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/ck/ringe thread.

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Is there any reason one would drink through their eyes other than they being a retarded ass retard?

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Nice, a Jack thread. Haven't had one of those in awhile. Jack thread.

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I am seriousky glad hes alice. Alive. I am an alcoholv and acared abiyt ny iwn mirtality. I dobt eveb fycjin. Fuck offm. Doebate a autocorrect yoi fuckin toffs. Fuckin 1v1 autocorrebt.

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I think they were fucking around, because there's no way she's that retarded.

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More like Ja/ck/ amirite?

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based pretending to be hammered poster

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he had pink eye and saw online that cayenne water was an apparent cure

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lmao no kidding that attempt was terrible

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Anyone got the video of a black grill trying to microwave a whole chicken.

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I cringed so hard my penis feels tight in my pants.

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do americans actually put soup in their eyes?

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He was just stupid.

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>Chef Jon rolled out his own bbq sauce recently

How can King Ja/ck/ compete now?

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So Fucking Queer barbecue sauce... mmmm delicious... NOT
Just hand me a bottle of The Best BBQ Sauce You'll Ever Taste, thanks.

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here you go bud

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It was just a joke, Jack, y u do dis?

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I would buy that

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Unluckly the girl is fat and blonde but on the bright side she has really long toes which is so difficult to find.

Evolution fucked up this one, ok you want to reduce the size of womens feet then go for it but don' touch the lenght of the toes.

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In defence brussel sprouts are satans nuts of the vegetable world.

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>t. tastelet

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I fucking love brussels, me

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WRONG you mong

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Not with out Ketchup.Vile veges.

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Where are the Jack webms? i actually deleted my folders and i need to start anew

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you shouldn't have deleted your ja/ck/ folder. please don't do that again.

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enlighten me broccoli boy.

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>Not that retarded

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when i drunkpost i usually take triple the time to write something so i dont come off like that retard

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Absolutely based.

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>not retarded
i have news for you

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Nah, she's perfect tbqhfam
Perfectly thicc, would cook well.

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Unfortunately I think you might have low testosterone levels

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Now THAT is the drink of gods
That is Ambrosia right there

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does this man have no shame

>> No.12418927

>that day of the sip first

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