine hating on things people enjoy
>Imagine having a different taste

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>t. triggered bearded tastelet

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I know its not obscure enough for this board but i really like lousiana hot sauce. Vinegary and salty. Really like the flavor

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>t. Limp wrist incel

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just like grandaddy’s nuts, eh?

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>confessing that you know the flavor of your granddad's nuts
Jesus man, have you considered talking to a professional rather than shitposting to cope with your trauma?

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>Oh look ANOTHER hot soys thread!
The fact that you faggots actually like Tabasco shows just how clueless and tasteless you really are.

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>OP literally says tabasco tastes like shit and isn't hot
fucking brainlet

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Literally one person says they like it. Dumbass illiterate faggot

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This one is good, everything from this brand is good.

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>muh tabasco hatred

if i want to add acid and heat to a dish, tabasco is always the way to go.

oh wait you guys don't actually cook, you just put your latest meme sauce on your kfc.

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you're cancer bud, lurk more post less

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>Using tabasco as an ingredient rather than a condiment
Alpha tastelet confirmed.

You heat a recipe with cayenne powder or fresh peppers. Even fucking dried chili flakes are a better option than fucking tabasco.

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You fags talk about tobacco in every spice thread. It’s hilariously sad. I bet you all eat at Subway regularly.

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>you just put meme sauce on KFC.
Says who? I’m so tired of you schizo faggots making up scenarios in your head and inferring shit with no basis

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>I know it's a meme
Imagine being so beta and self-critical that you have to qualify talking about things you genuinely like with statements like this

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based and redpilled

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/tv/ called me a soyboy when I shared this

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I tend to think its more of a disclaimer to discourage the faggotry of this board.

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You fags talk about tobasco in every spice thread. It’s hilariously sad. I bet you all eat at Subway regularly

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rightfully so

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The fact that you keep the empty bottles implies that you think of it as an accomplishment.

Granted, I did the same thing with liquor bottles when I was younger, but I can look back and say, "That was a cringy habit".

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What’s with you and subway faggot

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Buy local if you can. Flea markets, farmer's markets or tourist traps. I love living in the south.

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That’s.. quite the collection..

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thats quite a saucy posse you have there soyboy

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We agreed that people who hold that opinion are fly*ver staters who are scared of everything.

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You know how I can tell you're a 2016 tourist?

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All that soy must be crippling your brain, cuz I'm pretty sure most hot sauce is made in "flyover country", you idiot.

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lamo have you ever even left your home county? I know you've never left your home state.

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I find that non USA types seem to think Tabasco is the end all and be all when it comes to hot sauce. This is especially the case with areas that have bland food like Nordic countries. Like Tabasco is synonymous with hot sauce

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i'd tongue that bung

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It’s 2019. I’m here to stay ;)

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>here's the worst cope I can generate guys!
Good goy!

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how was middle

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a lot of the reserve flavors are actually good

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You're worse than bronies. Come up with some new material.

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Tabasco for potatoes and eggs
Tapatio for Mexican
I have developed the perfect system

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"Spicyness" has literally nothing to do with heat you fucking faggot.

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Why havent you joined the Yellowbird cult?

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Jesus, the seethe on these city-cucks.

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>make a point about biology
>some faggot starts talking semantics, as if that shit matters
Good god, anon.

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Got tipped off that they stole the recipe. Lady who made it lost the name of the hot sauce and had to rebrand as Marie sharps. It seems to have better quality ingredients.

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what the hell are you on about you faggot

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I think it's pretty clear although stupid:
spicy is not heat
heat is heat
spicy masquerades as heat but is not heat because chemistry
>i am very smart

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This is best, fren

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I'll explain, since you asked, even though you're rude and dumb:

The five flavors are not a meme, they're the biological reality of how our tongues work.

"Spicyness" or "heat" or whatever the fuck you want to call it stimulates the sense of touch, NOT taste.

"Heat" is literally objectively not a flavor, its a "sensation".

Off by a mile.

I'm trying that right now. Kinda watery.

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>heat is a "sensation"
yep, biologist confirmed

i agree with >>12424674

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What the fuck is the difference between spicy and heat?

I thought the only difference was that "spicy" can also describe "food that is heavily spiced" while "heat" can also describe temperature.

If we're clearly talking about "spicy/hot like hot sauce", then aren't the terms interchangeable? Or is this some bullshit meme bait?

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>he doesn’t make his own

Even fucking walmart and home depot sell shit like ghost peppers nowadays, there is no reason you can’t grab a dozen plants and put them in some pots and grow enough peppers to make a year’s worrh of sauce.

Yes it is some work but it may be the first time you do something interesting with your life.

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Walmart ghost chili and habaneros

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Do bugs get into them? I'd think not, because spicy peppers.

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I had 2 peppers get partially eaten by something, out of maybe ~800

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Shit I pulled off the plants a week before Halloween because freezing temperatures were coming

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Pt. 2

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Aardvark is the only hot sauce that actually has flavour that's not just chili and vinegar.

