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Double burger, premade edition

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Imagine not having a delicious bed of greens on your burger

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Fuck lettuce.

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Enjoy your ecoli. Store ground beef is getting recalled every other day for ecoli contamination.

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Veggies ready

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All a good burger needs is a firm yet giving and maybe slightly crisp bun, a juicy and tender, flavorful patty and a slice of your favorite cheese, condiments (mustard) and maybe some gurkens
I only recently tried one of those "impossible" burgers that they sell at my local grocery store and I have to say, I'm impressed at how far the fucking vegetarian vegan people have come in replicating something they miss oh so dearly
If the stuff wasn't so damn expensive and it wasn't only limited to burgers in form of minced meat I would honestly not have a problem being a vegetarian, it's pretty good

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Waiting for that perfect 160

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Can't wait to see where this goes...

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what did you do to that poor onion?

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Getting there

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Oh my fucking god. That grill is disgusting.

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10/10 cutting skittles

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Condiments eager and waiting

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Can I have a double burger.

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>veggies ready

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what did he mean by this?

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Toast them buns

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One Patty, veggies, mayocue

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what did you do with the ketchup and mustard

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Bro... I can see the outside of your house, and you posted the general area where you live. It doesn't take a genius to google search until they find your house.

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Second Patty, ketchup, mustard, pickle

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Not gonna lie Bros, this burger is based

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Why not just make 2 burgers?

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Looks pretty good. Your onion slicing skills are either a joke or you need help, but that looks like a tasty burger. Just needs some greens

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Come have a burger bro

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it does look pretty good. are you in so cal? lets have a /ck/ bbq.

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Central Maine bro I don't think I could be further

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I am beyond fucking full, /thread. All you haters enjoy your microwave meals and McDonald's tonight

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Sorry bro

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Why are you ripping your food apart like a fucking racoon?

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It was really difficult to eat

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Underrated comment.


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Ive seen worse

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>mass-produced buns
Fucking disgusting, even the store fresh bakery buns are better than that.

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>spent probably $3 for a small bottle of "mayocue" when you could have spent $5 for a big tub of Hellman's and a big bottle of BBQ sauce

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You know you're supposed to clean your grill, right?

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>Going through an entire bottle of condiment more than once a year
Okay fatty

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>he doesn't know about spinach leaves

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>cleaning off the flavor of 5 years of delicious foods

Found the smoothbrain.

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I made a double cheeseburger myself yesterday. I was trying out some of the techniques I learned from that 4 levels vid there was a thread about a few weeks ago.

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I definitely need a new pan.

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I used the toaster for the bun rather than putting in pan because reasons.

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Yes, those are Kroger coupons.

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I think I saw graphite on the grill.

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Perfect for me, perhaps a bit rare for most. I used 85/15 Nolan Ryan ground chuck. I think if I forn the quarter pound patties a bit thinner at the same cooking time (3 minutes on first side, 2 on the other) it would be perfect for a wider audience.

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patties are too thick
i prefer at least onions for toppings
bread looks dry as hell

but it looks like you cooked the patties well enough

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Agreed on the patties, but I'm a plain and dry Whataburger type so no toppings for me. The bread was somewhat a compromise. I didn't want to buy a larger pack of buns so I got the 25 cent bolilo roll from work. I thought it would be too crusty but it actually worked out pretty well when it absorbed the burger and cheese moisture.

My biggest mistake is not visible. I seasoned patties with garlic powder and coarse black pepper and mixed by hand. I was going to salt right before putting in pan per the tip in the 4 levels vid but I completely forgot. Oops. I still enjoyed this and plan to learn from experience. I hadn't made burgers since I sold my house that had a grill.

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I could tell from your first pic that the bun would be hiding those tiny burgers
why did you not flatten them out so that they were bigger than the bun before cooking? I thought you researched this man

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Fire cleans all.

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OP here, this was my thinking. Anyone have good suggestions that won't strip seasoning off? It's cast iron grates

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>buying eight buns for two burgers

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It was the smallest package

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Why didn't you just get a couple of rolls from the bakery what the fuck is wrong with you

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It wouldn't have been difficult had you just made two.

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>2.50 cents for a large bottle of any name brand condiment
What subsidized shithole do you live in?

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But you already have the smallest package

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Fucking lol

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Fucking lmao you flipped them way too early

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Yeah I'm not used to such big patties, it's. Good I had thermometer as I'm color blind

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I got memed on by cooking shows yet again
>buy 20% fat, smash it down on the griddle
>burgs shrunk, literally all of the fat poured out of them while cooking, left with nothing but tiny pucks of ground beef with zero seasoning but salt with special sauce that was way too acidic
Bon Appetite can go fuck themselves.

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>he doesn't just broil the burgers for 6 minutes

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Big patties are retarded. Smash burgers or fuck off.

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Based thread is saved

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0/10 b8

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I can taste that pan from here. Jesus Christ.

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you did it wrong
it's not crush, it's smash and smear

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that's not bon apetit that's just a smash burger
pan on med-hi
gently ball ground chuck and season
place the ball in pan and flatten as hard as you can with a spatula. flip when its browned halfway up and cook to desired temp

if that doesn't turn out well then you are doing something very wrong

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I did it exactly like this girl did, took two spatulas, using one end to push down on the beef. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpnshdmtE2Y

I watched a video from them and was hungry enough at the time where I decided I wanted to try it. I honestly don't know where I went wrong, and ended up wasting the entire pound I bought fucking up. Looking back on it I suspect it wasn't hot enough.

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Just make a burger like I did retard. Grill a few minutes on each side, based and redpilled. Smash and drain fat, cringe and yikespilled.

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