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Favorite hot sauce thread?
This stuff is the GOAT

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Unironically going to go and buy some hot sauce tbqh

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based. lynch the anti-hotsauce boomers

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make your own

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There can be only one

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I'm just an American so that's hot enough for me.

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Why is it that every hot sauce brand I try, I always hate it? Am I buying shit brands? Is hot sauce actually just a meme? What's the deal here???

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That's because you're not Chuck Norris!
ok ok, on a serious note, try out these or Melinda's

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do you like vinegar?

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I do, and I like tobasco a lot as well.

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Simple, yet based.

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I see this a lot on here.
Is it a regional spelling?

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its to mask the flavor of really shit food so it goes down easier. the meme of white people not seasoning their food comes from niggers choking down the cheapest shittiest $1 cuts of meat that's past rancid and drowning it in hotsauce, being shocked at whites not doing that to their meat, and deducing its because they have no tastebuds.

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is tabasco the only sauce you like?

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>hot sauce!!!

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Imagine being such a beta tastelet that you try to associate a condiment with a dead meme. It's never going to work

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It's definitely the only "hot" sauce I seem to enjoy.

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>hot sauce

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>if I keep repeating it, it will work!!

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do you like peppers themselves, on or in your food?

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he's right tho

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Not by themselves no.

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Use a hot sauce that doesnt taste like garbage. This sauce is all heat little flavour and should be available most anywhere in the US

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so you dont like spicy things then

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>all heat little flavour

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>hot soyce

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Not even joking. The flavour is much better than any other hot sauce. They're all either too salty or have something weird about them. This one's perfect.

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>If I keep repeating it, it will work!!
Try harder

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>it’s so hot! It’s like a million scovilles!!

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No, it's moron spelling or just 4c bs.

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patrician taste

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>trying this hard
Keep going anon I think it will work next time

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Worth it.

16/10 better.

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Lisa shows up at your door, what do you feed her?

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anyone of you /cocks/ got the comic of the white guy ordering super hot food at a restaurant but gets "hot sauce for whites"?

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I don't understand this crap. Us "white boys" found this shit in the first place and all capsicums / peppers are native to the Americas. Stuff your bullshit asshat.

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>still trying this hard

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Explain your tiresome bullshit?

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I'm merely asking for the comic not saying any shit famalam

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Then have a public service announcement.

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I'm also not your fag senpai.
Get over yourself.

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God tier

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I don't get it. To you, god tier is a hipster douche bag with a SJW uggo?

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“God” is a word that we can use. Not for liberals.

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>Whites are native to the Americas.


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As if we give a shit about what you shitstains think about us. Try again bitch.

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Are you claiming that you're native to the Americas? lol cunt

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>The flavour is much better than any other hot sauce
>They're all either too salty or have something weird about them
Tabasco is mostly vinegar. Its shit.

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she loses her food privileges after chaining her to the radiator in my basement. she will die slowly in my basement subsisting on an exclusive steady diet of my semen. in the last days of her life she will crave it as she desperately seeks nutrition.

she came to the wrong neighborhood.

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>chilly sauce
>it's actually hot

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>omg Carolina reapers

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This shit is the best.

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seething spicelet

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I'll feed her some proper food, with extra special nutrition if you know what I mean.

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That's chili oil, it's not a hot sauce.

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chili oil > numale meme faux masculinity sauce

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That's a bit strange. It's really all the same stuff, where is the definition between the two? Wouldn't they all have even a bit of oil of one sort or another in them to mix it up?

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Do you have some exact precise percentage defined by the Congress of the USA? WTF!?

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For me, it's Garlic Crystal.

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I ferment my own hot sauces and there isn't any oil added.

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Where my Bay Area diner anons at? This shit on some hashbrowns and eggs is perfection. Not ego spice levels just flavor.

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The little boy has Chad potential tho

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I bought the original and the chipotle because you keep shilling them and they sell them everywhere around here, and am still not sure what I think of them. They definitely have flavor, but maybe they're just a little too different from other hot sauces for me to know what to do with them.

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Formula 47.

It's an upstate NY thing and holy shit. It's sweet, it's zesty, it's hot. It's my favorite thing to put on just about anything.

