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For me? It's Cholula.

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It taste exactly like tabasco

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t. tastelet
Agreed. It goes great on some deviled eggs.

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> deviled eggs
BASED and Satanpilled

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Definitely doesn't

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No it doesn't, Tabasco pretty much just tastes like vinegar

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I've been on a Pico Pica kick lately. It's a cheap little sauce you can find in most stores and it goes well on eggs, sandwiches, pizza, and homemade tacos. It's a Mexican-style sauce with a blend of chiles and jalapeno with a touch of smokiness and no vinegar taste.

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>6'2" vs 5'11"

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Frank's red hot - can go on almost anything without destroying the flavor

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I used to like Cholula, but I've moved on to Marie Sharp's.

Uh...no it doesn't. I think all Louisiana style hot sauces taste like Tabasco though. Crystal, Texas Pete.

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i bought the big one on the left at walmart and it took me about 2 months to finish.

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Texas Pete's has a much less prevalent vinegar flavor than Tabasco.

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when you hear a noise in the backyard in the middle of the night and need to check it out you grab the bigger one to swing and the smaller one to squirt their eyes

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oh great another numale meme sauce thread

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Tabasco for when I'm cooking a tomato soup or chili and need to liven it up and cut through flavors.
Crystal for topping most things, say grilled chicken or shrimp or a baked potato
Pepper Plant reigns supreme on fried potato hash and a sunny side up egg. There is absolutely no sauce like Pepper Plant

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Good on eggs.

El Yucateco green habanero is perfered for soups and chilis though.

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Yo cholula makes a pineapple habanero sauce that is the end all be all of flavor for me. perfect amount of heat without being the in your face "fuck you I need to prove something" sort of heat, this super satisfying sort of citrusy sweetness, a subtle hint of acidity/vinegar, and the perfect texture. if you can find it, buy all the bottles you can afford.

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I'm a fan of vinegar, so this is based for me

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based sultan hot sause

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>your argument is invalid
>my hat is a dumpling

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how else did they siege Vienna?

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>Slaps your girlfriend's ass

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Troll’d you good

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For me, it's black booster

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Tastes like my Mexican girlfriends asshole

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icy said the blind man

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Imagine putting that up your butt

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>not making your own

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Crystalniggers RISE UP

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O_o it's kosher certified too

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It's fuckin watery mate. Louisiana hot sauce is superior

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objectively the best in terms of flavour

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You must not do it often since you've posted this picture for months

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Most hot sauces are just heat, but this one actually has tons of flavor that isn't just salt, vinegar or pepper

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