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Hot sauce thread? Hot sauce thread. This shit is pretty good.

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Reposting since someone got triggered and reported

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Collecting MREs and foreign military ration packs is the latest upcoming soy boy trend.
Screencap this.

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How does contrarianism fix that? Surely the solution is to have some personality and develop your own likes and dislikes independent of fashion.

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The fact that they keep reporting posts means it’s hitting too close to home. This board really is full of sad soyboys and they must be destroyed on a regular basis. Keep it up.

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We get it, you're some sad sperglords that are insecure about your masculinity and you cannot fathom why people would like things you don't like. Fuck back off to plebbit.

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hot sois fags are pathetic.


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If it were up to people like you no one would like or do anything because it is "cringy". You are a beta who is afraid to enjoy or have passion for anything because you don't want to be criticized. Some people like a little hot sauce and some people like to try sauces from other countries. Stop crying about it.

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jesus his life is unbearably sad from the first second

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yeah, nothing to do with you spending all your time spamming the board you pathetic neet autist

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I have a couple, (mostly ones I've bought marked down) unless I've made a big batch of curry and it gets a bit dull after day two I pretty well just like the flavourful ones rather than ANAL RAVAGER DEATH SAUCE, got a tangy one, smoky, sweet.
Is there a good garlicky one?

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That was pretty good but i went through it in about two weeks (while also using other sauces) because it's so viscous.

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whoever wrote this probably considers himself a part of the /r9k/ community and is a really important part of his identity

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>s-stop making fun of me!!!

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I promise to stop shortly after your suicide

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BASED I’m saving this

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/r9k/ is this way >>>>

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I enjoy hot sauce but I don't collect it. I've got 3 bottles in the cupboard. I don't have a beard and have only ever took a few selfies with my kids and my mouth was in a closed position. Lads you can tell me the truth, am I a twat?

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why does hot sauce trigger /ck/ so badly? it was not like this a year ago

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because numales are getting called out on their shit and they don’t like it

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You're a twat because you're looking for affirmation here of all places.

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Everything triggers /ck/
Its just a shitty cesspool of hating on things so they can ignore the emptiness of their own lives.

welcome to the modern internet

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and don't come back

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but I'm not a soyboy yeah?

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/ck/ or 4channel?

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This. It’s obvious just by this thread. Jimmies are rustled.

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>Numale thread? Numale thread!

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>thinks banana peppers are too hot

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It's not /ck/, it's a few edgy, contrarian faggots that came over in 2016. The're so beta that they feel the need shit on folks that like popular things.

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they're all over 4chan
>edgy, contrarian faggots
its a really apt description for them

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These are pretty nice. The yellow one is mustard based. The red one is hotter. From Barbados.

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I bet they fucking suck

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is that my nigga jeff from college humor? what the fuck path has his soy brought him down?

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Is there any culinary use to this shit? Or is it just for frat boys to maim each other?

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it’s for MEN ONLY faggot

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It’s because someone kept posting things about black people talking shit on white people for not being able to handle spice, and then a bunch of anons kept posting shit about why spiciness is based, and it started this retarded little war on /ck/ in whether hot sauce is based or it’s meme tier

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are you really old or just really clueless?

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for real this shit is fucking amazing

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