>> No.12365633

i love this stuff but I wish they made a low-sodium version. It's just way too salty

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>he doesn't have an extensive collection of hot sauce

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Whatever I can make from these bad boys. Last years was a success If a touch too hot.

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I bet your kids are ugly

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They aren't like other hot sauces that's for certain. Chunkier and less heat.
As big a fan and shill as I am I entirely agree. I wish I could thin it out somehow without literally making it thinner.

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reddit beaner juice

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Always 'tec. The absolute best shit for huevos rancheros.

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Cholula was a life saver for me earlier today. Popeye's gave me mild chicken instead of spicy chicken but Cholula compliments it very well.

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what a great life you must live.

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Zoomers get bored easily when the streamer they masturbate to isn't live.

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best hot sauce of all time for any mexican dish

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Kids? Only my wife and Jamal get that privilege

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I'm actually going through a bottle of that one right now, fucking delicious. I bought a mixed six pack from their website so I've been trying all the flavors. Favorite one is either green habanero or xxxtra hot

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This. Fuck Tabasco

>> No.12367203

I've had this for over a year and I never actually use it. Dunno what to even use it for.

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t. enraged hotsoy

>> No.12367236

This sauce uses capsaicin extract and it kills the flavor.

Nice try I guess you're sorta on the right track.

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>hot sauce

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Tabasco definitely isn't an every day sauce but because it's mostly vinegar it's great with certain dishes.

I love it with eggs, mashed/potato salad, and pizza.

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Since when did the hot sauce = soy become a thing? It's getting really annoying.

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Since summer break started and the kids aren't corralled anymore.

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no. none of us have a clue what you mean. please be explaining.

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It's not the kind of hot sauce you'd put on mexican though, you want a few different kinds. I like Tapatio as my staple for Mexican, Tabasco for eggs and hashbrowns, crystal's for certain southern dishes (especially chicken), a Caribbean sauce for island fare, sriacha for certain things (i like to use it to give a little extra zing to a tomato based sauce) and finally a homemade concentrated, high heat sauce designed to have one to two drops added to a dish to give it a kick, never for table use. Plenty of brands are out there for a high heat sauce but it makes relatively little difference since it's not being used for flavor but to accentuate other flavors in a dish.

>all heat little flavor
this is only acceptable when used as heat for something like chili where you may be lacking heat with just traditional ingredients, a sauce like this should never be directly applied to a meal. Only cargo cult commodity masculinists do shit like sperg out over raw heat and think that heat is good in and of itself and not something which helps to bring out the other flavors in a dish.

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imagine being this insecure

>> No.12368010

There are people that use it as a proxy for masculinity, but the main driver behind the negative reaction is runaway internet contrarianism, and that contrarianism being hijacked by literal autists that want you to hate the things they do.

Besides hot sauce these various autists would have you hate:
>alcohol in general
>smash burgers
>burgers in general
>rhyming slang
And a myriad host of other things. The sooner posters see through the bullshit that these autistics peddle the sooner we can go back to simply liking things.

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>The sooner posters see through the bullshit that these autistics peddle the sooner we can go back to simply liking things.

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No, it's literally these are things that garbagepeople have latched onto and tried to turn into insane versions of the original in a very autistic manner.

>> No.12368072

the correct stance to take is understanding that liking these things is not soy in and of itself but there is a very particular sort of commodity-centric identitarianism that a certain class of men, most of whom lack positive male influences in their lives, indulge in. They believe that masculinity can be purchased, and that these products that are associated with manliness will make them manlier if they consume them or associate their personal image with them.

Basically the single mother raised male child epidemic enables this sort of consumptive masculinity.

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You haven’t lived until you’ve tried this delightful sauce.

>> No.12368123

Excellent job, lads.

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I don't understand these dubs

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Trader Joe's green dragon sauce is great

Obviously Sriracha is good

Not sure if this counts, but chick fil a sweet and spicy Sriracha is GOAT tier

I used to love El yucateco habanero sauce because it tastes good and is hot as fuck but I stopped buying it when I learned of the lead levels being somewhat high in it

Based and leadpilled

Fuck yes, sometimes Tabasco is perfect for eggs. Usually Sriracha is better on eggs but sometimes the vinegar taste is appreciated

>> No.12368906

cholula is garbage but if I had to pick between this, tapatio, & tabasco, I'd pick cholula. make your own salsa picante, nerd

>> No.12368909

Don't buy Melinda's. That company stole Marie Sharp's brand name and recipe. ONLY buy from based Marie.

