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Is Gordon Ramsay a great chef or just a great showman?

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Is cussing and turning pink in the face "good showmanship" to you?

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That's not all he does and he's had countless TV shows, so I'd say yes.

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michelin chef...hmm must be personality

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These. If you watch his british show vs. his american show he has 2 totally different demeanors. He knows his audience and how to cater to them, which is also a good quality for a chef.

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i would be happy with him preparing every of my meals.
and i saw most of his shows.
so my answer is yes

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>great showman
Definitely, he's cliche but plays to his strength and owns it
>great chef
Depends on your definition of great chef. Speaking technically, his skills are top notch. But he lacks ease, he lacks artistry. A Gordon Ramsay dish is perfectly executed and 100% by the book, even if the book is 500 years old and it's shit is kind of whack now. Why do you think his signatures are all incredibly old, almost 'stodgy' dishes like the Beef Wellington? Gordon is a man who geared his entire life around the style and cuisine that would get him as many michellin stars as possible, which means fastidiously executed traditional french cuisine with as little deviation as possible. And despite all of his shows, and all of his travel, I never got the feeling he's ever loosened that stick up his ass even though he'll insist he loves ingredients and creativity.

Gordon Ramsay is a businessman who is also a great cook, not a great cook who is also a businessman. This is also why he can execute being a showman well, and HOW he executes being a showman - logically, following patterns and rote. More of a craftsman than an artist.

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>t. retard who has never been to any of his restaurants and tries to infer shit from TV

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watched him do an italian dish after reading just few pages about it, wasn't by the book, literally.

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He's a better chef than he is a showman, never finished an episode of Hell's Kitchen.
Although I hear his UK show is better.

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>uses truffles and truffle oil
He made English food actually good and that's certainly an accomplishment. Still not as good at cooking as black people.

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Fuck off schlomo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FnIMCpevwTs

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This woman (and the dude that pretends to fuck with her) makes stereotypical meme videos in order to milk retarded lolcows for Youtube shekels that aren't in on the joke.

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Anthony Bourdain said that his braised beef was one of the best meals he's ever had so I'd say Ramsay has more than enough evidence under his belt to claim mastery

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It's weird how different they are. The American shows are pure (well-made) trash TV and the British shows are actually good

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Black people suck at cooking.

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Have you eaten his food? Have you ever eaten a meal that he has personally prepared?

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He has cooking videos where he does non trad French / British stuff and you can see how the asians are raging on the youtube comments because REEEEE that's now how we do it in South Eastern Vietnam REEEE (literally worse than Italians and carbonara)

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Bitch, if you have spent at least a month in a real restaurant kitchen you can see that the mothafucka can cook. As the anon said - a businessman whos also a great cook. His skills and technique solid.

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I tried his mac and cheese recipe out of his book and it was fucking GOOD. Putting cauliflower in there was a genius idea and I don’t even like cauliflower normally.

I need to open his book again.

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bit of both, he is a pretty good chef though

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Nice try Jamal

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The videos of actual Italian chefs on YouTube (like on Jamie Oliver's channel) are repeatedly saying it's fine to use pancetta or even bacon if you can't get guanciale, and parmesan if you don't have pecorino Romano. It's only autists that bitch about non-authenticity in the comments. Sure, it's not the most authentic and traditional, but I'm willing to bet actual Italians in Italy have made the same substitutions based on what was on hand.

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I dont believe you his food probably tastes like shit. People just go along with it because he is famous. Unless you tasted it you can't deny it.

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He’s a great showman, but as a chef his recipes and methods are overrated as fuck and nothing to write home about. His technical skills are amazing but that’s about it for me.

-his famous scrambled eggs recipe is pretty much just more cooked hollandaise sauce, and the method is autistic as fuck with all that butter and that “OFF HEAT, ON HEAT, OFF HEAT, ON HEAT” bullshit where he could just use lower heat.
-he can’t make a chocolate souffle.
-he puts olive oil on his pasta both in the boiling water AND more over the already-cooked and drained pasta thus ensuring the noodles don’t absorb any salt and sauce will just slip and slide right off the noodles, and you’re just left with noodles that taste like oil.
-he always puts way too much olive oil on. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s his favorite beverage.
-he tells the audience to fry parmesan cheese in hot oil for his chicken parmesan recipe.

Normies love him, but take away all his showmanship and production value and editing and music and his face and what do you have left? A pretty skilled knowledgable chef, but no one special.

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In terms of who makes better food and recipes:
Chef John > Martha Stewart > Jaime Oliver > Gordon Ramsay

In terms of skills: Chef John still wins

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Truly the greatest chefs with the most deep and enriched culture.

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Is there anything more adorable than Chef Ramsay breaking character and trying to push one of his contestants to his or her best self?

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Jaime Oliver over Gordon? Yeah, that's embarrassing. Chef John is easy, Martha Stewart is easy. My guess is you're not very experienced.

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What do you mean by easy?

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to fuck wtf you think

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They talk to you like you're a toddler learning to cook. Someone who hasn't touched a kitchen utensil ever. They're basic. Oliver is basically, your mom with those 'secret recipes'. Good heart though.

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Anyhoo, Watch this and you'll be able to understand what Gordon Ramsay is.


He knows how to pick ingredients, use non commercial cooking to teach people to make great food, and he explains the reasons why you do shit.

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Just as I thought.

>i say chef john is a better chef than ramsay >>12340814
>you say that’s not true because of presentation and how they talk to you >>12340933

So the reason you think one chef is better than another is because one chef will make it look more difficult than it really is and because they talk to you like a normal human being.

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Chef John being the one who talks like a normal human being.

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No, the one that turns you into a house wife and keeps all the "complicated information" from you. It's Recipe vs. Understanding.

