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Over 150 years later and it's STILL the best hot sauce

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i will admit to being one of those douchebags who is into hot sauces. i order trendy sauces online from a douchebag websites. i am one step below of the people who go as far as to review them on youtube. i'm not proud of it
the bottle i go through the most is original tabasco. and im telling you i have probably had 500 sauces ranging from tabasco-tier to capsaicin cramp extract-tier
you thought you were making a bait thread, but i am here to tell you that you didn't

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for me, it's the smoked sauce

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GOAT tier
Farts disguised as butt nut

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that's a bit contradictory isnt it bitch

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I'll save him the trouble, but he's gonna say something about Reddit in regards to your post.

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I like their habanero version

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Honestly too spicy for me to enjoy
I like Frank's and Cholula

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>posts anime
>mild sauce is too spicy

checks out

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tabasco is nice but insuficient if you want something that's actually hot if you regularly eat spicy

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dank on pizza

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Amazing on eggs and hash, or just eggs

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Move aside, the good Louisiana sauce is coming through.

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Tabasco is pretty Nas Ty. The flavor kiss somewhat like tobacco to m oddly enough

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Yes I am a pussy when it comes to spice, I do enjoy it when I can handle it though

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Still more of a fan of Melinda's.

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Shut your mouth. Marie Sharp's is what you want, anon. Melinda's is knock-off garbage.

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First I've even heard of it, will have to give it a try.

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Over 4.543 billion years and it's STILL the best beverage

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She invented Melindas sauce. Melinda was the name of her estate/farm. She didn't understand international business law and her product got hijacked in the US market by swindlers. So now she sells the original Melindas sauce under her own name. It's damn good sauce.

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My man

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Nah m8

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do you all really have that shit of taste? I will admit tabasco chipotle is pretty gud.

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Got some of the Xtra hot habanero today since they were out of Yucateco, it seemed pretty good when I put it in some chili.

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this shit is just watery louisanna hot

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Huh, I didn't know that. I buy both Melinda's and Marie Sharp's.

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I would go to war for this sauce.
I plan on baptizing my son with this sauce by my wife keeps telling me that we can't because it will get in his baby eyes but I need my son to be ready for a world that isn't going to pull any punches!

Thank you for this post anon.

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Step aside you weenies

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My mom brought me a bunch of Marie Sharps from her vacation in Belize, they were pretty good.

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The garlic version is the king of pizza hot sauces

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>hot sauce

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the smoked Tabasco is GOD tier, it doesn't go with everything, but give me a bottle of that and a well done steak and i'll die a happy fag.

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my nigger, this is the only correct answer

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same. its greatest GOAT.
got pineapple in it

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Not even the best hot sauce from louisiana

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Based Scotch Bonnet pepper bros.

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My man! YUCATECO is god tier

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fuck the haters
those are great sauces
I don't like burning my fucking tongue with those crazy hipster ghostpepper infused vinegar-base bullshit deathsauces

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Never had that Melinda's stuff but it looks good, how is it?

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This, true to it's name, Tabasco is peppery rather than truly spicy.

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I'm sold. Give me 5 cases.

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How about this one?

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Actual unpaid interns

Tabasco is fucking trash

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>he doesn’t make his own sauce

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I live in Toronto and I am a white man so I get a lot of "LOL FUCKIN WHITE PEOPLE SUCK AT LIFE" shit.

One of the things they love to harp on about is how white people have shit taste with food, especially spicy food. Now, I'm dating a Guyanese girl who douses her food in the spiciest, most intense homemade hot-sauces I've ever tried. They're delicious, and I use them all the time.

THAT SAID, white people hot sauce (Tabasco, Frank's, etc) is still by far the most versatile and practical and gets the most heavy use out of anything in my house. The balance of vinegar and spice is absolutely perfect for so many foods.

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>most well known hotsauce
>le unpaid interns

based retard poster

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>big companies dont have marketing and pr, theyre already successful

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>hot sauce thread
>nobody 'varkin

Smfh tbqh

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>150 years and climate change is going to destroy tabasco


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nah, thatd be encona

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Unironically the most sensationalized article I've ever feasted my eyes upon. Jesus christ.
McIlhenny isn't going anywhere.

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>the best hot sauce
It has a place in my pantry, but it's nowhere near the best when there's Secret Aardvark, El Yucoteco, Gringo Bandito, Mellinda's, and a dozen other staples.

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it's going underwater is where it's going

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I live in New Iberia and although I'm surrounded by niggers we are fine, it really isn't sinking. That was projected to be a problem two years ago but it hasn't shown itself to be an issue in $CURRENTYEAR
The blacks tend to stay on their side of the train tracks. We don't go on their side. Segregation works here.
The berry is probably the most racist city in the US but holy shit does it work itself out. Yeah the crime is bad but they only hit places with no security systems. Just put a sign out in your yard and you're good

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Tapatio has my favorite spice level. Goes great with hashbrowns.

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what the hell are you talking about

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Never had that one, only the original, chili garlic, and chipotle. Love all of them, not spicy at all but so good

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>big food companies have marketing divisions devoted to /ck/

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This one is really nice imo, altough I also really like the original tabasco

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I like Tabasco's vinegary taste.

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Franks is better.

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this is the one

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For me it's garlic flavored.

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for me? It's the mcchicken

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In no way.


Much better tasting.

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when you make a sauce that rivals tabasco and make the money that company makes , then you can call it trash ,
otherwise you just a know nothing angry little peasant screaming for attention because no one cares what you actually think.

you millennials have no culture or your own so you bash everyone else's just to feel relevant.

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Tabasco should be good since the peppers are fermented for 3 years in oak barrels. However, in order to meet the artificial demand that they created being virtually the only hot sauce available for many years, they use very little of the pepper sauce and instead use mostly vinegar in each bottle. Consequently it tastes like a spicy vinegar rather than a hot sauce. It's just another sad example of late stage capitalism.

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uhh , well no
the vinegar in a carrier and flavor enhancer
here are couple of video's about it.
the second one has a bit more history.

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Umm, then why does it taste overwhelmingly like vinegar when real hot sauces don't, sweaty?

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if you had watched the videos , then you would understand why it has a vinegar flavor.
or are you admitting you're stupid ?

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>white knighting a spicy vinegar this hard on a tyrolean lederhosen weaving board
Anon I...

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so ,... stupid then …
okay I accept that answer

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this and franks is inferior, too minerally a taste for a vinegar hotsauce.
Although I will admit franks is essential to buffalo sauce

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Won't watch a 12 minute video but will gladly suck cock in front of a live audience, the average poster on /ck/

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that looks like poop anon

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