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>mfw my wife's bf picks up a new hot sauce

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Whats better than this?

>> No.12369123

And it's not this one

>> No.12369129

I hadn't tried it til recently and it's quite good. It's not really hot but it's definitely hotter than I imagined it would be.

>> No.12369138

>mostly vinegar
Yeah, and that's good. Sour hot sauces =/= bad hot sauces. Better than just getting a bottle of salt water.

>> No.12369144

love splashing it on chorizo and eggs.

>> No.12369145

Dave's is hot af but has a weird tea after taste that tastes like ass.

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>blocks your path

>> No.12369245

Now this is EPIC

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There is only one acceptable answer.

>> No.12369462

>Bar where you can play games
Sounds fun on occasion.

>> No.12369791

I already addressed that briefly.
>There are people that use it as a proxy for masculinity
And I think that we can all agree that deliberately adopting consumerism driven trappings of masculinity is utterly contemptible.

However, as contemptible, if not more so, are those bitter turd-retaining faggots that actively follow trends in order to reject them. They are so devoid of personal taste, character, and will that they craft their tastes to reject what is currently popular.

Riding contrarianism are autistics that want other people to dislike what they do.

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File: 260 KB, 2365x2365, 3b2679f3-a3fb-4811-a7a9-ba6e7170d071_1.6921ee184b150968d253220a9c3afbc3[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am really surprised my bae hasn't been posted yet

>> No.12369970

It's not bad but similar enough to tapatio and cholula

>> No.12369975

Retard alert.



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Just had some on my eggs this morning.

>> No.12370160

>Things rich, successful people are connoisseurs of:
>Wine & spirits
>15th century Italian art

>Things bearded man-children are connoisseurs of:
>Hot sauces
>Television shows intended for children

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>not 17th

Check out the poser.

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Every time I see a mannerist painting I hate the style even more. Thanks for posting that.

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This sauce is the GOAT.

>> No.12370656

Fell for this meme sauce once, won't ever do it again. It's fucking sweet.

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these are all good, I havent gotten a new sauce in a while. I will try yucateco next.

yes, I unironically bought this insanely expensive meme sauce. It's pretty good man. It's not just one of those devilish no-taste sauces. It has a really nice flavor, and i enjoy the really chunky consistency.

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That one and tabasco are seemingly the only ones without added sugar that I can get in Germany, couldnt even find one in the asian store that had 8 different ones.

>> No.12371746

Literally what is your point with these links? Nothing is refuted from what I said about the elevated lead unless you completely misread what I wrote. The response is basically El yucateco implying racism about which hot sauces brands were picked, and the one tested is their most popular hot sauce.

>> No.12371829 [DELETED] 

What's a good hot sauce that my wife's kids won't absolutely hate? Trying to put some hair on their back early.

>> No.12371833 [DELETED] 

What's a good hot sauce that my wife's kids won't absolutely hate? Trying to put some hair on their backs early.

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>> No.12372854


>> No.12372985

scrambled eggs: Chipotle Cholula
McD's sausage egg & cheese on a biscuit: El Yucateco Kutbil-ik de
McD's hash brown: El Yucateco Red
Most Pizza: Habenero Tabasco
Baked Beans: Dinosaur BBQ Devil's Duel
anything from Taco Bell: Gringo Bandido green sauce
Adding to just about anything else to give it some nuclear zazz: BigFat's 7 Pot Citrus
the little Mexican place in town: their house habanero sauce that they don't tell you about, you just have to ask if there's anything hotter than the Tapatio they give you

>> No.12373035 [DELETED] 

What kind of hot sauce would you recommend for my wife's kids? Trying to get them started early.

>> No.12373074

What's a good hot sauce that my wife's kids won't absolutely hate? Trying to put some hair on their backs early.

>> No.12373080

I went into a Wetherspoons one morning and ordered 2 bacon rolls and a cup of tea. They had this "hot sauce" and i put loads of it on my bacon. Absolutely could not taste it. At home I add BBQ sauce and tabasco to my rolls/sandwiches. I now carry a bottle of tabasco sauce with me when ever I go out.

>> No.12373159

skip that shit and teach them to throw hands and throw a spiral.

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