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what's the verdict?

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Shit tier hot sauce

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i use it to make chicken wings and on my fried chicken

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Surpassed in every conceivable way by this stuff

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It's an ingredient in buffalo wings. Nothing more. Nothing less.

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only the extra hot

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>hot sauce

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It's red but it ain't hot

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come on, dude, get better material

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this is getting pretty tired, buddy
we get it, you can't handle even the mildest of sauces

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>being this buttblasted by spicy foods
Some people just like it, there’s no reason to be a little bitch about it

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Frank's is not that bad, shut up

Gotta go with the extra hot

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good if you like the style, but

for me it's Valentina's Extra Hot, the best hot sauce

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Best i had was at Nando's. They were trying some experimental sauce (only lasted about a month), slathered it on my grilled chicken burger and thasted great; nice and sharp. Then the heat kicked in, it wasnt just in my mouth, the entire sensation was coursing through my face and gut making my hands feel numb and sweating more than when you forgot to wipe your browsing history. In the end get so high off of the ensuing endorphins I forget what happened and find myself somehow with a box of 1$ for 12 donuts in the middle of the city (15k's where i had my meal) having one of them street preachers talking to me about Christ. The next morning I had lava pouring out of the arse. Best hotsauce experience ever.

TL:DR, Hotsauce got me high.
10/10 would be in agony again.

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It's hot sauce for white trash.
t. white person

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>Men Who Love Spicy Food Have More Testosterone

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the fact that you were so butthurt to google something like this speaks volumes

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I didn't google it, I recalled reading about it previously. And I don't see why you're accusing me of butthurt when I'm responding to someone who forever reason is triggered by the topic of hot sauce.

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*whatever reason

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>losing your shit over disgusting soyboy dick-measuring meme sauce

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Did you really just make all this up just to cover up the fact that you ate a whole fucking box of donuts?

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Ketchup-tier. 0/10

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nope. True story.

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I put that shit on everything

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I only put it on bland chicken.

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absolutely imperative for Buffalo wing sauce
substitutions not allowed

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It's alright.

But try making buffalo sauce with tabasco. It's better.

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>s-stop making fun of me!

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Tastes the same as franks for me

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I like it in mashed potatoes, and in ketchup with some things, other than that meh.

I find more uses for sriracha.

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It’s good and perfectly useable. Don’t listen to the fags on here that say it’s not. I wouldn’t really call it a hot sauce though.its good with wings when mixed with melted butter

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>find small bag of pop secret in the back of cupboard
>hit the popcorn button on microwave
>burns with more than half the time remaining
>remove burned glob
>dump the rest in a bowl
>a few dashes of red hot and toss
it became edible, its ok in my book, considering using it as sex lube

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Love it, a way better sauce than franks IMO
franks is alright I guess but kind of boring. plus whenever you use it in or on something you can immediately tell yep thats franks. doesnt blend well with other ingredients, crystal is great for that

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i'm the other way. sriracha is too sweet for a lot of things, a lot of things i use can use some vinegar franks
but i don't like regular franks anymore, the buffalo one is better

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It's cayenne pepper sauce... that's about it.

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yo what is it with hotsauce fags always looking like josh from rlm? they're always fat middle-aged white guys with beards.

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it's shit

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No it’s a faggot contest like everything else in this world.
>oh you can’t handle ghost chili’s? You fucking pussy
>oh you eat boneless, not bone in? Stupid gay faggot
>oh you eat pussy? Haha you fucking lesbian

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How wh*te are you? The level of your spice tolerance and girly bitchiness indicates it's up there.

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I alternate between that and Tabasco for variety.

The only other main options are Cholula which appears to be for Mexicans, Sriracha which probably only works on Eastern dishes and Texas Pete which looks like it's for Rednecks.

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>this faggot being an elitist over fucking hot sauce
Why haven't you killed yourself yet?

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For me, it is the Torchbearer Garlic Reaper

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