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Name a worse pizza joint /ck/
I bet that you cant

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>A challenger approaches

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My point proven exactly

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All my local ones are usually on point, but Little Caesars consistently provides a god awful pizza experience

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Absolute frozen pizza tier rubbish

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When did you make a point?

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My post was heavily delayed

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Dicarlos pizza
Papa Johns

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Cici's is worst pizza. Makes op's pizza look like Rosati's.

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Papa Johns!!!!!!!

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Papa Murphy’s
They accept EBT so that tells you something

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um try again sweaty, Papa is better than anything that came out of the garbage incinerators that Domino's calls a pizza oven

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There's a pizza place in my town that is actually a front for prostitution. I ordered pizza from them once just out of curiosity and it was pretty bad.

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dumpster shithole.

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