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Post your fridge.

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I’m a faggot pedophile btw not sure if that matters haha

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What year is this?

Ironic shitposting is still shitposting.

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>slide and reach panty

Dont mind if i do

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All shitposting is ironic shitposting and is what makes 4chan great.

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Bro how you get a jumbo mini fridge???

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>storing pasta in the sauce

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I miss eating whole pickles since I got braces :/

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What the fuck kind of pickles are you eating. I have braces and I can eat whole pickles just fine.

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>Ginger ale
>Orang juice
Please tell me those are for your kids, otherwise you're a homosexual

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There is nothing in my fridge or my freezer.

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are all of your bottles ridiculously big or is your fridge incredibly small

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You ain't gettin' the orange cream soda.

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Hi Jeffrey , you have internet in hell?

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>no VB

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I'd rather post your mom cuz she's such a fat fucking whore but she's too busy sucking my dick lol

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im gonna kick your butt irl

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what is your height and weight?

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whats in the bags?

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Food. Unpacking it seems like a waste of time so I just put it straight in.

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Hey man, juice is nice sometimes.

Regular size bottles? Just a wide fridge.

6'3", 188lbs.

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If I still drank beer, that's pretty fucking close to what my fridge would look like.

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Wow what a thread

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whats in the hand bags?

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Ausfag detected

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Fuck, my fridge is chaos.

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Gookmoot flipped my image, he got drunk on the Lone Star and thought Texas was Australia.
I'm trying to cut back on the whiskey.

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The average american consumer throws away 25% of their groceries.

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