You cook to recipe, you don't care about your food. You want to understand the chemistry, then you're a cook. Cooks turn into chefs when they can manage a group of cooks.

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You get that chef john is just cliff notes for food, right? You aren't buying taco bell, but you don't know a fucking thing about cooking by watching him, unless he specifically tells you.

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What complicated information? Cooking isn’t complicated. What’s complicated about frying a steak? Roasting a chicken? Making tomato sauce? Poaching an egg? Baking bread?

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So.. Go watch Ultimate cookery, learn how to spatchcock a chicken. Learn how to make chicken stock in a pot or instant pot. Learn how to turn chicken skin into chips. You know, do what you need to do with protein. Then make risotto, then make scallops, then make either pan seared or grilled beef. All that shit.

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It's only complicated if you fuck it up. It's precision heat, fat, moisture and temperature vs heat. Do you know what temperature vs heat is?

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Cooking is both simple and complicated. It depends on your goals, your thresholds for quality, and whether or not you are content to simply learn recipes without context of why the recipe works or not. If you want chef level knowledge of producing optimal quality and being able to combine compatible flavors at will and create your own recipes, it absolutely is complicated.

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This. It's Denny's vs. not a mouth full of depressing garbage.

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>-he always puts way too much olive oil on. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s his favorite beverage

Thats pretty funny. But I disagree with everything you said, as I think Ramsay plays 3d chess.
Also dis you see where he cooks with his lolidaughter? Did you see him handle a lobster?

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don't use trump language, don't use pedophile language. You're destroying your support for Ramsay.

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Homestly the most impressive thing I’ve seen with Gordon is when he prepares and cooks seafood.

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He's Marco Pierre White in body and spirit. So, whatever impresses you, I guess.

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Like lol, comparing only tv chefs. I bet a thou they are the only ones you know. I’m suprised theres no col sanders on that list

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This + being a chef is more than just good cooking - its speed, quality, consistency.
Thats what normies don’t get, they make some meme dish for their family and think they could be a great chef. Its BS, try doing a 15 steaks with different degrees, various sides that involve different cooking techniques and in 20mins.
When you look at Ramsay its more than evident that he still could, Oliver - not so much. Ramsay, besides lack of creativity is really lvl90 chef.

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He's only good at top end french and british cuisine. Every time he forays into some other type of food he makes a laughable mess out of it. ESPECIALLY ethnic foods.

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He's been getting more and more show-business.
That recent show 24 Hours To Hell or whatever is complete reality TV garbage

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I want his burger recipe.

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Just because the man is a great chef, doesn't mean he i going to cook the best rendition of every dish in existence.

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It's because the producers force it to be like that because they think it'll sell. I'd say they're right.

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Look at it! LOOK AT IT! There's cockroaches everywhere, you could. kill. people.

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>buzzing fly noises

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>tfw found out she died

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nice b8 wont h8 gonna go the other way

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I used to think those sounds were real.

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ramsay recpeies are stupid as fuck: just use these ingredients not available anywhere but most specialized cooking stores LOL.

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He has easy to follow recipes anon. You can't expect to cook what his famous recopies without access to at least a good farmers market.

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The fuck are you talking about?

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t. nebraskan

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jesus dude, he says buy local and seasonal. He lives in London so he actually goes to the shops and markets and shows you how to do it WHERE YOU LIVE. Talk to the butcher, talk to the veg vendor, talk to the creepy guy who only sells mushrooms. Or go to safevaldiwaltesco and buy something that looks like what he's talking about.

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>Silverware on the teflon.


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I've been to his resturaunt in LA, called Londons, and they served us onion foam on top of croutons between courses. If you think that is traditional rote cuisine, I would like to move to whereever you live.

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Fauxran Adria.

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he trained under some of the best chefs of his time (MPW, the Roux's, Robuchon)
started his own place and got a lot of flak for his aggressive, exacting, and intense way of running things. Got three stars and has kept them since, but he hasn't cooked seriously for a long, long time
>he made English food actually good
>implying it was good, just that noone knew (knows) jack shit about it
>-he can’t make a chocolate souffle.
don't be stupid, the man created dishes (including pastry) that earned him 3 stars
>He's Marco Pierre White in body and spirit. So, whatever impresses you, I guess.
this is where you cunts are wrong
he distilled off the anger, reservedness, and intensity, leaving behind the wisdom, pretentiousness, and arguable genius
thanx anan

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>thanx anan

np, It was his brother that came up with all the dishes for El Bulli, that really killed my trust.

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his bro has a pretty cool restaurant now, and he runs the 'el bulli foundation'
I wish I could've worked there when it was a restautant; maybe the most important restaurant of our times if you ask me; we still haven't taken on board a fraction of the techniques and methods that were invented there

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The Lab. At least there are books.

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t. Amerimutt

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Don't worry. No one thinks that cross dresser is a real cook, let alone a chef. He cooks so he isn't on the street.

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Here is a UK television show parodying Gordon Ramsay as Gordon Ramsay is perceived in the UK.

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So you dipshits have figured out that the orginal KN and the F Word are the real Ramsay.

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he's a stupid and ugly brit, the only thing he knows about food is how to eat paki dicks. fuck him and fuck the cunt that shat him into this world.

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You just projected that you like pakistani penis.

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I lost all respect after an episode of kitchen nightmares where he removed all plates and servers food on wooden slabs.

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Exactly, check out pasta grannies and Italian squillista or how ever it's written. Pasta grannies has Nonna's using whatever is about. The other one has some elitest weird cunts getting so anal about the most miniscule things. The gatekeeping is fucking hilarious.

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I ate at his plane food restaurant in heathrow airport and I really enjoyed it

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