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Hot sauce collecting is for SOYS.
Hot sauce ingesting is for real nibbas.

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Woah, thanks for the tip

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I'll just leave this here...

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These are Taco Bell tiered hot sauces...

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they are chemically the same. heat receptors respond the same way to both heat and hot peppers.

different chemical instigators on the same receptor

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If there are some peppers that aren't ripe that you want ripe, pull off the branch they are on and place it in a glass of water. The peppers will ripen on the branch. Peppers do not ripen off the branch.

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I don't care if its become a meme. I am still allowed to enjoy it even if limpwristed faggots do. Personally I just suck some of this out of the bottle while gaming.

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Fuck bitches

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It's the limp wristed faggots that shit on others for enjoying things, don't worry about it. They're so beta that they are afraid to like things that might be seen as "cringe".

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All these shitty hot sauce threads lately. What the fuck is happening? If you want vinegar tabasco is fine. Theres a lot of shitty hot sauces even in the smaller more expensive meme sauce. Culleys is pretty lame for example.

>pic related pretty fucking GOAT tho

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All the others are much too salty.

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my favourite hotsauce is Mayonaisse.

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Just make your own fermented hot sauce man. All you need an a mason jar, some rubber caps (found on amazon for like $7 a pack), and some saltwater/brine. Easy and some of the best tasting stuff I've ever had

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It unironically looks pretty soy though.

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This shit is like $.75 per bottle, so I dunno why I'd ever use anything else

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What do my fellow Britbros use? Can't find all these American brands over here sadly

>> No.12426946

do it outside if you're making a vinegar based hot sauce

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Tabasco is a cooking hot sauce. Use it as an ingredient, not a table sauce.
Louisiana hot sauce is a good table condiment in that arena. (Even better is it's little cousin Lousiana Gold, which is aged longer).
Nando's is a good hot sauce with chicken or pork.
Sriracha is chili ketchup, basically.
Texas Pete is good for bbq, beans, sauteed greens....southern food.
Valentina or El Pato are the best mexican hot sauces, put those on everything made with tortillas, basically, add to red rice, beans, etc.

Then, there's all those "specialty" hot sauces, but you just have to try those for yourself, because there's 9999999999 of them, and everyone has a different opinion of them.

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I see this a lot on here.
Is it a regional spelling?

>> No.12426992

No, it's an idiot spelling. They're spelling it how they pronounce it, instead of using the correct spelling and then pronouncing it correctly. It's dialect influencing grammar.

>> No.12427032

how do you spell it?

>> No.12427045

Tabasco, like it's supposed to be spelled. It's RIGHT ON THE FUCKING BOTTLE.

>> No.12427106

Crystal is the shit, I was surprised that people didn't know about it when I came to Florida from Louisiana

>> No.12427110

I just feel like it's the best hot sauce to put on practically everything, and here in LA at least it's cheap as fuck

>> No.12427197

i didn't even catch the o, i was expecting extra letters or something

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so I recently tried all the big mainstream hotsauces (like the ones you'd see on the table of a diner) and thry all tasted so extremely generic. How is "vinegar and mild jalapeno sauce #827" so popular? what are some sauces that don't taste generic like tobasco/tapatio/etc?

>> No.12428540


Somewhat echoing what was said here: >>12426965

I recommend Valentina as a sauce for anything you want to have a mexican flavor. Although, it isn't very hot. Try it, if you like the flavor but want more heat they do make an extra hot version.

If that still isn't enough for you, like me, then try mixing the Valentina Extra Hot at a 1:1 ratio with either Texas Pete or Texas Pete Extra Hot in a separate squeeze bottle.

As a caveat, I recommend leaving the Texas Pete out on your counter overnight at room temperature with the cap off to help the extremely strong inherent vinegar flavor dissipate a bit. Be sure to refrigerate it the next morning or it will start to age a bit and get closer in flavor to Louisiana hot sauce (which I am not personally very fond of).

I use Sriracha to spice up anything that I don't want to taste mexican (it goes great on pizza, in ramen, or with just about anything).

I have a few other bottles of hot sauce I use occasionally but the above are my two staples.

>> No.12428551


Hot sauce is a meme. Just use chilis or make a fresh salsa at home.

>> No.12428577

I like Crystal, but I dunno if it's sold nationwide

>> No.12429001

>tfw anus no longer tolerates hot sauce
What's even the point of living

>> No.12429020

>The five flavors are not a meme, they're the biological reality of how our tongues work.

Nice haul anon

>> No.12429041

Jesus, how's that Dunning-Kruger treating you?

>> No.12429218

I like the Family Reserve Tabasco
It uses white wine vinegar which gives it a little extra flavor and it's a tad bit spicier than Tabasco.
My only suggestion is only to use it where the hot sauce is to add to the dish and not when it's the main point.

>> No.12429221

That is some prime breeding material

>> No.12429291

Only the Chelsea one is good

>> No.12429299

You're wrong. How does it feel?

>> No.12429320

I like Frank's Red Hot.

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